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    Car accidents can result in numerous injuries, and you should be covered for your expenses if you were not at fault for the accident. The responsible party’s insurance company should be liable. In many cases, an insurance company like AAA will do all it can to not pay victims any compensation at all – in fact, it will at times reject claims without any consideration whatsoever. It is important that you do not give up when pursuing a claim, even if it seems like it will be a long process. It can take a few months for your settlement to be resolved if you are diligent about following up; in some instances, we’ve even seen cases last for as long as two years after being filed. To speed this process up and get your compensation quicker, you should reach out to an expert attorney at Kenmore Law Group. We have helped numerous clients get the compensation they deserve after they have been met with obstacles with AAA. Clients have routinely called us asking about the time frames for settlements with the insurance company; some examples of these questions include:

    • How long does American Automobile Association take to process a personal injury claim?
    • How long does it take for an insurance company to pay out a claim?
    • How long does it take AAA to settle a case?
    • How long does it take for AAA Insurance to settle a claim?
    • How long does it take AAA to send a settlement check?
    • How many months do I have to wait to get paid by American Automobile Association after an accident?
    • How long does AAA take to send a settlement check?

    About AAA

    Initially, AAA was formed as a collection of nine motor clubs that would better the system of automobile transportation in the country. It is one of the oldest businesses still in operation, being formed in 1902. Eventually, it began to provide numerous amenities to its customers – while it is widely known for its roadside assistance, it also offers insurance coverage for vehicles. It also provides informative services, such as road maps and educational pamphlets.

    One of the main problems clients have with AAA is the universal problem with all insurance companies: agents don’t pay out claims in timely manners, if at all. The agents will do everything in their power to prevent a customer from getting rightful compensation. For this reason, it is crucial that you hire an experienced lawyer from Kenmore Law Group.

    Why File a Claim?

    If you have been involved in a car accident, you should pursue some kind of compensation for your damages, especially if you were not at fault for the incident. You should pursue coverage for medical expenses, damaged property, lost wages, emotional pain and suffering, and more. Of course, it can be difficult to be awarded all of these damages, and it is important that you select an attorney who can reliably help you.

    Our lawyers will make sure that you are fairly represented and that you have the chance to receive total compensation for your damages.

    Getting Started

    Firstly, you should know that you only have two years to file a personal injury claim, so you should be diligent in assembling your evidence – if you wait too long, you won’t be able to receive anything at all.

    You should have as much evidence as you can ready to be sent to AAA for consideration. This includes medical records, hospital bills, eyewitness and passenger testimonies and statements, photos of your injuries and the damage to your vehicle, a copy of the police report, and more. An attorney at Kenmore will be able to assemble the evidence, write a demand letter, and send it to an insurance agent.

    Once the insurance agent receives the package, he will have 40 days to respond to the claim, whether to accept or deny it.

    Time Frame for a Settlement from AAA

    There is no set time limit that AAA must adhere to in order to resolve a claim; it must reply within 40 days, as stated above, but the only guideline is within a “reasonable” amount of time, which is extremely subjective. We can answer your questions about certain timetables, though.

    • How long does it take for Triple A Insurance to settle an accident claim?

    The amount of time it takes AAA to settle an accident claim depends on many factors. For one, your claim must be evaluated by an agent; he will measure the worth by examining the injuries you suffered and damages you sustained. He will then come up with a figure and offer it to you – at which point you can either accept it or reject it. However, many insurance agents will not make an offer for some time; it can take months before the agent makes an offer, all in hopes that you will accept the first amount you see because of how long you’d been waiting.

    • How long does it take AAA to settle a claim?

    If you do not accept the offer, you or your attorney will be able to negotiate a better deal. We recommend leaving the negotiation process up to your lawyer, as you may not have the necessary experience required to secure a worthwhile offer. The negotiation process can easily drastically increase the length of time it takes Triple A to settle a case.

    • I was not injured in an accident. How much time does it take AAA to settle a case?

    How long it takes AAA to settle a lawsuit that does not contain any injuries varies, but in general, it will be a quicker result than if you were hurt. This is because there is not much for the AAA insurance agent to argue over. Simple property damage can be shown with a mechanic’s estimate or an auto body shop’s pricing, while lost wages at work can be proven with a pay stub or contract.

    • How long does it take Triple A to pay out a claim?

    Legally, the amount of time it takes Triple A to send a check cannot exceed 30 days from the date of the agreed upon settlement. Once a resolution has been met, AAA must send a payment within a month, or it could face legal repercussions. This process is much faster, as the hard part has already been finished. If you used an attorney, the check will be mailed to the law firm, and your lawyer will write you a check for your portion.

    • Do I need an attorney if I want a fast settlement?

    If you plan on pursuing an injury settlement with AAA Insurance, we recommend hiring one of our expert lawyers. AAA insurance agents are less likely to respond to clients and are not as worried about being battled by them. Attorneys like us can pursue your compensation around the clock, and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can use to secure you a worthwhile deal.

    You may be able to receive a fast settlement if you were not injured. An attorney may not be necessary if you only pursue property damage and lost wages, as there will be little to no need for negotiating. However, we always recommend seeking advice from one of our lawyers before taking any legal action, even if you plan to go about the entire process by yourself.

    Suing Triple A for Bad Faith

    It may be in your best interest to file a bad faith claim against Triple A if you were mistreated or if the company broke the law in its actions. Our lawyers can identify acts of bad faith and we are willing to sue AAA for your rightful compensation.

    There are laws that protect clients from insurance companies taking advantage of them, and when an insurance company breaches these laws, they are said to be acting in bad faith. Many companies get around these laws because individuals may not know that how they are being treated is illegal. Thus, a lawyer can greatly assist you in pursuing such claims.

    You may be a victim of bad faith if AAA acted in any of the following ways:

    • Rejecting a claim for no valid reason
    • Refusing to investigate a claim
    • Falsifying information in an investigation
    • Delaying decisions on claims
    • Delaying payments of settlements
    • Refusing to provide documentation and proof of investigation or other necessary items
    • Changing or altering policy language or claim requests without the client’s knowledge or approval
    • Threatening clients with retaliation or other actions
    • Offering a low amount of money that is disproportionate to the value of the case

    Suing for bad faith can be difficult, and we highly recommend utilizing a skilled lawyer if you wish to pursue such a lawsuit. Our attorneys can be of service to you no matter what course of action you wish to follow.

    Kenmore Law Group: The Firm for You

    Our team of highly experienced attorneys at Kenmore Law Group in Los Angeles is here to help you settle your case with Triple A. We know that settlements can take long, and we want to do everything we can to hurry the process along. We have been dealing with Triple A insurance agents for years, and we are no strangers to handling these types of cases. If we feel that AAA is not acting appropriately or is taking too long to make a worthwhile offer, we will take your case to court and present it in front of a jury. We’ll fight for your rightful compensation no matter what.

    Reach out to us today to set up a free legal consultation with one of our skilled lawyers. If you have questions, we’ll gladly answer them and tell you necessary information. All of our consultations are confidential and you can reach our lawyers at any time of the day, any day of the week.

    If you wish to hire us, we’ll give you our zero fee guarantee, which promises that we don’t get paid unless and until we win. Our fees will be taken care of with the settlement we bring you, so Triple A will cover your legal bills while you pay for nothing. If we lose your case, you won’t owe us a dollar, and you can walk away with no additional costs.

    Get in touch with an accomplished lawyer at Kenmore Law Group to learn more about the length of time to settle a Triple A case and what we can do to help.

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