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    Slip and Fall From an AC Leak

    Slip and Fall From an AC Leak slip and fall air conditioner compensation liability sue attorney lawyer

    Slip and fall accidents are quite common, especially in areas where you are not familiar. You are least likely to slip and fall in your own home where you now the layout and generally can avoid all the potential hazards. You may also know about any dangers well ahead of time. However, if you go out to a mall or store, you may not be familiar with very much. You could be in a hurry or preoccupied, and you may slip and fall on liquid from a leak. If you suffer a slip and fall due to air conditioning leak, you could sustain various injuries and damages. It is important that you take appropriate action against the responsible party in this scenario. Our law firm, Kenmore Law Group, has the ability to sue a business or property owner for a leaking air conditioner if you fell due to it.

    Where do slip and fall accidents from defective HVAC units occur?

    Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning units (HVAC) are systems that provide heat and cooling to buildings. They may be rather large or industrial sized if they must power an en entire system for a large space, or they could be very small. Some air conditioners fit in windows and the condensation leaks down onto the ground below. There are many other locations that you can suffer slip and fall injuries from a leaky air conditioner or HVAC system, though. They include:


    Supermarkets are generally large stores that have a lot of aisles that require cool or cold air at all times. The produce section has a misting system, while the frozen foods aisle must be kept below 40 degrees. The store cannot be too hot, either, as it will damage some of the exposed goods and even the packaged food. It will also make the customers very uncomfortable.

    It is possible that the air conditioning and freezing units in the aisles and in other places can leak, and you may slip and fall while browsing for groceries.

    Shopping Center

    A shopping center like a mall has many stores inside of it, but the main area that connects all of them is expansive. The shopping center requires a strong HVAC unit to keep the interior comfortable. There may be various points the system branches off to, and air conditioners can leak from the roof or even from the second floor down below. There may be puddles that gather on the floor, water on the stairs, liquid on the escalators, and more.

    Hotel Room

    Hotel rooms have built-in air conditioners. These air conditioners may be very powerful if the hotel room is a suite meant for numerous people. However, the more they work, the more likely it is that there will be a leak. The carpet may get damp, but the real danger lies in hotel rooms that are not carpeted. A leaky air conditioner in a hotel room with tile floor or slick floors can easily cause slip and fall injuries.


    An apartment building may have central air conditioning in the unit itself, or it may have separate window units or similar units. These units can leak and cause puddles on the ground, or even create puddles outside where the sidewalk may be very slippery. If an apartment building has an HVAC unit, the risk of leaks and slip and fall injuries to many people rises. There are multiple dwellers in an apartment building, and a single unit powering everything could malfunction and cause condensation and puddles. This may open the door for a class action lawsuit against the landlord, for example, if a number of individuals were hurt after slipping and falling.


    A warehouse is a large space that often houses a lot of merchandise and has many workers operating inside of it. Air conditioning units in warehouses must be powerful, and if they are constantly running, there may be puddles and leaks. Many warehouse workers are not examining the floors when they are working, and if there are any dangers, they could easily slip and fall. The same can be said of customers walking through the warehouse.

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    Can I sue for an HVAC accident? Who do I sue for an air conditioning leak injury?

    Yes, you can sue for an HVAC accident. You can file a claim against the property owner if the air conditioning unit was leaky and presented a hazard that caused you an injury. You can only file a personal injury lawsuit if you suffered injuries, though. Common injuries from slip and fall accidents include:

    • Broken bones
    • Concussions
    • Hip injuries
    • Neck and spinal cord damage
    • Muscle damage
    • Dislocations
    • Sprains
    • Closed head injuries
    • Bruising and lacerations
    • Internal organ damage
    • Paralysis

    These injuries may be especially severe if you are older, already hurt, or if you do not get treatment at once. The property owner can be held accountable if any of these points are shown to be true:

    • The property owner caused the hazard or the issue with the air conditioner or the HVAC
    • The property owner was aware of the problem with the unit but did nothing to address it or repair it, nor did he issue any warnings or place any hazard signs
    • The property owner did not know there was a problem with the air conditioner but reasonably should have known if he had been attentive like a competent owner would have been

    Property owners may generally not know about the issue in apartment buildings and hotels, but they are more likely to be aware of problems in commercial businesses. Either way, you should be prepared to file a claim if you were hurt because of a leak in an HVAC.

    Filing a Slip and Fall Lawsuit due to an Air Conditioner Leak

    To file a slip and fall lawsuit for injuries from a leaky air conditioner or HVAC unit, you should gather evidence and speak with an attorney. We recommend following these steps:

    • Go to the doctor at once to assess your injuries; if you wait too long, your health may worsen or the insurance agent may doubt the validity of your case
    • Hold on to receipts, doctor’s notes, and other proof from the hospital showing the treatment and results
    • Take photos of your injuries
    • Take pictures of the leak and the scene of the accident
    • Get video footage, surveillance footage, and other recordings if possible from the location of the fall
    • Get a copy of any proof of residence or stay if you were hurt at an apartment or a hotel, such as a rental agreement, a lease, a bank statement showing the payment to the facility, and more
    • If there were eyewitnesses present who saw the incident happen, request their testimonies and statements for your case
    • Submit an incident report to the business or property owner
    • Collect contact information and insurance details from the property owner

    Finally, once you have gotten as much evidence as you can, you should speak with a skilled premises liability lawyer We will be able to organize your proof and submit the demand letter. You may not have any experience handling such lawsuits, and we will be able to negotiate a fair deal while you recover from your injuries. Call our premises liability attorneys today for more assistance.

    Slip and Fall From an AC Leak slip and fall air conditioner compensation liability attorney lawyer sue
    What can I win from a premises liability claim?

    If you slipped and fell due to a leaky air conditioner, your premises liability claim can be quite large. You may earn upwards of $50,000 if you were hurt due to another party’s negligence. The insurance agent will measure the value of your case and determine an offer, and we will negotiate a better deal.

    Our goal is to bring you the following:

    • Medical bills from the past and future
    • Lost income if you were unable to return to work from the past or the future
    • Property damage if any of your personal items were lost in the incident
    • Pain and suffering damages to cover emotional anxiety, psychological trauma, fear, PTSD, and more

    We will not stop working for your deserved restitution, no matter what.

    The Right Premises Liability Lawyer for You

    If you are in need of a premises liability lawyer in Los Angeles, look no further than Kenmore Law Group. We have many years of experience in premises liability law and we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Our attorneys are aggressive and relentless when it comes to settlements. We will go to court if we have to so that we can defend your rights.

    For a free legal consultation, call our attorneys today. We are available around the clock and will answer your questions about premises liability law. We will tell you what we think the value of your air conditioning slip and fall claim is and what you should do to move forward. We will also ensure you pay us no fees at all – our zero fee guarantee says that we won’t get paid unless and until we win. If we lose, you don’t owe us a dime anyway.

    For the best representation for your air conditioning slip and fall lawsuit, contact Kenmore Law Group today.

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