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    How Long Does It Take to Settle a Case With Geico Insurance?

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    If you have been involved in an auto accident, your concern should be focused on healing up, and the assistance of insurance coverage can take away the stress that may delay the recovery process. An insurance company like Geico will be responsible for paying off your expenses if you were not at fault for the crash, leaving you debt free to various places. However, there are times when Geico refuses to pay anything out and chooses instead to deny your claim. Your request may be repeatedly rejected, leading to frustration and hopelessness. Fortunately, a skilled lawyer at Kenmore Law Group can help you deal with your injury settlement with Geico Insurance. We will make sure you receive a settlement within an acceptable amount of time, as we know that Geico likes to delay claims for as long as possible in the hope of not paying them at all. Clients often ask us how long they’ll have to wait to receive a settlement from Geico for their accidents. Some of the types of questions we face include:

    • How long does Geico take to process a personal injury claim?
    • How long does it take Geico to send a settlement check?
    • How much time does it take Geico to settle a case?
    • How many months do I have to wait to get paid by Geico after an accident?
    • How long does it take for Geico Insurance to settle an accident claim?
    • How long does it take for an insurance company to pay out a claim?

    Geico Details

    Geico was started in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1936, by a married couple who wanted to provide insurance for federal employees. They decided to follow this path based on the reasoning that federal employees would have fewer risks and be a more stable source of income as opposed to the general public. They adhered to this practice for over forty years before they finally decided to begin insuring the public in 1974.

    Since then, Geico has been criticized by numerous clients who complain that it does not pay out its claims and does not give its clients the best treatment possible. It can be extremely difficult to secure a settlement from Geico, especially in a timely manner. This is a primary reason that it pays to enlist the help of a skilled attorney. Our law group will be glad to help you through your case and ensure that you are compensated as quickly as possible.

    Our Recent Verdicts and Settlements Against Insurance Companies Such as Geico

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    MOTORCYCLE Accident

    $3 Million

    Truck Accident

    $2.3 Million


    $2.25 Million

    Personal Injury

    $2 Million

    Auto Accident

    $1.96 Million

    Pedestrian Accident

    Process of Filing a Claim

    The claim process begins at the scene of the accident when you gather evidence. While there, you should seek medical treatment from the paramedics or go to the hospital for urgent or emergency care. This will ensure that you can connect the accident to your damages.

    You should take pictures of your injuries, the damage to your vehicle, and the scene of the accident. Any passengers or eyewitnesses who saw the incident can provide you with testimony or statements. Further, the police who investigated the accident can release a police report to you.

    As long as you have all of your evidence packaged together, along with a demand letter, you will be in good shape for a claim’s success. Many people will simply request compensation without providing a shred of evidence.

    Once you have submitted your claim to Geico, it will have to travel through the system until it reaches an agent, who may not get to it for a few weeks. These agents generally handle dozens of claims and two weeks may go by before your letter gets opened.

    • How long does it take Geico to settle a case?

    The length of time it takes Geico to settle a case will vary from situation to situation. If you submitted your package and your case is complex, it can take a few months or two years or more for your case to be resolved. The primary reason is the negotiation process, which will arise out of the disputes from the insurance agent. For example, if you suffered numerous severe injuries in an accident and the lawyer continuously claims that you exaggerated your injuries, you could be embroiled in a long argument for over a year.

    • How long does it take Geico to settle a claim?

    The amount of time it takes Geico to settle an accident claim will depend on your amount of damages. Your injuries are the main damages that are valued; extensive, permanent injuries with a profound or limiting effect on your daily life, career, and future life and career opportunities will usually yield a higher value than their lesser counterparts.

    However, if you did not sustain any physical injuries in the crash, you cannot file a personal injury lawsuit. As a result, you will only be able to collect compensation for damage to your belongings or for wages you lost out on. These types of claims are usually resolved much quicker than personal injury claims, as there is little room for the insurance agent to argue and dispute. All you need to do is provide an estimate from a car shop or a pay stub from your employer and you will have ample evidence that there were damages.

    • How long does it take for Geico Insurance to settle a claim?

    Without the assistance of an attorney, you could be negotiating and arguing with Geico for months. It is wise to enlist the help of an expert lawyer who can speed up this process of filing a claim with Geico. We will make sure that the claim is always being handled y the agent and we will do our best to convince him of all the damages present in your letter.

    We know how long it takes Geico to settle a lawsuit, and our goal is to quickly bring you a settlement.

