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    Wine Tasting Injury Accident Lawyer In California

    Wine Tasting Injury Accident Lawyer In California sue lawsuit compenstaion liability incident

    There are several famous areas in California known for gorgeous vineyards and some of the best wine production in the country. Tourists come from all over the world to see the wineries and sample some of the products in the various wine tasting rooms at the wineries. These spaces are a wine aficionado’s opportunity to try many selections and speak to the staff who know the most about them.

    The areas most renowned for wine in California include:

    • North Coast
    • Central Coast
    • Central Valley
    • South Coast

    These four areas in California are responsible for over 90% of the wine production in the United States. The grapes used in this production originate in everything from small home-grown vineyards to massive corporate setups known worldwide for their wines. And when you visit these regions, you will find that large and small alike are proud to show off their wares in their private wine tasting facilities. But sadly, guests could leave these locations with more than just a better understanding of what it takes to create their favorite Merlot or Syrah.

    Sadly, as the wine production at these wineries increases, so does the popularity of wine tasting tours and events that lead to more and more wine tasting injury accidents. If you have recently suffered an injury while attending a function at a winery or as a guest at their tasting room, the experts at Kenmore Law Group are here to provide the legal guidance and information you need. Our staff can be reached 24/7 and is happy to schedule a free consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable wine tasting injury accident lawyer in California.
    Wine Tasting Injury Accident Lawyer In California Lawyer lawyer sue lawsuit liability

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    Common Safety Hazards Found At Many Wine Tasting Locations
    These setting for wine tasting varies from vineyard to vineyard. Some are outdoors under a large canopy, while others are in a secluded space that resembles an ancient wine cellar. But regardless of the space, they are all located in more rural areas that often include a long walk across a natural space consisting of a sidewalk, stepping stones, or just a grass or gravel path.

    While guests are excited to see and learn about the wines being made at the winery, it is vital to take in your surroundings and be alert to the potential safety hazards you could encounter, such as:

    • Trip and fall danger due to uneven walkways, parking lot surfaces, damaged steps, uneven flooring, unmarked transitions from one flooring surface to another, poorly lit spaces, or objects that have fallen to the floor or ground but not been picked up
    • Slip and fall accident injuries are most often attributed to wet conditions such as wine spilled on the floor, wet sidewalks or parking lot surfaces, damp steps, a leaking garden hose flooding an area, overly wet and shaded areas that are covered in moss, moist mud, or freshly mopped floors
    • Pedestrian and vehicle accidents can occur in parking lots and driveways where heavy vehicle and foot traffic are trying to share the same paved spaces – the issues are further complicated when vision is obscured by large plant material such as trees and shrubbery
    • Injuries from falling objects can occur indoors or outside. Items that fall indoors typically fall from a shelf or cartons stacked too high to be stable and safe. Outdoors, guests at a wine tasting could become the victim of a falling tree branch, falling umbrella, outdoor lights, or decorations that were suspended to enhance the beauty and appeal of the space

    Sadly, it takes only a fraction of a second for one of these injury accidents to ruin your day of fun and relaxation at a wine tasting event. Even more upsetting is that the incident could have and should have been discovered and corrected by the winery staff before it could ever cause a wine tasting injury accident. As the victim of any of these injuries, you must speak to the best wine tasting injury accident lawyers in California to determine if your claim has the legal merit necessary to file a lawsuit. And the professionals at Kenmore Law Group are available 24/7 to help you answer that question and many more. Please get in touch with our staff at your earliest convenience to begin to understand and move past the challenges created by your wine tasting injury accident in California.

    The Legal Responsibility Of Wineries In California
    While guests might see a winery as a beautiful natural setting, much like a city park, it is essential to understand that the winery is a business. And just like all businesses and properties, the owners have specific obligations to their guests to ensure their safety. The guidelines are explained as their duty of care, part of premises liability law.

    The winery’s obligation, and that of their staff, is defined as the same level of care that the average prudent person would provide. So you can imagine how you or a friend would handle a simple safety issue to know what is expected of the staff at the winery. For example, if there is a wet or slippery area due to a damp floor, the team should place warning signs in the area and work to dry the floors to ensure the safety of guests. Likewise, if boxes stacked too high appear unstable, the staff should remove the top boxes and ensure that the items are stable and not at risk of falling on a patron.

    If the staff fails to provide this minimum level of care and maintenance required to ensure customers’ safety, they are said to be negligent in their duty of care. And if that negligence results in someone else suffering an injury, the winery could be held liable for the injury victim’s losses and expenses. When negligence is the cause or a factor in your wine tasting injury accident, your Kenmore Law Group accident lawyer will advise you that you could have reason to sue the winery to seek the compensation they owe you for the costs associated with your injuries.

    What Is The Value Of My Wine Tasting Injury Accident Lawsuit In California?
    The value of any personal injury claim in California is primarily based on the actual expenses and losses suffered by the injury victim. So, your Kenmore Law Group legal team will work closely with you to determine the value you will seek. The most common allowable expenses included in a personal injury claim area:

    • All current and estimated future medical expenses related to your wine tasting injuries
    • Your lost income if the injuries prevented you from returning to work until you were fully healed
    • The value of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed in the wine tasting injury accident
    • Legal fees from your Kenmore Law Group wine tasting injury accident lawyer to prepare and litigate your wine tasting accident injury lawsuit

    In addition to these verifiable expenses, cases with extreme injuries or lengthy recovery times can include an amount to compensate the victim for their higher level of pain and suffering than the average injury victim. If this applies to your circumstances, your legal team will help you determine an appropriate amount for pain and suffering. They will base the amount you seek on previous cases they have handled with comparable injuries or recovery times.

    Wine Tasting Injury Accident Lawyer In California compensation incident attorney sue lawsuit

    The Statute Of Limitations For A Wine Tasting Injury Accident Lawsuit In California
    All personal injury victims have two years from the date of the injury incident to file a claim with the court against the winery where they were injured. If the claim is not presented to the court in that time, the victim will typically lose the right to seek compensation for any damages or losses due to that event. Conversely, the victim can file the claim as soon after the incident as they like and have all of the documentation for the claim prepared.

    Securing The Best Wine Tasting Injury Accident Lawyer In California
    The staff at Kenmore Law Group is proud to have assisted countless wine tasting injury victims in getting the compensation they deserve for the losses and expenses they incurred due to their injuries. In addition, we are equally proud to have provided our services without the added stress of charging our clients upfront legal fees. Instead, our payment policy is structured in a more client-friendly manner. We only get paid after completing our work and securing for our clients the settlement or verdict funds needed to pay legal fees and other expenses.

    In addition, you owe us nothing if we fail to do the job assigned and win your wine tasting injury accident lawsuit in California. We believe it is only fair for us to bill after successfully completing our work. And if we fail, it should never be at the expense of our client. This policy is also the best way to show our clients how dedicated and confident we are that we will win every case we are hired to litigate.

    So don’t hesitate to contact Kenmore Law Group if you have recently suffered an injury at a California wine tasting event or facility. Our seasoned staff will evaluate the details of your incident and advise you if you have grounds to seek compensation from the winery for the damages and losses you suffered on their property. The call and your consultation are always free. Soon, you will have expert guidance in overcoming the financial challenges of your wine tasting injuries.

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