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    Uber Driver Sexual Assault Attorney

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    Uber has had tremendous success since its inception in 2009, but they’ve also had their share of scandal in the form of sexual assault and sexual harassment claims. According to a 2019 Uber Safety Report, 5,891 passengers in the U.S. alleged that they were sexually attacked by their Uber driver. Sexual attacks by Uber drivers continue to mount, along with lawsuits from passengers seeking justice.

    If you were sexually assaulted or harassed by an Uber driver, please speak with the attorneys of Kenmore Law Group. The state of California allows you to sue your attacker for damages, even if you choose not to pursue a criminal conviction. However, you must act quickly in order to receive the compensation you deserve. To learn more, call an Uber driver sexual harassment lawyer today.

    What Should I Do if I Was Sexually Assaulted by My Uber driver?

    If you’ve been sexually attacked by an Uber driver, get to a safe place as soon as you can. Then, call 911 or call the police so that you can file a police report. We know this can be scary after such a traumatic incident, especially if you’ve had negative experiences with law enforcement. Maybe you’re afraid they’ll mistreat you or not take your accusations seriously.

    However, it’s a good idea to get down the facts while they’re still fresh in your memory. Additionally, it can serve as evidence and bolster your credibility. Having said that, a police report is not required in order to file a civil lawsuit in California. Many victims are unaware of this and assume they are unable to seek compensation. To ensure that your rights are protected, talk to an Uber sexual assault lawyer as soon as you can.

    Should I Report My Sexual Assault to Uber?

    Yes, you should report the incident to Uber in addition to speaking with the police. All incidents of sexual assault and harassment can be reported through their 24/7 hotline, according to the company’s website. Although Uber has pledged to take sexual assaults and harassments involving Uber drivers seriously, many cases slip through the cracks. Furthermore, Uber doesn’t have a great reputation for transparency when it comes to sensitive data. In December 2021, for example, the company agreed to pay California regulators a fine of $9 million for failing to disclose information regarding sexual assaults by their drivers.

    You should not let this information discourage you from speaking with a lawyer specializing in Uber sexual assault lawsuits. If anything, a skilled attorney is your best shot at holding Uber responsible for your physical and mental injuries. The lawyers of Kenmore Law Group have extensive experience with ride share company lawsuits and fighting for the rights of their victims.

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    What Counts as Sexual Assault?

    Don’t feel bad if you find yourself asking this question, because you’re not alone. If someone were to tell you, “I was raped by my Uber driver,” that would be an obvious case of sexual assault. But there are various types of violent and sexual crimes that don’t involve rape. In fact, sexual assault is officially defined as any form of sexual contact that occurs without consent from the victim. This type of conduct includes:

    • Unwanted groping or fondling.
    • Coercing someone to perform non-intercourse sexual acts, such as oral sex.
    • Penetration with any body part or object.

    Consent, by the way, has to occur between two adults that are not intoxicated during the time of the incident. A great deal of Uber rides are ordered by intoxicated passengers, who are vulnerable to unwanted advances. These passengers often talk themselves out of legal action, thinking they will be blamed for getting drunk. The law, however, dictates that consent cannot be given by individuals that are incapacitated by drugs or alcohol. So if the Uber driver groped you or if the Uber drier touched you inappropriately or engaged in other types of sexual activity while you were intoxicated, that is sexual assault.

    As you can see, the law is on your side regardless of the state you were in at the time of the incident. Please don’t let shame or fear talk you out of an Uber lawsuit. Our Uber sexual harassment lawyers look forward to hearing from you and fighting for your cause.

    Should I File a Police Report Against an Uber Driver for Sexual Harassment?

    Yes, you should file a police report for an Uber driver sexually harassing you. While a lawsuit against Uber can be filed without a police report, it will definitely give your case more credibility. It’s an unfortunately reality, but sex crime victims are often accused of making things up or making a big deal out of nothing.

