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    Winchell’s Donut Slip And Fall Lawyer

    WInchell's Donut Slip and Fall Attorney incident lawyers attorney liability compensation sue
    Headquartered in City of Industry, Winchell’s Donut is the largest donut chain on the west coast, with over 170 locations. So when you are hungry for a freshly made donut at any time of the day or night, Winchell’s Donut is where you are likely to visit. And with over twenty locations in the Los Angeles area, you are never far from a great-tasting, fresh donut, sandwich, pastry, or custom drink.

    But sadly, it could be more than just your waistline that suffers when you visit a Winchell’s Donut location. These popular stores are very compact and can be the site of many slip and fall hazards that you were not expecting when you stopped in for a fast snack or lunch. When the crowds rush in for their morning coffee and donut, it is not hard to imagine food and drinks getting spilled on the floor and water tracked in if it is raining. And with a small staff to man the morning rush, it can be challenging to get those unsafe issues eliminated. So you could be the next Winchell’s Donut slip and fall injury victim.

    If you or a loved one have suffered a slip and fall in a Winchell’s Donut location in California, the experts at Kenmore Law Group are here to assist you in determining if your fall was really a situation caused by the negligence of an employee of Winchell’s Donut. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer your immediate questions and schedule a free consultation with a Winchell’s Donut slip and fall lawyer. This meeting is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about slip and fall lawsuits and if your situation has the legal merit to become a successful lawsuit against Winchell’s Donut.
    Winchell's Donut Slip and Fall Attorney liability compensation attorney sue

    What Causes The Majority Of Slip And Fall Incidents

    The short answer is that far too many slip and fall accidents are caused by the negligence of someone other than the injury victim. In your situation, the culprit is likely an employee of Winchell’s Donut who failed to take action and eliminate the simple safety hazard that caused your slip and fall and the injuries that are now causing you pain. Some examples of common slip and fall safety concerns include:

    • Wet floors when water is tracked in from outside, and there is no mat to absorb the moisture, or the floor mat is saturated and needs to be replaced
    • Merchandise that has fallen to the floor creates an obstacle
    • Spilled food or drinks that increase the potential to slip and fall
    • Damaged flooring or rugs that increase the safety concerns for a slip and fall or trip and fall accident
    • Water leaking from a freezer or cooler that is puddling on the floor
    • Grease on the floor that was tracked from the production area to the sales area significantly increased the potential for a customer to slip and fall

    All Slip And Fall Injuries Should Be Taken Seriously

    Any slip and fall incident can result in significant injuries, some of which could be masked by the shock of falling and the adrenaline your body naturally produces when you experience such a sudden event. So every slip and fall injury victim needs to seek a medical evaluation. Some of the serious injuries that can occur during a Winchell’s Donut slip and fall accident include:

    • Joint dislocations or damage to the soft connective tissues of the joint
    • Lacerations and puncture wounds
    • Fractured or broken bones
    • Back, neck, or spinal cord injuries
    • Damage to internal organs and internal bleeding
    • Facial injuries to the eyes, mouth, teeth, nose, and skin
    • Head injuries, including concussion, traumatic brain injury, or skull fracture

    Many of these injuries, if left untreated, can result in permanent disabilities. In addition, even with expert medical care, some slip and fall injuries still result in a lifetime of pain and loss of mobility or cognitive function. Not only is that heartbreaking for the victim and their loved ones, but it can also create financial hardship when they require care for the rest of their lives.

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    What Is Duty Of Care

    According to Black’s Law Dictionary, the duty of care can be equated to a moral obligation to others to provide a safe environment. Duty of care applies to all locations, from a public park to your home or a Winchell’s Donut location. The person or persons in control or management of the space must provide it in a safe manner. So you, as a guest to someone’s home, a shopping mall, or a Winchell’s Donut store, have the right to expect the area to be safe and hazard-free when you visit.

    If there are safety concerns in the Winchell’s Donut location, such as water spilled on the floor, grease on the floor, or wet floor mats by the door that cause you to slip and fall, the staff could be found to be in breach of their duty of care. And that is when your Kenmore Law Group Winchell’s Donut slip and fall lawyer will move forward with a claim to seek compensation for your injuries and losses suffered in the slip and fall incident.

    What If The Slip And Fall Victim Is An Employee?

    If you are employed by Winchell’s Donut and suffer a slip and fall injury, you will pursue a different path than a customer. As an employee of Winchell’s Donut, you are covered by worker’s compensation benefits that will pay your medical bills and a part of your lost wages if you cannot work while you heal from your injuries. Therefore, you need to report your slip and fall and injuries to your manager immediately and seek a complete medical evaluation of the injuries you suffered. While you cannot sue your employer in most cases, you cannot be denied the benefits of worker’s comp, and you will pay nothing for your medical care and other benefits afforded by this program.

    What Is The Value Of A Winchell’s’s Donut Slip And Fall Lawsuit?

    The majority of the value of a personal injury case in California is based on the expenses incurred by the victim. So you will want to keep all of the receipts and bills related to your injuries due to the Winchell’s Donut slip and fall incident. The staff at Kenmore Law Group will help you combine the final list to ensure that you have included all the expenses allowed, such as:

    • All current medical bills and any estimates for future medical care required
    • The cost of your legal services for the Winchell’s Donut lawsuit
    • Your lost wages if you cannot work during your recovery and for time lost due to treatment and medical appointments
    • The value of any damaged personal property
    • Pain and suffering due to the injuries you sustained

    Winchell's Donut Slip and Fall Attorney incident lawyers attorney liability sue compensation

    The Time Limit To Make A Claim

    The time allotted to file a claim with the court system for a personal injury is called the Statute of Limitations. In the case of a California slip and fall lawsuit, the time limit is two years from the date of the injury. If the case is not filed by the second anniversary of the injuries, it will likely be denied. If you are an employee filing a worker’s comp claim, you must work within a shorter time frame and have your claim open within 30 days of your injuries, or your benefits will be denied. In both situations, the key to remember is that the sooner you file a claim in court or with worker’s compensation, the sooner you will get the financial help you need to pay your medical bills and other expenses.

    The Kenmore Law Group No Fee Guarantee

    After suffering injuries in a Winchell’s Donut slip and fall accident, you could be very stressed about how you will pay your medical bills and other living expenses. You know that having a Winchell’s Donut slip and fall lawyer will significantly increase the odds of winning your case. But if you can’t pay your bills, you certainly can’t pay legal fees. So it is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. Fortunately, the Kenmore Law Group has the solution.

    Our no fee guarantee is a pledge that we charge no upfront legal fees to handle your Winchell’s Donut slip and fall lawyer lawsuit. And we only get paid for our work after you have the settlement or verdict you deserve for the injuries and losses you suffered. Furthermore, if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing. So there is never a risk that you will walk away from the lawsuit with more bills and expenses than when you began the case. This policy reduces our clients’ stress and demonstrates our confidence in winning their lawsuits.

    So if you have suffered a slip and fall in a Winchell’s Donut location in California, know that you are not alone in the fight to protect your rights and financial future. The expert Winchell’s Donut slip and fall lawyers at Kenmore Law Group are just a call away. Please call us today and give us just an hour to discuss your case at a free consultation, and we are sure you will feel far more confident in moving beyond your injuries and the expenses they have created, thanks to the Kenmore Law Group no fee guarantee.

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