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    Waxing Table – Hair Salon Chair Collapse Fall Injury Attorney

    Waxing Table - Hair Salon Chair Collapse Fall Injury Attorney lawsuit lawyer personal injury incident accident
    The idea of people looking their best, even during a pandemic, may come with a relative cost. But most people who go to a hair salon for waxing services do not expect to be injured by the collapse of a waxing table on them while they get their waxing performed by the technician. A waxing table is a portable table, that is meant to be put together properly before any client or guest is allowed onto the table. Underneath the table are the table legs, various cords holding it together when it is collapsed for moving the table to a new location, and the supports for the table.

    A waxing table is a temporary structure by nature. It comes as a collapsed table that is laid down on the floor of the space where the client will have waxing performed. The table is meant to be assembled properly before the guest or client comes into the room. The table is also meant to be able to withstand and hold up to 450 pounds of a person’s weight on the table, and the amount of pressure that is going to be applied to the person during the waxing. These are often the same tables that are used for massages in some hair salons.

    Waxing Tables Need Proper Assembly Before Being Used at the Hair Salon

    The waxing table will be a temporary table that is used for waxing services at the hair salon. It is a folded table that comes with rubber bumpers and a closure strap to keep it together for transporting before its use. The table is assembled by opening up the table until it has the legs fully extended. Then, those legs are grasped and pulled out to snap the braces into place to allow the table to stand.

    The waxing table legs can be adjusted to a specific height. The knobs are removed and put through a bolt to achieve a certain height for the table. If the person performing the waxing does not retighten the knobs by hand until the knobs are snug, then the table can easily collapse. Also, if the knobs are not tightened in unison, then it will be a foregone conclusion that the legs of the table will collapse as well. It is important that the person putting together the table know how to properly put the table together, to protect the safety of the individuals coming to the hair salon seeking waxing services.

    Injuries Common from Falling Off a Waxing Table

    There are many types of injuries that are commonly experienced when a person has fallen from a waxing table. Remember, when a person is reclined and relaxing on a waxing table for waxing services, the individual is never expecting the table to collapse underneath the person! He or she is reclined, relaxed and does not expect to be hurled down to the floor, when the table collapses around him or her. This is the reason that the injuries are going to be so severe. The person had no time to be given a warning that the waxing table was about to collapse and give out. The person on the table had no time given to brace for a fall.

    The injuries commonly seen from falling from a waxing table can include:

    • Lower leg injuries
    • Fractures of the ankle
    • Forearm breaks
    • Femur breaks
    • Shoulder injuries
    • Upper arm injuries
    • Foot injuries
    • Lumbar spine injury
    • Pelvis crack or break
    • Skull break
    • Concussion
    • Ribs or sternum break
    • Neck issues
    • Spine issues
    • Wrist broken
    • Hand broken
    • Coma
    • Concussion
    • Traumatic brain injury

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    Yes, you can sue for the personal injuries that you received from the collapse of a waxing table in a hair salon. These injuries can be serious, and can include a serious head injury if your head does hit the floor with any force. Once and for all, you need to call our Los Angeles case lawyers who can file a lawsuit on your behalf in this case. You will come to the same conclusion that you can get the result that you need in this case, once you call our law office for advice.
    Waxing Table - Hair Salon Chair Collapse Fall Injury Attorney lawsuit lawyer personal injury incident accident sue
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