    But we here at Kenmore Law Group know the devastating impact of sexual harassment. “I was scared,” or “I was in danger of my life” are statements we frequently hear from our clients. That’s understandable when you’re trapped in a car with a stranger, either in a moving vehicle or in an unfamiliar area. Our compassionate lawyers are here for you, and will do everything they can to help you move forward. If you’re looking for a lawyer that can help with Uber sexual harassment cases, please call us today.

    Types of Sexual Harassment by Uber Drivers

    There’s a lot of confusion over what constitutes as sexual harassment. Legally, sexual harassment refers to non-consensual sexual advances, solicitations for sex, and physical and/or verbal harassment of a sexual nature. Some common forms of sexual harassment by Uber drivers include:

    • the Uber driver showed you porno
    • The Uber driver showed you his penis
    • The Uber driver was masturbating in the car while he was driving

    There’s another form of sexual harassment that often goes unnoticed. More than once, we’ve had a client say, “The Uber driver was talking dirty to me, but that’s not a crime, right?” Yes, it is in fact a crime and one of the most common forms of sexual harassment. As a general rule, most people find it extremely uncomfortable to engage in sexually explicit conversation with anyone other than a romantic partner. And some of these conversations can be incredibly disturbing, with graphic details of people who are sexually assaulted, killed, or kidnapped. Maybe you felt like your life is in danger even if the driver told you it was just a fantasy.

    If the Uber driver was talking dirty during your ride, you have the right to file an Uber sexual harassment lawsuit. The Kenmore Law Group has experienced attorneys who can sue Uber in an Uber sexual harassment lawsuit to get you compensation.

    What are My Rights if an Uber Driver Sexually Harassed Me?

    We’ve come a long way in our understanding of sex crimes and how we deal with victims. Still, people are more likely to be outraged by a claim of rape as opposed to hearing an Uber driver sexually harassed a woman. That’s why it’s so important for victims to understand their rights. Just because the Uber driver showed you pornography videos does not mean you have less rights than someone who was raped. If the Uber driver showed you porn pictures for a few seconds and not a full video, that doesn’t make his offense any less of a crime.

    As a sexual harassment victim, you have the right to file a police report and file criminal charges against your attacker. You also have the right to seek monetary compensation with help from an Uber driver sexual harassment lawsuit attorney. You can do this even if the perpetrator is found not guilty in the criminal courts, or if you decide not to proceed with a criminal conviction. To find out more about your legal rights, talk to one of our Uber sexual abuse attorneys today.

    Is Uber Liable for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault?

    Yes, Uber is liable for sexual harassment and sexual assault by drivers and passengers.

    One thing that’s really hurt Uber’s reputation is their lack of accountability when it comes to their drivers. They’re not completely wrong, since rideshare drivers are independent contractors as opposed to employees. That means the person performs the work outside of the company’s direct supervision, therefore they have limited liability when it comes to that person’s conduct. However, the company is still responsible for making sure safety protocols are in place. They must also take certain actions against drivers that sexually assault, harass, kidnap, or rape Uber’s passengers.

    Failing to comply with these measures can be viewed as gross negligence, which would make Uber liable if someone files an Uber sexual abuse lawsuit. Depending on your situation, there may be other types of gross negligence that Uber is responsible for. We look forward to hearing your story and helping you determine the responsible parties in your Uber driver rape lawsuit. If you were sexually harassed, our Uber driver rape attorneys can help you file a harassment claim and help you receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

    Can I Sue Uber If an Uber Driver Sexually Harassed Me?

    Yes, you can sue Uber if the Uber driver sexually harassed you. We understand why people are confused about this, as sexual harassment lawsuits are usually filed against the person who harassed you. Plus, Uber’s drivers are independent contractors rather than employees. The company has had a long history of using this fact to dispute claims of sexual harassment.

    Nevertheless, Uber is obligated to conduct background checks on their drivers. They also provide driver profiles where you can get the name of the driver, the make and model of their vehicle, and the license plate number. Drivers should also introduce themselves by name and verify your name before you get into the car.

    Victims we’ve spoken with come to us after they’ve been brushed off by Uber. In other cases, the agent who spoke with them took their claim seriously, but there was no communication after the initial report. This is unacceptable and victims should be aware that Uber has specific legal obligations from the moment they hear, “I was sexually assaulted by my Uber driver.” They have the same obligation to victims of sexual harassment, whose claims are sometimes taken less seriously than those involving sexual assault.

