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    state farm insurance length of time
    It can be frustrating to file a claim with an insurance company only for the claim to take forever to be paid out – or even settled. It is generally in the insurance company’s best interests to stall as long as possible when handling claims; they are businesses, after all, and their main goals revolve around retaining profits. State Farm is an insurance company that is no different from the rest; it routinely takes weeks for agents to get back to you, and even then, they may bring nothing but bad news. Our attorneys at Kenmore Law Group have spent years handling claims with State Farm and negotiating deals with their agents. We will help you receive your settlement offer as quickly as possible with our aggressive negotiation skills and tried and true strategies. Our clients will often ask us questions about State Farm’s policies and how we can speed up the process. Some of these questions include:

    • How long does it take for an insurance company to pay out a claim?
    • How long does State Farm take to process a personal injury claim?
    • How long does it take for State Farm Insurance to settle an accident claim?
    • How many months do I have to wait to get paid by State Farm after an accident?
    • How long does it take for State Farm Insurance to settle a claim?
    • How long does it take State Farm to settle a claim?

    State Farm Details

    State Farm is headquartered in Illinois and has been serving clients since 1922. It originally started as an insurance company that provided coverage for farmers, but it eventually expanded into life insurance, fire insurance, and automobile insurance. As time went on and the company grew larger and attracted more customers, the focus began to be on keeping profits in the positive. This mean that agents started denying claims so that they could maximize the amount they earned.

    Although it is one of the most well-known insurance companies in the nation, it is still ranked low each year when it comes to best Insurance companies in America. This negative rating can cause many people to abandon the idea of joining the company, but it can also push away current customers – especially given the amount of time it takes State Farm to settle an accident claim.

    Our Recent Verdicts and Settlements against State Farm Insurance


    Auto Accident State Farm Insurance


    Truck Accident State Farm Insurance

    $1 Million

    Rideshare Driver Injury

    $1 Million

    3 Vehicle Accident


    Pedestrian Accident State Farm Insurance

    $5 Million

    Motorcycle Accident

    Why File a Claim with State Farm

    If you have been involved in any type of accident and the responsible party is insured by State Farm, or if you are a client of the company, you should file a claim. The most common type of claim is one for damages coming from car accidents. You can receive various types of compensation from filing a claim, especially if your policy allows you to. If you were in an accident with an individual represented by State Farm, you could even pursue a large settlement.

    For example, you could stand to gain compensation for the following:

    • Medical expenses stemming from the accident
    • Lost wages because of missed work and absent days
    • Damaged property in the accident
    • Emotional pain and suffering after the crash

    Whether you were harmed and suffered physical injuries or if you only wish to pursue reimbursement for your damaged vehicle, you should file a claim with State Farm.

    Injury Settlement with State Farm Insurance

    When clients ask us how long claims will take, there are numerous factors that go in to State Farm’s decision and time frame. To begin with, an agent at State Farm must evaluate the situation and your claim. He will look at the injuries you suffered and how extensive they were, as well as how much of an impact they had on your daily life and career. If they were particularly impactful and prohibited you from gaining future employment, you may be looking at a large settlement. However, it can take a few months or even two years before you hear back.

    In order to speed the process up, you should hire an expert lawyer to negotiate with State Farm.

    • How long does it take State Farm to settle a case? How much time does it take State Farm to settle a case?

    The length of time it takes State Farm to settle a case will depend on the evaluation of the insurance agent. However, once you have sent in a claim, it will usually take only a few weeks for the insurance agent to read through it and make a decision on if he will honor or deny the claim. In many cases, insurance agents will wind up denying the request, claiming that you were not as seriously injured as you claimed, that you had insufficient evidence, or that you were at fault for the accident. You may not get an answer at all, which can be equally disheartening, because the insurance agent simply ignored the claim.

    • How long does it take State Farm to send a settlement check? How long does State Farm take to send a settlement check?

    Generally, the amount of time it takes State Farm to send a check is much less than the amount of time spent negotiating and actually settling the case. Once an amount has been agreed upon, State Farm will usually send out a check either to you or to your attorney within two to three weeks.

    • For property damage, how long does it take State Farm to pay out a claim?

