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    Walking Into A Glass Door Or Window Injury Attorney

    Walking Into A Glass Door Or Window Injury Attorney lawyer sue lawsuit incident
    In California, there is often a great deal of foot traffic in front of stores, restaurants, offices, hotels, and other businesses. And savvy business owners and managers understand that a large glass door or window is the ideal way to grab the attention of passersby and potential customers. Providing this view into the business lets the public see what you offer and how they can benefit from your service, such as enjoying a great meal or buying that perfect sweater on display. Even the cleanliness of the glass surface demonstrates attention to detail and the quality of your store or restaurant. So wise owners are sure to keep large glass doors and windows spotless.

    But that plate of transparent glass can be all too perfect. Many shoppers or hungry pedestrians rush to enter the establishment only to walk straight into a thick sheet of glass. And the result is both shocking and potentially harmful. Each day people are hurt when walking into a glass door or window in Los Angeles. And when that happens, all of them want to know if they have legal rights to recover the cost of their medical bills and how to get what is owed to them. The Kenmore Law Group is known throughout the state as the premium personal injury attorneys to handle cases related to walking into a glass door or window and sustaining injuries. We are here 24/7 to take your call and set up a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and the possibility of a settlement.
    Walking Into A Glass Door Or Window Injury Attorney lawyer lawsuit incident sue
    Common Injuries From Walking Into A Glass Door Or Window
    You might be embarrassed to admit that you walked into a large glass window or clear glass door. However, if you were injured and facing medical bills due to the incident, you need to speak to the personal injury team at Kenmore Law Group. While some injuries from walking into a glass or window are minor, others can be severe and cause you to pay significant medical bills. The list of injuries from walking into a clear glass door or window can include:

    • A broken nose
    • Broken or damaged teeth
    • Eye injuries
    • Cuts and abrasions
    • Facial injuries possibly requiring plastic surgery to correct
    • Traumatic brain injuries from the impact
    • Neck and back injuries if the impact caused you to fall
    • Hand and arm injuries as a result of a fall

    Not all of these injuries will call for extensive medical care. However, any medical expenses resulting from another person’s negligence should not be your responsibility. The expert team of personal injury attorneys at Kenmore Law Group will evaluate the circumstances of your injuries and advise you if there is merit in moving forward with a personal injury lawsuit.
    Understanding The Liability In These Cases
    In many cases, the victim of injuries that occurred due to walking into a clear glass door or window first assumes that the incident is their fault. They might have been in a hurry or not paying attention. However, it is crucial to understand that the establishment’s owner has a duty to ensure that people are aware of the glass. There are many ways to ensure that a clean, clear glass door or window is easily visible to the general public, such as putting stickers, signs, or etching on the glass surface.

    Property or business owners have the responsibility under the guidelines of premises liability to provide a safe and hazard-free environment to patrons and the general public. If the property or business owner fails to meet this responsibility, they are often liable for any injuries the hazard causes. So if you are wondering if you can sue the property owner, the answer could be yes. To know for sure that you have grounds for a lawsuit, contact the personal injury experts at Kenmore Law Group for a free consultation.
    Did Your Injury Occur At Work?
    It might be even more embarrassing to admit that you walked into a glass door or window while on the job. However, there is still the potential for action against your boss or the property owner where you were injured. But you need to speak to a Kenmore Law Group attorney as soon as possible to sort out the details of your incident and injuries. In addition, because you were at work when the injury occurred, there is also the potential for the incident to fall under workers comp. Regardless, the team at Kenmore Law Group can help you understand your rights and how to move forward, even if your boss is not helpful or is trying to prevent you from taking legal action.
    The Full Compensation You Deserve
    There is no predetermined amount for a personal injury lawsuit. The dollar amount is directly related to your losses due to the injury. In the case of walking into a glass door or window and sustaining injuries, your Kenmore legal team will help you understand the categories that will be evaluated to determine the amount of your lawsuit, including:

    • Current medical bills and any future medical bills related to care of or reconstruction due to the injury
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Punitive damages
    • Legal costs

    The pros at Kenmore Law Group have handled many similar cases. They have the expertise to evaluate your expenses and injuries to seek the highest settlement possible to compensate you for your losses.
    Walking Into A Glass Door Or Window Injury Attorney lawyer lawsuit incident sue accident
    Why You Must Act Quickly
    Personal injury cases in California have a 2-year Statute of Limitations. That means injury victims have only two years from the date of the incident to file a claim. If you wait too long to seek legal representation and miss the filing deadline, you have no way to recover any compensation. The personal injury lawyers at Kenmore Law Group also need you to know that the sooner we take your case and begin gathering supporting evidence, the faster the case can proceed. Images of the glass door or window before the owner makes any changes are essential in supporting your claim and securing your settlement.
    Why Choose Kenmore Law Group
    After suffering an injury, the last thing you might want to do is rehash the details of the incident to a stranger. However, we want you to understand that retelling your story is the only way our personal injury experts can help you get the money you deserve as a result of your injuries. In addition, we are happy to handle your personal injury case with no upfront money. We understand that you are trying to focus on healing, and legal bills will only add to your stress. So we pledge only to get paid after our team gets you paid.
    Did Other Lawyers Turn You Away?
    If you have been told by another lawyer that your case is weak or questionable, please get in touch with the Kenmore Law Group today. Our expertise is often far more in-depth than other injury attorneys in the Los Angeles area. In addition, we offer victims like yourself a free second opinion consultation to ensure that your rights are protected by legal professionals who care about you and seeing that justice is served.

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