    To put it in layman’s terms, if a passenger was sexually assaulted or sexually harassed by an Uber driver, the passenger can sue Uber for monetary compensation. Uber may also be liable if an Uber passenger sexually abuses another Uber passenger in Uber carpool rides. Determining Uber’s liability in such cases is complicated and requires assistance from an attorney that specializes in Uber sexual assault cases. There is also a statute of limitations on how long you have to file your case, so you should speak to an attorney without delay.

    Can I Press Charges?

    Yes, you can press charges. An Uber driver sexual harassment lawyer can help you press charges against Uber for sexual harassment.

    People are used to looking for attorneys when they’re under arrest or accused of a crime. But legal representation is critical for victims of crimes, as well. The average person isn’t familiar with the laws and their legal rights when speaking to the cops or the prosecutor. As a result, their chance for obtaining justice in both the criminal and civil courts is compromised.

    No matter what legal actions you plan on pursuing, please make sure to speak with one of our California Uber sexual assault attorneys. We will ensure that your accusations are taken seriously and that you are advised of all legal rights. As a general rule, we recommend pressing charges and taking all the possible actions against the responsible parties. A criminal proceeding can bolster your civil case and give you more credibility. Then again, it may be better for you to start a civil action first, as there is a lower burden of proof for civil cases than criminal cases. If you win our civil case, that alone can lay the foundation for a successful criminal case.

    As you can see, there’s no right answer for every situation of sexual assault or sexual harassment. To find out what’s right for you, talk to one of our Uber sexual assault attorneys in Los Angeles today.
    Uber Driver Sexual Assault Attorney lawyer compensation personal injury lawsuit case incident sue
    Do Women Have a Better Chance Than Men for Compensation?

    Strictly speaking, female passengers in rideshare vehicles are at greater risk of being sexually assaulted or sexually harassed by an Uber driver. They’re also at higher risk of being kidnapped by an Uber driver or becoming the victim of other violent crimes. Essentially, when an Uber driver sexually abuses a passenger, the passenger is typically female.

    The statistics, however, do not take into account the social stigma regarding men as victims of sexual abuse. If, for example, a woman says, “The Uber driver showed me his penis,” people are likely to react with sympathy and outrage. If a man said the same thing, he’s likely to be told to “get over it.” It doesn’t help, either, that news outlets usually feature ride share drivers raping and sexually assaulting female passengers but rarely address incidents with male victims. It’s no wonder male victims struggle to speak out, but be assured that your case will be taken no less seriously by us than a case where an Uber driver sexually assaulted a woman.

    You will also be taken seriously if you were sexually harassed, i.e., the driver asked you for nude photos, harassed you with sexually explicit conversation, etc. Our Los Angeles rideshare sexual assault lawyers look forward to working with you and fighting for your rights.

    The Lawyers of Kenmore Law Group

    If you are the victim of sexual assault as the passenger of an Uber vehicle, a lawsuit may seem overwhelming with everything you’re going through. It may even seem pointless to sue for compensation, since money isn’t going to change what happened to you. However, money can help pay for things like medical bills and seeing a therapist to help you cope with the emotional trauma.

    You should also know that you are not alone in your quest for justice and compensation. Most victims aren’t looking to hire a lawyer to sue Uber for passenger being sexually assaulted. But lack of legal knowledge and mistreatment by Uber or law enforcement officials forces them to seek legal representation.

    The Kenmore Law Group has qualified attorneys who can sue Uber for sexual harassment and sexual assault. Our Zero fee policy guarantees you a free consultation to help you make an informed decision about your legal options. There is no pressure to pursue a claim, nor is there any cost to you if you decide to file a lawsuit. The Kenmore Law Group works on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid if we win your case. So you can start your claim for compensation, knowing you will pay nothing until your case is resolved to your satisfaction. Call today to speak with Los Angeles attorneys specializing in Uber sexual assault lawsuits.

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