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    I needed a car accident attorney and I’m certain I found the best one at Kenmore Law Group. They weren’t kidding when they said they were the best in town and I saw firsthand why. The attorneys were all extremely helpful and everyone on the team was able to answer my questions and give me updates when I needed them. It seemed like it was a total group effort to win my case, and everyone contributed in one way or another. To me, that’s a sign of a law firm with great synergy and dedication. I highly recommend going here if you were in a car accident and you want to pursue compensation.


    Jenny P.

    Hands down, these Uber accident attorneys know what they’re doing and I think any driver should visit them if they were hurt while behind the wheel. They handled my case last year and I can’t say enough good things about them. Kenmore Law Group is the best in the business. They know that Uber is a large corporation and they have to be on top of their game to deal with those insurance agents. My case was straightforward but they still treated it with the utmost attention. I had no worries at all that they’d win, and sure enough, they brought me full coverage.



    Dwayne R.

    I was hit by someone who was driving for Uber, and I knew I’d be able to take action against the company for that. So I tried to file a claim but there was a lot of red tape and problems, and I was drained within a month. As a result I started looking around for Uber accident attorneys and I found the Kenmore Law Group. I am so happy I did, because they immediately took on my case and made sure I didn’t have to do anything else. I was able to go to the doctor and get treatments and they took care of all the negotiating and all the evidence. My car was pretty badly damaged but they were able to get the mechanic to fix it back to like new, and Uber paid for the damages. They also made sure the company covered my medical costs. Thanks to Kenmore I was not in a bad position after my accident and I can’t thank them enough.



    Abigdale H.

    I don’t think it’s an understatement at all to say that Kenmore Law Group has the best auto accident lawyers in LA. They’re definitely some of the most successful and highly rated for sure, and I could see why after they handled my case. I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get any coverage because the insurance agent was being difficult and refused to listen to my side, but that worry went away after I started working with Kenmore. They were on top of everything and their negotiation skills were top quality. Definitely come here if you were in a car accident – they’ll win your case for sure.



    Harry T.

    I had a car accident attorney handling a case but he didn’t do all he could. So I suspended the representation and started looking for someone else with more experience and a better track record. I came to the Kenmore Law Group and was blown away by how professional everyone was and how successful they were. I immediately got help on my case and transferred everything over. Within a few weeks, they made more progress than my other attorney had done in almost a year. I was so surprised and they really showed how skilled they were. They got me a good physical therapist too and I didn’t have to worry about paying for any of those expenses. In the end, they won me full compensation and I didn’t have anything I owed to the hospital or mechanic.



    Bhur G.

    I felt like family when I came to Kenmore Law Group for my Uber accident. They were perfect for my case – they had a history of these kinds of claims and I didn’t have to worry about being mistreated by them. All their success stories and results were available and they always made me aware of what they were doing. The accident actually happened because I was exiting the freeway and an Uber driver decided to try to exit at the exact same time and beat me to the ramp, which led to me hitting him and spinning out. The driver said I was in the wrong but it was apparent he just wanted to try to save his behind. When I came to the Kenmore Law Group I had some sprains and strains, but the worst injury was the damage to my back, which had been aggravated after the accident. They got me to go to a great doctor who correctly diagnosed me, and then they gathered evidence and proof. In the end, they were able to win my case and secure me every penny, just like they promised they would.



    Thomas A.

    Can’t say enough good things about this firm. Kenmore Law Group is like the extended family you know you can always count on. The team is so helpful and kind, and they will always keep you updated on everything with regards to your case. If you ever have any questions, someone will definitely be available to answer you. The attorneys are very transparent, too, which is a rarity in the legal world. I’ve had other lawyers before who didn’t do what they could and who always made up stories about my case, but not here. Everyone at Kenmore is open and honest, and I knew I could trust in them with my lawsuit.



    Christine K.

    It was a really tough time when I was in a hit and run accident. Someone had come around the corner as I was crossing the street and they clipped me. I was walking my bicycle across and they nailed it and broke it almost in half. I had some two broken ribs and a lot of internal bleeding and bruising. I went to the emergency room and got treated, but the bills were extremely high. I went to Kenmore and got help from a hit and run lawyer, and I’m glad I did. They made sure my insurance company paid up and covered the damages.



