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    Who Pays Funeral Costs After A Workplace Injury?

    Who Pays Funeral Costs After A Workplace Injury lawsuit lawyer attorney sue
    After the loss of a loved one due to a workplace accident, you are sure to be filled with grief and many questions. You wonder how the accident could have happened, who was responsible, and how you will move forward after such a devastating loss. All of these feelings are very understandable. And as you try to work through your pain and loss, it is likely that you will have even more questions.

    Many new questions swirling around in your brain could involve complicated financial choices related to the funeral and final arrangements for your loved one. Sadly, many of these decisions will become even more stressful as you learn that a basic funeral in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities can cost $10,000 or more. So you stress about the added expenses and what that debt will do to your already traumatized family.

    At Kenmore Law Group, we want you and your loved ones to know that you are not alone on this difficult journey. Our workplace injury attorneys and wrongful death lawyers are here to help. Any loss of life leaves many questions for the family to sort through, but when the accident occurs at work, the questions become far more complicated. And you are soon wondering who pays for funeral costs after a workplace accident? The only simple answer to this question is that the expert workplace injury attorneys at Kenmore Law Group, along with the seasoned wrongful death lawyers, will help you find the reliable answer to this question and all your other legal concerns about the death of your loved one after a workplace injury.

    The Kenmore Law Group wrongful death lawyers workplace injury attorneys have years of experience securing settlements for loved ones of wrongful death accidents in the workplace. We will use all of our resources and expertise to ensure the fair and full compensation you deserve for losing your loved one. We understand that these cases are more complex than some others. But rest assured, our legal professionals will determine who is liable and strive to get you the settlement you need to pay funeral costs and other expenses related to a workplace injury that claimed your family member’s life. Contact our office today for a free consultation and evaluation of your loved one’s workplace injuries.
    Who Pays Funeral Costs After A Workplace Injury sue lawyer attorney lawsuit
    Typical Workplace Accidents And Severe Injuries
    No one goes to work each day contemplating all the severe accidents or injuries that could occur. So when a workplace accident claims the life of a loved one, it is a significant shock because there is a realization of all the potential severe accidents that can occur, such as:

    • Accidents in a company or work vehicle
    • Slip and fall accidents
    • Trip and fall accidents
    • Falling from a ladder or elevated work surface
    • Falling into an excavated hole or trench
    • Shock or electrocution
    • Being struck by a falling or collapsing object
    • Crushing injuries from a structure collapsing or being pinned between a moving vehicle or piece of equipment and a stationary object
    • Workplace violence

    While there are countless minor workplace injuries nationwide each day, there are also some that result in significant injuries and even the loss of life. When someone dies due to a workplace accident or incident, their loved ones need to seek immediate legal counsel from a seasoned expert like the workplace injury attorneys at Kenmore Law Group.
    Determining Who Is Liable
    When an accident occurs on the job, it can be more difficult to determine liability and who pays funeral costs after a workplace accident. The employer could be responsible if the working conditions were hazardous or dangerous. It is every employer’s responsibility to provide workers with a safe work environment. Employers are also responsible for providing employees with proper training and safety information while maintaining all equipment, tools, and vehicles in safe working order. If the employer fails to meet these standards, they could be responsible for the loss of your loved one and should pay the funeral costs after the workplace accident. But that is not your only option to seek compensation for losing your loved one to a workplace accident or injury.
    What You Need To Know About Workers’ Compensation Insurance
    Workers’ comp is an insurance coverage that applies to workplace incidents, including injuries and loss of life. All California employers are required to pay for this insurance to cover their employees in the event of an incident. When an employee is injured, they file a workers’ comp claim to use the benefits that include:

    • Medical costs
    • Lost income
    • Temporary disability
    • Permanent disability
    • Vocational retraining

    In the event of a fatality on the job, family members of the deceased can file for death benefits. The death benefits are based on the number of total and partial dependents of the deceased and vary from $250,000 for a single total dependent to $320,00 for three or more total dependents. In addition, there is a one-time allotment of up to $10,000 for burial expenses of a worker killed on the job. The workplace injury attorneys at Kenmore Law Group will help you determine if these benefits apply to you and how to move forward to make a claim.
    Who Can Pursue A Wrongful Death Claim
    California has specific rules defining who can file a wrongful death claim. The list of those eligible includes:

    • Spouse
    • Domestic partner
    • Children
    • Parents and siblings can also file a claim if there is no living spouse, partner, or child
    • Financial dependents can also file a claim in some cases

    The Statute Of Limitations For Wrongful Death In California
    Wrongful death claims in California must be made within two years of the incident, with very few exceptions. This means that as a qualifying family member, you must file the claim within the two-year window or forfeit your rights to make any wrongful death claim regarding the death of your loved one. The team at Kenmore Law Group will work with you to gather all of the necessary information to support your claim and ensure it is filed within the Statute of Limitations for your loved one’s wrongful death. There is no predetermined length of time required to process a wrongful death claim, as each case is unique. However, our staff is dedicated to moving each case forward as quickly as possible to ensure you get the money you need to pay funeral costs and other expenses related to your loved one’s wrongful death in a workplace accident.
    Who Pays Funeral Costs After A Workplace Injury sue lawyer attorney lawsuit incident
    The Potential Value Of A Workplace Wrongful Death Claim
    In addition to the money provided by workers comp, you could have grounds to seek a wrongful death settlement from your deceased loved one’s employer. The amount of each compensation varies and can include the following:

    • The cost of any medical bills related to the injuries
    • Lost wages and future lost wages due to the death of your loved one
    • Any other expenses incurred resulting from the injury and death of your loved one

    The wrongful death lawyers at Kenmore Law Group have the expertise and skill to assess your losses and determine a fair and equitable settlement request for your claim. Our team has secured recent claims in excess of $1,000,000, and we will fight equally hard to ensure the largest settlement possible to help you and your family move forward after your tragic loss.
    Our Zero-Fee Guarantee
    After years of working with distraught survivors of a fatal workplace accident, we understand your challenges. In addition, we want to ensure that you have the legal guidance needed to seek full compensation for your losses and protect the rights of your lost loved one. So we never ask a grieving family to pay any upfront legal fees for our services. Instead, we only get paid after we have secured a settlement or won a verdict in your favor. Our goal is justice, not adding to your financial stress with legal bills. Contact the Kenmore Law Group today for a free consultation.
    Free Expert Wrongful Death Second Opinions
    Not every law firm is as skilled or focused on helping victims and their families as the Kenmore Law Group. We know you might have already been told that you have no grounds for a wrongful death case. However, that is not always correct. We welcome any family to take advantage of our free second opinion to ensure they understand their rights under California law and how to move forward if they wish to seek a wrongful death claim.

    We understand that taking legal action against a business or employer can be intimidating. However, our expert legal team will be at your side throughout the process. We work only to protect your rights and seek a settlement that is in your best interest. Please don’t be overwhelmed with all that has happened and lose the opportunity to recover your losses for the cost of your loved one’s funeral and other expenses related to their untimely death after a workplace injury.

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