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    Yum-Yum Donut Slip And Fall Lawyer

    Yum-Yum Donuts Slip And Fall Lawyer sue lawsuit compensation incident

    Yum-Yum Donuts has been a hometown favorite since the first shop opened in 1971 in Highland Park, California. Now there are over a dozen locations in Los Angeles alone and nearly 100 in the state. These always-open donut shops offer dozens of types of donuts, bagels, muffins, croissants, sandwiches, and a variety of specialty drinks. So when you want a sweet treat, day or night, or are ready to enjoy a great sandwich, a nearby Yum-Yum donut shop is open and ready to serve you.

    While few treats are more enjoyable than a fresh, melt-in-your-mouth donut, patrons must be aware that there could be safety issues to consider when you enter any Yum-Yum Donut location in California. Because of the limited space in these fast-paced stores, it is not hard to believe that food and drinks can easily be spilled on the floor during the morning rush. Or that the hundreds of customers walking in and out each morning could easily be tracking rainwater in on the hard floors of any location. These issues, along with the limited staff in the store, could result in safety issues that are not getting the attention they deserve. And the result could be a nasty Yum-Yum Donut slip and fall injury incident.

    If you or a family member have suffered a slip and fall in a Yum-Yum Donut location, you are sure to have questions about your rights and how to protect them. And the team at Kenmore Law Group is happy to take your call 24/7 to discuss your immediate concerns and schedule a free consultation with a Yum-Yum Donut slip and fall lawyer. Our purpose is to ensure that every personal injury victim has access to the best legal services and information possible to make wise decisions about protecting themselves and their financial future after suffering a Yum-Yum Donut slip and fall incident.
    Yum-Yum Donut Slip And Fall Lawyer liability compensation attorney sue

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    The Potential Causes Of A Yum-Yum Donut Slip And Fall Injury Accident

    Sadly, most slip and fall injuries could be prevented if a little more attention was paid to eliminating safety hazards and cleaning up small spills and moisture on floors. When discussing your case with the Kenmore Law Group, you will discover that most slip and fall incidents occur because someone failed to take the action needed to prevent them. In your case, the blame could fall on the shoulders of the Yum-Yum Donut staff if they failed to correct one of these typical slip and fall hazards:

    • Merchandise or other items that fall to the floor and create a slip and fall or trip and fall safety hazard
    • Spilled food or drinks that increase the potential for a slip and fall incident
    • Damaged flooring or rugs that make navigating the Yum-Yum Donut store more challenging
    • Wet floors, especially near the door, due to rainwater being tracked into the store
    • No floor mat at the door to absorb water tracked in
    • A saturated floor mat that is actually adding to the safety hazard by increasing the moisture on patron’s shoes as they enter the Yum-Yum Donut store
    • Grease or oil tracked from the production area to the storefront increases the slippery conditions and potential for a slip and fall injury accident

    Slip And Fall Injuries Can Be Very Serious

    Most Yum-Yum Donut slip and fall injury victims feel embarrassed and self-conscious after a slip and fall incident. Some even suffer the added humiliation of other customers pointing and laughing at them when they should be offering first aid. However, it is vital to know that all slip and fall incidents can result in serious injuries. And a medical examination is critical to ensure the health of the slip and fall victim. Some of the most severe injuries resulting from a Yum-Yum Donut slip and fall include:

    • Damage to the soft connective tissue of joints or a dislocation of the joint
    • Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries
    • Fractured or broken bones
    • Injuries to internal organs causing internal bleeding
    • Lacerations, abrasions, contusions, and puncture wounds
    • Facial injuries to the skin, nose, mouth, teeth, or eyes
    • Head trauma, including a skull fracture, concussion, or traumatic brain injury

    Any of these injuries could result in intense pain and long-term complications if not treated by a medical professional immediately. In addition, some damage could result in the need for lifelong medical treatment and care of the victim. Finally, these life-altering injuries take an emotional toll on the victim and their loved ones, as well as creating many financial challenges.

    Understanding Duty Of Care

    In a legal sense, duty of care applies to anyone who owns a property or is charged with maintaining one. Every person has a responsibility or duty to keep their property in a safe condition that poses no threat to those who visit the location. For example, homeowners should keep their yard and house free of obvious safety hazards like an open hole in the yard or bare electrical wires in the house. Likewise, the staff of a commercial business like Yum-Yum Donut should ensure that the store is free of dangerous conditions such as the slip and fall hazards previously listed.

    When a person fails to meet the basic level of care that would be considered prudent by the average person, they could be found to be in breach of duty. That is when your Kenmore Law Group Yum-Yum Donut slip and fall lawyer will begin discussing the possibility of negligence and a Yum-Yum Donut lawsuit to seek compensation for your losses.

    Can Employees File A Slip And Fall Lawsuit?

    In most cases, an employee who slips and falls at a Yum-Yum Donut store is prevented from filing a lawsuit. Instead, they can use their worker’s compensation benefits to pay for any necessary medical care to treat their injuries. In addition, the benefits could offer partial compensation for their lost wages while they heal.

    Employees must notify their manager of the incident and request a claim be opened with worker’s comp to ensure they receive the necessary benefits. And if the claim is not opened immediately, it is vital to know that they have only 30 days from the incident to open the claim, or their benefits will be denied.

    What Is The Dollar Value Of A Yum-Yum Donut Slip And Fall Lawsuit?

    Lawsuit values are determined based on the expenses and losses of the injury victim. In the case of a Yum-Yum Donut slip and fall, you can typically include:

    • Your current and future medical costs related to the slip and fall injuries
    • Your lost wages
    • Your legal fees for the Yum-Yum Donut lawsuit
    • The value of any personal property damages in the fall
    • Pain and suffering you endured due to the injuries and their treatment

    Your Kenmore Law Group legal team will help you compile all the supporting documentation needed to justify the amount you claim in your lawsuit and an appropriate amount to apply for pain and suffering. The goal of your legal team is to ensure that you receive the most robust settlement or verdict possible for the injuries and losses you sustained.
    Yum-Yum Donut Slip And Fall Lawyer liability compensation attorney sue

    The Time To File Your Claim

    The Statute of Limitations for a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit in California is two years from the date of the injuries. If your case is not filed within that time, you are likely to lose the right to seek any compensation from Yum-Yum Donut. However, the staff at Kenmore Law Group will work diligently to ensure that your case is prepared to file with the court system long before the Statute of Limitations expires. Also, keep in mind that the sooner you contact Kenmore Law Group and begin working to prepare your case, the sooner you can expect to have the settlement or verdict you need to start paying medical bills and other expenses.

    We Pledge No Upfront Legal Fees

    When you hire most law firms, the first order of business is paying upfront for their services. However, the staff at Kenmore Law Group knows that prepaying for legal services only increases your financial hardship and could prevent you from getting the legal representation you need and deserve. So we offer our no fee guarantee.

    Our process is only to get paid after we have secured the compensation you deserve for the expenses and suffering you endured due to the Yum-Yum Donut slip and fall incident. And if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing. So there are never added worries about being further in debt if you do not win your lawsuit against Yum-Yum Donut. In addition, you know that we are extremely confident that we will win your case to ensure that our staff is paid for the hours of hard work required to prepare and litigate your Yum-Yum Donut lawsuit.

    We hope that you never feel compelled to forego a lawsuit because you do not know whom to trust with the job of getting you the compensation you deserve. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kenmore Law Group today and know that we are your best choice for your Yum-Yum Donut slip and fall lawyer. And we will not rest until justice is served and you have the peace of mind and money you need to move on with your life.

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