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    Warehouse Shoe Sale Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawyer

    DDs Discount Slip And Fall Lawyer attorney incident accident liability sue
    When savvy residents of California need new shoes, they know that Warehouse Shoe Sale, or WSS, is the place to find the best deals on the latest brands, styles, and trends in shoes and much more. From athletic apparel to the latest accessories, shoes, and fan gear, WWS is the only place to visit. And with stores in over fifty cities in California and seven in Texas, there has got to be one on this list near you:

    • Anaheim
    • Arleta
    • Bakersfield
    • Bell
    • Canoga Park
    • Ceres
    • Chula Vista
    • Coachella
    • Colton
    • Compton
    • Corona
    • Covina
    • El Monte
    • Escondido
    • Fontana
    • Fresno
    • Gardena
    • Hawthorne
    • Highland Park
    • Inglewood
    • La Puente
    • Lancaster
    • Lawndale
    • Long Beach
    • Los Angeles
    • Lynwood
    • Montclair
    • Montebello
    • Moreno Valley
    • North Hollywood
    • Norwalk
    • Oakland
    • Oxnard
    • Palmdale
    • Perris
    • Pomona
    • Reseda
    • Rialto
    • Riverside
    • Sacramento
    • San Bernardino
    • San Fernando
    • Santa Ana
    • South Gate
    • Stockton
    • Van Nuys
    • Victorville
    • Visalia
    • Wilmington
    • Arlington, Texas
    • Dallas, Texas
    • El Paso, Texas
    • Houston, Texas
    • Pasadena. Texas
    • San Antonio, Texas

    But while you are on the hunt for great deals at WSS, it is also critical that you keep an eye out for safety hazards. Part of what keeps the store affordable is also what can increase the potential for you or a loved one to suffer a slip and fall injury. Fewer staff members, more merchandise stacked to the ceiling, and display after display with little open floor space can create many safety hazards when the store is teeming with busy shoppers.

    If you or a family member have suffered a slip and fall injury while shopping at Warehouse Shoe Sale, you are sure to have questions about the cause of the incident and who is to blame. The expert Warehouse Shoe Sale slip and fall accident injury lawyers at Kenmore Law Group are here to answer those questions and many more. Just call our office any time of the day or night, and rest assured, you will speak to a skilled and dedicated team member. We will get you the necessary information and schedule your free consultation to learn more about your rights as a personal injury victim.
    Warehouse Shoe Sale Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawyer liability compensation attorney sue

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    What Makes Warehouse Shoe Sale So Dangerous?

    Sadly, most slip and fall personal injury incidents could be prevented with a bit of care and dedication from the staff at most stores. While there are several common causes of slip and fall incidents, most are also related to someone not doing their job correctly or taking the time to fix a minor issue that is creating a slip and fall hazard. The common reasons for slip and falls include:

    • Food or drink spills make the floor exceedingly slippery – it takes little time or effort to mop up the spill and place a caution sign to warn customers of the freshly mopped wet floors
    • Merchandise that has fallen from a shelf or display – again, it takes just a second to bend down and pick up an item from the floor to prevent a painful and costly slip and fall injury
    • Water tracked into the store due to rain or water outside the location – if floor mats are not available, staff members should strive to mop up puddles and place warning signs to alert customers to use added caution to avoid a fall
    • Saturated floor mats also add to the issue by providing a false sense of security as patrons think their shoes are now dry – removing wet floor mats and replacing them with dry ones will prevent countless slip and fall injuries and medical expenses
    • Leaking coolers, sinks, overflowing toilets, and clogged sink drains are all culprits that create hazardous wet floors – while employees are not expected to repair plumbing issues, they should take the initiative to eliminate as much of the hazard as possible by mopping up the water and placing warning signs near the area to alert customers of the wet floors