    Mario V.

    I was at a red light when someone didn’t stop in time when he was approaching the intersection and he rear ended me. I was with my family in the car and we were shaken up, but I got it the worst. I had a concussion and a mild neck sprain, but it was extremely painful and irritated me for weeks. I was going through the motions with the insurance company but they were ignoring a lot of my requests, so I came to Kenmore Law Group and got help here. They said it wasn’t normal for the injury to last that long and recommended I get a second opinion from another doctor, which I did. Turned out I had a disc injury at the cervical spine and I needed different treatment. The treatment was pricy though and I was not going to be able to afford. Fortunately, the team at Kenmore was filled with experts, and they won the car accident case for me and got me a maximum settlement from the other driver’s insurance agency.



    Jonathan T.

    I was a passenger in an Uber one day when I was hurt in an accident. The driver was not being too careful or safe and he was routinely running yellow lights and not stopping to let other people merge. I just wanted to get to my destination and he was not making me comfortable. Before I could even say anything though, like to ask him to slow down, he ended up coming out of an intersection at a stop sign too fast and we were hit broadside. I had a bad shoulder injury and a concussion, and the doctor said I had whiplash. I came to the Kenmore Law Group and they made sure to give me recommendations for good physical therapists, and they promised to win my case. They filed the claim against Uber and Uber was very reluctant to pay, but they eventually realized how at-fault the driver was. After a few months, Kenmore won me a huge settlement that fully covered the costs of my medical bills and pain and suffering damages, along with other payments. I could not be happier with how the firm handled my case or treated me, and I definitely think everyone should go here for legal help.



    Kiana F.

    As an Uber driver it’s really hard to drive when there’s the possibility that the company won’t pay for damages in the event of an accident. I make sure that my own insurance is very comprehensive but Uber does not give me the same care. My fears came true when I was in an accident while I was on the way to pick someone up. A car tried to merge and when I swerved I hit another vehicle. There was a lot of bouncing and swerving until we all came to a stop. I had a lot of external damages but the worst was definitely the concussion and brain injury. It was some slight bleeding and swelling but I still needed to go to the emergency room. When I tried to get compensation from Uber they denied my claim and pretty much said I’d have to go to the other driver and file a lawsuit with his insurance agency. I was not going to be able to go back and forth and do all this fighting and I didn’t think it was fair since I was on the clock, so I called Kenmore Law Group and they made sure that Uber was responsible for the damages. I didn’t have to do anything myself – they took care of the case for me completely and I felt like they really cared. When they say they’re the best Uber accident lawyers in LA, you know they’re telling the truth.



    Hailey C.

    I didn’t know what to do after I was in a car accident and I was badly hurt. I ended up at the hospital and was undergoing surgery. The bills were very expensive and I needed to find a way to pay. The accident wasn’t my fault so I started looking around for car accident attorneys and I came across the Kenmore Law Group. They told me to send them whatever evidence they had and they’d take care of the rest. The team told me that they’d represent me and work on the case, and I’m glad they did. They showed exactly why they’re expert car accident lawyers, and really there’s no reason to get help from anyone else. Everyone at Kenmore was so helpful and they won me the damages I needed since the medical bills were so pricy, and even a fair amount of pain and suffering damages for other losses. I always tell everyone that if they need to get legal help for a car accident case, go to Kenmore Law Group. No matter what kind of questions you have, they’ll make you feel at ease.



    Shawna K.

    Without a doubt, Kenmore Law Group has the best personal injury lawyers in the state. They were extremely professional and my claim was never in danger of being rejected. They took on my case after I switched representation. I brought them what evidence I had and they went and got more – including expert witnesses I’d never have been able to find. Their dedication and commitment to justice was apparent. You can tell everyone here really cares about clients and making sure they’re fairly paid if they’re injured. I have nothing but good things to say about this firm and I fully recommend that people go here if they have any legal needs at all.



    Daniel S.

    I love Kenmore Law Group. They got me a huge settlement, more than I had expected. The attorneys are very nice and will take good care of you. Stop searching, hire them already, trust me, they are the best.



    Hank N.

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