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    Suing for Sexual Abuse at John A. Davis Juvenile Hall – Lawsuit Attorney

    Suing for Sexual Abuse at John A. Davis Juvenile Hall - Lawsuit Attorney incident attorney lawsuit sue lawsuit

    Were you sexually assaulted or harassed as a juvenile inmate at John A. Davis Juvenile Hall, located at 202 Glacier Drive, Martinez, CA 94553? Are you related to someone who was sexually abused by a staff member while they were incarcerated at this facility? If so, please consider speaking with us to learn about your rights and legal options.

    Also referred to as Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall, John A. Davis Juvenile Hall is the largest youth detention center currently operating in the state of California. The campus has room for 270 inmates, who are separated into 10 housing units based on age, gender, offense, and other criteria. On site are various services that are meant to provide education, medical services, and mental health counseling. John A. Davis is also known for having its own school for inmates – the Mt. McKinley School, which is managed by the Contra Costa County Office of Education.

    These are impressive features that you will not find at any juvenile hall. However, such programs require strong and competent leadership from administrators that prioritize inmate health and safety over everything else. Sadly, that’s not what happens at places like John A. Davis Juvenile Hall, where child sexual abuse is a frequent occurrence. Based on how many years the facility has been in operation, it’s possible that hundreds – if not thousands of kids were permanently scarred by the county’s failure to protect them.

    The sexual abuse lawyers of Kenmore are standing by to assist you if someone working for the juvenile justice system took advantage of your youth and innocence. To schedule a free consultation with one of our legal experts, contact our law firm as soon as possible.

    Suing for Sexual Abuse at John A. Davis Juvenile Hall - Lawsuit Attorney lawyer attorney sue compensation

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    Can I Sue for being Sexually Abused at John A. Davis Juvenile Hall?

    Yes, you can sue John A. Davis Juvenile Hall if you were sexually abused by a staff member, such as a counselor, doctor, or probation officer. Sexual abuse of inmates is far too common at youth detention facilities, and most of these cases are associated with poor leadership, lack of supervision, and little to no accountability when there are credible allegations of physical and sexual abuse.

    This is why you find so many lawsuits that are filed against the county, and not just the person that’s guilty of harming a child. After all, it’s the Contra Costa County Probation Department that’s in charge of ensuring that inmates are not mistreated at a juvenile hall or camp program. In addition, they are responsible for investigating claims of abuse and making sure that the offending staff member is punished for their actions. In reality, most of these employees keep their jobs in spite of repeated complaints. Evidence is lost or destroyed, and case files somehow slip through the cracks year after year.

    Negligence and misconduct are unacceptable when it comes to the protection of children in the juvenile justice system. We don’t have all the answers when it comes to putting an end to these horrific practices. But we are determined to fight for as many victims as possible and make sure that they are compensated for their harm and suffering.

    Can I Join a John A. Davis Juvenile Hall Class Action Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse?

    Yes, you have the option of filing a compensation claim for sexual abuse along with other victims, which is known as a class action lawsuit. All you have to do is contact our office and speak with a juvenile detention center class action lawsuit attorney.

    In the last few years, the number of lawsuits against county agencies for child sexual abuse has increased dramatically. Most of these are class action lawsuits against juvenile justice programs, and this is due to major changes in the laws that extend the amount of time to sue for sexual abuse of a minor. You also have movements like #MeToo that have encouraged victims to share their stories and seek remedies through the legal system.

    Kenmore Law Group is ready to stand with you on your journey to recovery. For a free case evaluation with a child sexual assault lawyer, contact us today.

    How Much is the Average Value of a Juvenile Inmate Sexual Abuse Case?

    Settlement values for a John A. Davis Juvenile Hall sexual abuse claim typically range from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000. If you are suing for acts of sexual assault, case values will probably exceed $2,000,000, while sexual harassment lawsuits may be settled for $500,000 or less. Though case values are usually 6 to 7 figures, there are extreme circumstances that can result in settlements of $10,000,000 and above.

    Ultimately, the amount of compensation from a sexual abuse lawsuit against John A. Davis Juvenile Hall can vary significantly from one person to another. That’s why it’s essential to discuss your case with a lawyer that’s experienced in lawsuits for sexual abuse at juvenile halls. Only then can you have an accurate sense of the amount you are entitled from a John A. Davis Juvenile Hall juvenile hall abuse lawsuit.

    How Long Does a John A. Davis Juvenile Hall Take to Settle?

    A lawsuit for sexual abuse at a juvenile hall can take 1 to 2 years on average, with some cases being settled within the first 6 months. But 6 months is a very fast timeline when it comes to lawsuits for child sexual abuse. Thus, we would say that most cases take at least 12 months before both sides agree on a settlement amount.

    Claims that cannot be negotiated between the plaintiff and defendant may go to trial, though only a small fraction of sexual assault lawsuits require intervention from the courts. However, if trying your case in court is the only option left, it can take up to several years to recover your payment.

    Suing for Sexual Abuse at John A. Davis Juvenile Hall - Lawsuit Attorney incident attorney lawsuit sue lawsuit

    Statute of Limitations to Sue John A. Davis Juvenile Hall for Sexual Abuse

    If you were 18 or older at the time of the abuse, the deadline for a sexual misconduct lawsuit against John A. Davis Juvenile Hall is 10 years from the last / most recent incident of assault, harassment, etc. If you were a minor at the time, meaning you were under 18 years old, you must file a lawsuit by the time you are 40, meaning you have 22 years from when you are legally an adult under California law.

    There is, however, another legal standard that can be used to determine the amount of time you have for a child sexual abuse lawsuit. This is known as the discovery rule, and it’s based on when you realize an injury associated with sexual abuse, which can happen at any point in your life. This is a crucial form of protection for adults that were sexually abused as children, since they can sue for monetary damages even if they are over 40 years of age.

    We are often contacted by adults who have lived with the secret of sexual abuse for many years. Some were too scared to tell anyone, which is very common in juvenile detention settings. Others did tell someone, but they were discouraged from filing a formal complaint or talking to the police. In either situation, the victim is forced to repress memories of the abuse again and again, until it becomes a natural pattern. Unfortunately, this cycle of suppression causes mental health disorders, like depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, and substance abuse.

    A licensed therapist can help you connect the dots between these issues and the sexual abuse at John A. Davis Juvenile Hall. You may be older than 40 when the moment of discovery happens, but thankfully, California law gives you 5 years from the discovery date to file a lawsuit.

    Contact Our Law Firm

    The legal team of Kenmore Law Group is ready to fight for you and the compensation you deserve by law. We have a team of legal experts with decades of experience in settlements and court trials for child abuse victims, including those who were sexually abused at John A. Davis Juvenile Hall.

    If you were worried about the cost of legal fees, let us put your mind at ease with the Zero Fee Guarantee. We only get paid by winning your case and receiving payment directly from Contra Costa County. That means you will not pay anything upfront, nor will you be asked to pay for any of our expenses if we don’t win your case. This is all part of the Zero Fee Guarantee we offer to our clients, which you can learn more about by from one of our attorneys.

    Please take a moment to contact us and schedule a free case review if you are suffering due to sexual abuse at John A. Davis Juvenile Hall in Martinez, California.

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