    What To Expect When You Suffer A Slip And Fall Accident At WSS

    You might think a slip and fall injury will be nothing but a mild scrap or minor bruise. However, your injuries will likely be more severe. Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of emergency room visits in the United States. Some of the typical slip and fall injuries requiring care at the ER include:

    • Facial injuries to the nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, or skin
    • Head trauma that can consist of a concussion, skull fracture, brain bleed, or other traumatic brain injury
    • Joint dislocations or damage to the soft connective tissue in the joint
    • Broken or fractured bones
    • Soft tissue strains or tears
    • Internal organ injuries or internal bleeding
    • Neck, back, or spinal cord damage
    • Severe contusions, lacerations, or puncture wounds

    These injuries will require immediate emergency medical care; some could necessitate a hospital stay, surgery, or extensive medical care. In the worst cases, the injury victim suffers lifelong limitations or loss of mobility or cognitive capability. In addition, these permanent injuries can be emotionally and physically challenging for the victim and create increasing financial challenges for the family as long-term care is expensive.

    Understanding The Implications Of Duty Of Care

    Duty of care is the legal term that explains the obligation of stores and even homeowners to keep their property safe for others. The owner or WWS staff and management are responsible for providing a safe place for customers to shop. The level of care required by this section of the law is defined as what the average prudent person would expect. So you can think of it as how you might prepare or maintain your home. You mop up spills and eliminate tripping hazards to keep the space safe. And that is what you should expect when you visit a WSS store.

    When someone fails to meet this average level of care and safety hazards are created, the person can be found to be in breach of their duty of care or negligent. Once negligence is established, the person could be held financially responsible for any damage caused to others. Duty of care is typically part of the law that comes into question when you ask your Kenmore Law Group legal team about filing a slip and fall lawsuit against WSS.

    What Is A WSS Slip And Fall Lawsuit Worth?

    The value of your lawsuit will be determined by evaluating the expenses and losses you incurred due to the incident. Several categories of expenses include:

    • All your medical bills related to the care of your injuries
    • Any lost wages if you were unable to work while recovering
    • The cost of legal services for your WSS slip and fall lawsuit
    • The value of any personal property that was damaged during the fall
    • It is also possible in some cases to include a dollar amount to compensate you for the pain and suffering you endured due to your injuries and possibly any treatment related to them

    Warehouse Shoe Sale Slip And Fall Accident Injury liability compensation attorney sue

    How Long Do I Have To Decide If I File A Lawsuit Against WSS?

    The limiting factor here is the Statute of Limitations. It is the time limit you have to file any personal injury claim with the court system. In this case, you have two years from the date of the injury to file your claim. However, it is always best to seek immediate legal advice after suffering an injury accident. The sooner you discuss the case with a Kenmore Law Group lawyer, the faster the team can gather information, facts, and documents to build your case.

    In addition, the sooner your case is filed, the faster you will have the settlement or verdict to begin paying your bills and other expenses related to the WSS slip and fall incident. So even if you are unsure about filing a lawsuit, it is always best to call the Kenmore Law Group and request a free consultation to ensure you understand your rights and ability to seek compensation for your injuries.

    Why Trust Kenmore Law Group To Be Your Warehouse Shoe Sale Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawyer?

    When considering a lawsuit, you need to find a team that you know will never give up on you and your legal matter. And that is precisely what you get from Kenmore Law Group. Our staff will never quit until we have secured the settlement or verdict you deserve. In addition, we never get any payment for our services until we have gotten you the money you need.

    And if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing. There is no better way to demonstrate our confidence and faith in our legal team to win your case than to offer to work for free if they fail. It places all the pressure to perform on us and allows you to relax and focus on your recovery while we handle all the details of your WSS slip and fall lawsuit. You will never look back and regret hiring Kenmore Law Group to represent you.

    So please never delay contacting Kenmore Law Group after suffering a slip and fall in WSS. Our team is here to help you understand if your case has legal merit, what it could be worth to you, and how we will work tirelessly to protect your rights and future financial security by getting you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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