    How long it takes State Farm to settle a lawsuit for property damage is usually much quicker than with one dealing with personal injury. This is because there are little to no areas that can be argued over if you were not hurt. You could simply provide State Farm with a copy of the estimate from your mechanic and a copy of what it would cost to fix other items that were damaged in the accident. Insurance agents usually fight hard to refuse to pay out personal injury claims because of how much more money is distributed.

    Reviews from Real Clients
    accident settlements

    I was injured in an accident and suddenly found myself trying to deal with State Farm Insurance. They were no help, so I called this firm and filed a lawsuit. They quickly got me the compensation that I deserved.

    Thomas G.


    Kenmore Law Group is the best law firm for State Farm Insurance claims. Their lawyers are the best and are more than ready to fight for their client’s recovery.

    Sammy R.


    I was afraid to deal with State Farm Insurance after my accident, but I am glad that I had such a great legal team to back me up. They fought for justice and got me the payout that I was owed.

    Dorothy W.


    State Farm Insurance was a complete headache to deal with until I found a lawyer to help me out. My lawyer got the insurance company to cooperate and take my claim seriously.

    Bob C.

    Do I Need an Attorney?

    If your lawsuit consists primarily of property damage and lost wages at work, you likely do not need an attorney, as State Farm will probably not be as argumentative and reluctant to pay out a settlement. However, if you were injured, it is extremely wise to get legal help. You will notice how easy it is for State Farm to ignore your phone calls and requests and to make you paltry offers after long waits.

    In order to successfully negotiate an acceptable claim, you will need to have knowledge of the law, experience negotiating with insurance agents, ample time to work around busy schedules, the means to get around, adequate and sufficient packets of evidence, and more. For many people, these requirements are too extensive, and if they elect to plod ahead without an attorney, they will likely be met with disappointment and no payment for their damages.

    With the help of a skilled Los Angeles attorney, you will stand a much better chance of receiving a worthwhile offer. Our lawyers have one job: to win your case and bring you compensation from State Farm. We will tirelessly work to keep your claim at the front of the line, and we can dedicate much more time than you can to negotiating and working with State Farm’s agents.

    How Long Does It Take to Settle a Case With State Farm Insurance lawyer bad faith attorney sue compensation

    Bad Faith Insurance Claims

    Insurance companies have some regulations that must be adhered to; for example, the company must provide a reason to the customer for why his claim is being denied, and they must provide a response to a claim within a reasonable amount of time (depending on the state, this amount of time can be dictated, such as 45 days, or be left open to interpretation).

    If the situation warrants it, we will be able to sue State Farm for a bad faith insurance claim if they do not complete their duties to you as a client or recipient. We can sue for some of the following reasons:

    • Denial of a claim for no reason
    • Not investigating the claim
    • Offering little money for a claim that is worth much more
    • Purposely delaying decisions and making clients wait
    • Refusal to pay at all once a settlement has been reached
    • Many more that can be explained by your lawyer

    If you feel that State Farm is taking an unreasonably long amount of time to settle your case, you should consult with one of our experienced accident attorneys in Los Angeles at Kenmore Law Group. We will handle your case for you and see to it that you are given an answer in an acceptable amount of time, and we will willingly fight for your fair compensation from State Farm.

    Let Kenmore Help

    Kenmore Law Group is here to help you receive a settlement claim from State Farm as quickly as possible. We will make sure that you are not forgotten about by the insurance agent and that your settlement is worthwhile – if we feel you are being lowballed, we will gladly fight and negotiate until you receive a better offer. In the event that State Farm is still reluctant to pay, we will take your case to court and present it in front of a judge and jury. You should not be treated poorly by the insurance agency if you were harmed in an accident and in need of coverage.

    Call our law offices today to schedule a free consultation with a qualified lawyer. We encourage you to ask us any questions you like and we’ll gladly give you necessary details about State Farm’s process. We will also tell you what we believe we can win for you if you choose us to represent you.

    Moreover, by hiring us, you will receive our zero fee guarantee – a promise that you won’t have to use your own personal savings at any point throughout the case for legal costs. We will cover the case’s expenses, and if we win, our fees will be taken out of the settlement we bring you. If we lose, you won’t have to pay us anything at all.

    For more assistance, reach out to a top-rated lawyer at Kenmore Law Group.

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