    • How long does Geico take to send a settlement check?

    Fortunately, the amount of time it takes Geico to send a check is lower than the amount of time it takes for a claim to be resolved. A settlement check will usually be sent out within a few weeks of the agreement, and it will either go directly to your house or to your lawyer’s firm to be divided up.

    • How long does it take Geico to pay out a claim?

    Legally, Geico must send out a check within 30 days of the settlement being reached. If an unreasonable amount of time goes by, you should inquire as to the status of your check. You may have grounds to file a bad faith claim against Geico if you learn that the company never sent out a check in the first place.

    Reviews from Real Clients
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    If you are in need of a lawyer for help with your Geico insurance claim, Kenmore should really be your only option. They will fight for your right to get the highest recovery available.

    Tom H.


    Kenmore Law Group handled my Geico claim like a dream and made sure that I was awarded a fair payout for the harm that I suffered. Thank you so much Kenmore!

    Tonya A.


    I struggled to handle my Geico claim independently, so I called my lawyer at Kenmore Law Group to see if I could get any help. My lawyer took care of everything and got me an amazing settlement check. If I had my lawyer from the start, I would’ve had my money much sooner.

    Sonia R.


    Geico did everything in their power to avoid paying me after my accident. Thanks to Kenmore, though, I was able to recover a fair settlement for my injuries. I am so happy with the outcome of my claim!

    Nathaniel R.

    Why You Need an Attorney

    One of the key reasons to hire an attorney is the experience factor. Our lawyers have been negotiating deals with Geico insurance agents for years, and we know the best methods to bringing our clients adequate settlements. You may find it difficult to negotiate a deal with a Geico agent because of the gap in knowledge and tactics.

    Further, the amount of time required to handle a case is not minimal – you may need to return to work or recover, and won’t have the days set aside to deal with Geico. We can handle your case for you and work around the clock to constantly argue for a better and more worthwhile deal.

    You may not need the assistance of an attorney if you are only pursuing property damage compensation; this is because the claims are usually settled quickly with little argument. However, if the insurance agent at Geico still refuses to pay out your claim, you could speak with us and we will gladly represent you.

    We will assemble your evidence package, submit your claim, and negotiate a better deal for you while you focus on what’s important: recovering from your injuries and returning to a normal life. You should not be stressed and worried about legal proceedings with an insurance company when you have the option of hiring an attorney from Kenmore Law Group.

    Filing a Bad Faith Claim against Geico

    An attorney can help you file a bad faith claim with Geico Insurance. Insurance companies have to act with the interests of their customers and clients in mind, but many do not; instead, they focus on preserving profits and saving money wherever they can. The most popular method of doing so is simply refusing to pay out claims. However, Geico could easily be breaking laws that exist to keep insurance companies in check. Some of the ways that Geico can be sued for acting in bad faith include:

    • Refusing to pay a claim (30 day limit after a settlement has been reached)
    • Not investigating a claim
    • Misrepresenting the law
    • Altering the language or stipulations of a policy without alerting the client
    • Refusing to respond to claims (40 day limit from the receipt of the claim)
    • Denying claims without a valid reason
    • Making an offer that is drastically lower than the actual worth of the case

    It is important that you do not get mistreated by Geico. You deserve to have your expenses covered and to be given the fairest treatment possible. Our lawyers at Kenmore Law Group wills see to it that Geico does not act in bad faith, and if it does, we will be willing to take further legal action against the company.

    Choosing Kenmore

    Kenmore Law Group in Los Angeles is the premier law firm for clients who need to collect compensation from Geico. We will make sure you are paid your fair settlement in a timely fashion and that you do not get mistreated by the insurance company. If we need to, we will take your case to court, whether it’s to bring you the compensation you deserve from a car accident claim or to sue Geico for acting in bad faith.

    Call our offices today for a free legal consultation with a skilled lawyer. We’ll walk you through the legal process and help you understand how to proceed. If you have queries, we’ll gladly answer them as best we can to give you the most precise information possible. Further, if you choose us to represent you, we’ll give you our zero fee guarantee – a promise that you won’t pay any out of pocket expenses for our services. We will cover the costs of the case as we handle it, and we will only have our fees paid if we win. The money will come from the settlement we bring you, and if we lose, you won’t pay us a dime.

    For more help on figuring out how quickly your claim can be resolved by Geico and what we can do to help, contact our qualified attorneys at Kenmore Law Group today.

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