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    It can take a few months or years to receive a payout from an insurance company, and Liberty Mutual is no different. There have been tales of victims waiting over two years to even have their claims be evaluated by an insurance agent. It is crucial that you have your settlement paid out as quickly as possible so that certain lines of communication do not close or reject your claim. The longer it takes to get a settlement, the more debt you might accrue in various areas of life, from medical bills to personal rent. Our team of qualified attorneys at Kenmore Law Group can see to it that you receive a worthwhile injury settlement with Liberty Mutual Insurance in a timely manner. We often receive questions from clients who are embroiled in claims with Liberty Mutual; examples of these questions can be found below.

    • How long does it take for an insurance company to pay out a claim?
    • How long does Liberty Mutual take to process a personal injury claim?
    • How many months do I have to wait to get paid by Liberty Mutual after an accident?
    • How long does Liberty Mutual take to send a settlement check?
    • How long does it take for Liberty Mutual Insurance to settle an accident claim?
    • How much time does it take Liberty Mutual to settle a case?

    Background Information on Liberty Mutual

    Liberty Mutual Insurance is one of the largest and oldest insurance carriers in the country. Its business has been in operation since 1912 and operates out of Boston, Massachusetts. The company provides insurance coverage all over the world, but many of its clients elect to use its personal auto insurance plans. These policyholders are covered in the event of accidents, bt many may not see a settlement very quickly – or even at all.

    Liberty Mutual is a company that focuses on making money, and if it paid out every single claim, it would not have as large of a profit margin. Therefore, its agents deny claims and offer drastically low settlement amounts that won’t cover much of anything at all. Not only is this morally dubious, it can also be against the law depending on the situation. You may not only be able to receive compensation from your claim but from additional legal action taken against Liberty Mutual.

    Fortunately, our lawyers can help you sift through the hard parts and take care of your claim for you. We have ample experience with Liberty Mutual and will be able to successfully bring you the compensation you deserve.

    Our Recent Verdicts and Settlements Against Insurance Companies Such as Liberty Mutual

    $5.5 Million

    MOTORCYCLE Accident

    $3 Million

    Truck Accident

    $2.3 Million


    $2.25 Million

    Personal Injury

    $2 Million

    Auto Accident

    $1.96 Million

    Pedestrian Accident

    Claim Information – Value

    If you want to know the amount of time it takes Liberty Mutual to settle an accident claim, you should be aware of how much is considered in the first place. All claims are weighed by insurance adjusters who will look at the evidence you’ve sent over and the request you have made.

    The insurance agent will look at the injuries you suffered and determine how extensive they were, their severity, and how impactful they were. This means that if they were permanent injuries that caused you to alter your way of life or forced you to find another job and will make it difficult for you to continue with a similar career or find other career opportunities in the future, the potential compensation will likely be high. However, if they were minor injuries that did not greatly impact your life, and shortly afterward you made a full recovery, you would likely earn less.

    It is up to the discretion of the insurance agent to determine what is impactful and what is not, but fortunately, the extent of damages and the presence of medical bills can be good evidence. An experienced lawyer will be able to negotiate a fairer settlement out of the insurance agent.

    Other damages will be considered as well – such as property damage, emotional suffering, and more – but will be less important.

    Claim Information – Timetables

    Clients who ask about time frame usually need to know the different amounts of time depending on the progress of the claim. For example, a client who asks “How long does it take Liberty Mutual to settle a case?” is asking a very different question than one who says “How long does it take Liberty Mutual to send a settlement check?” We will examine both scenarios below.

    • How long does it take for Liberty Mutual Insurance to settle a claim?

    If you ask, “How long does it take Liberty Mutual to settle a claim?” then the answer depends on the amount of time spent negotiating with an attorney and how much information there is in your claim. Extensive injuries need to be pored over more than minor ones, and ongoing medical expenses need to be evaluated one by one.

    The settlement process can last a few weeks to a few months. In some particularly frustrating cases with resistant insurance agents, it could take over a year for your settlement to be finalized. These situations usually contain a large amount of negotiating by your attorney.

    • How long does it take Liberty Mutual to pay out a claim?

    How long it takes Liberty Mutual to settle a lawsuit depends on the negotiations, but mailing out the check is generally much quicker. Once a settlement has been reached, you could potentially see a check in the mail within two to three weeks of the agreement. If the insurance agency delays this payment, they could be acting in bad faith.

    If you had an attorney represent you, the check likely went to the law firm to be portioned out to pay for the legal bills you owe, at which point it can take another few days to process the final amount.

    Regardless, the payment after the settlement is much the fast part.

    • What if I don’t need an attorney?

    You may not need an attorney if you did not sustain any injuries in an accident. In this case, you will likely only be in pursuit of property damage and lost wages. The evidence for each can come in the form of receipts and a mechanic’s estimate for car repairs and pay stubs from work, respectively. In these situations, there is nothing for the insurance agent to argue over; he cannot say that your injuries were not as bad as you claimed or that you did not need certain treatment. He will likely focus more on those other claims that can pay out higher settlements and threaten profits. Thus, the amount of time it takes Liberty Mutual to send a check could be reduced to a matter of weeks.

    • When should I hire an attorney?

    You should absolutely hire an attorney if you were harmed in an accident. If you do not, you could wind up being repeatedly denied by a Liberty Mutual insurance agent. You may not have the ability to negotiate or the necessary experience to handle a claim by yourself. We highly recommend hiring a skilled lawyer if you were hurt, and we can provide the help you need. We will make sure that the length of time it takes Liberty Mutual to settle a case is acceptable and not overblown.

    Reviews from Real Clients
    uber accident settlements

    I was injured in an accident with a reckless driver that rear-ended me at a stop sign. When I contacted Liberty Mutual, they were literally no help, so I found a lawyer to take care of my case. My lawyer was amazing and made sure to get me the highest payout available.

    Tim C.


    Kenmore was able to provide me with the guidance that I needed to win my Liberty Mutual claim. I am so happy that I chose them to handle my claim.

    Donald C.


    If you need help with your claim against Liberty Mutual, you know that you can trust Kenmore. Their lawyers are completely committed to their clients and will do everything possible to get a fair payout.

    Carlos S.


    I knew I could recover a payout if my Liberty Mutual claim was successful, but my lawyer really blew my mind. My lawyer secured an amazing payout that really exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you so much for helping me win.

    Simon G.

    Legal Details of Bad Faith Claims

    Many individuals pursue the regular kinds of compensation against Liberty Mutual. They try to have their medical bills covered, their lost wages reimbursed, their property damage replenished, and their pain and suffering covered. They may also pursue wrongful death expenses if a loved one or family member passed away in the accident. However, if Liberty Mutual does not perform its due diligence in paying clients and investigating the claim, it can be held accountable and get hit with a bad faith claim. We are willing to hold Liberty Mutual responsible for its actions if they prolong your claim or damage it in some way.

    Some examples of bad faith include:

    • Not paying claims on time
    • Offering unreasonably low settlements
    • Denying a claim without providing a valid reason
    • Incompletely investigating a claim or refusing to investigate at all
    • Delaying or refusing requests for medical treatment approval
    • Refusing to pay valid and settled claims
    • Threatening clients with cancellations or refusals to pay
    • Changing the policy language without alerting the client or misrepresenting the law
    • Intentionally delaying payment of a claim
    • Refusing to provide documentation of its investigation or any other files

    If you feel that you have been a victim of bad faith by Liberty Mutual, our attorneys will do l we can to take legal action against the insurance company and bring you the compensation you deserve.
    How Long Does It Take to Settle a Case With Liberty Mutual Insurance sue lawsuit lawyer attorney compensation

    How Kenmore Helps

    Kenmore Law Group in Los Angeles is a dedicated law firm that provides our clients with proper help and representation. We know that many clients have a need for fast settlements so their debts can get paid off quickly, and we promise to work hard to speed up the process as much as we can. We will tirelessly work to keep your claim at the center of the insurance agent’s attention and will not stop negotiating until we receive an adequate settlement. If the agent is being particularly resistant, we will take Liberty Mutual to court to fight for your fair restitution in front of a judge and jury.

    Call us today to set up a free legal consultation with an expert lawyer. You can ask us any questions you think of and we’ll answer them accordingly. All of our lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Further, if you hire us to represent you, we’ll give you our zero fee guarantee, which prevents you from having to spend any of your own money throughout the case. We will cover the case’s costs, and we will only get paid if we win – Liberty Mutual will cover your legal bills and the money will come from the settlement we bring you. If we don’t win, you’re off the hook and owe us nothing at all. We’ll eat the case’s costs ourselves.

    To learn more about the time it takes for Liberty Mutual to settle a claim, contact one of our expert attorneys at Kenmore Law Group.

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