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    Sexting Harassment from My Manager Cyber Sexual Harassment Lawyer

    Sexting Harassment from My Manager Cyber Sexual Harassment Lawyer lawsuit attorney compensation workplace orientation identity
    “Help, I Have Sexting Harassment from My Manager, Is This Cyber Sexual Harassment?”

    Yes, if you are being harassed from your employer or manager, and receive sext messages you are being sexually harassed. Any time that you receive non-consensual forwarding of sexts (NCFS) you are the victim of sexual harassment behavior from an employer, manager or boss. This is pornography that is being sent to you in the form of a text message, or a sexual message as a text called “sext” or “sexting.”

    If your boss or employer is sending you unwanted sexual messages through texting, you are being sexually harassed in the workplace. There are laws to prevent this from happening, and from allowing a manager to take advantage of you by using a power play to send sexting messages to your mobile phone, or through a webinar, Zoom meeting or through emails on the Internet.

    What Is Workplace Sexual Harassment?

    Any time that your employer approaches you inappropriately in a way that makes reference to your sex, gender identity or sexual orientation (male or female), it is sexual harassment. You can receive sexual harassment from anyone in your workplace, such as from a:

    • Boss
    • Supervisor
    • Manager
    • Regional manager
    • Store manager
    • Executive suite manager
    • Owner
    • Operator
    • Employee
    • Partner
    • Co-owner

    When a person at your employment sexually harasses you by sending sext messages to your mobile phone, it can look like:

    • Making references to your physical body
    • Asking you to go out on a date or referencing dating
    • Putting you down or talking about you detrimentally in a sexual way
    • Referencing personal questions about your body, gender identity, expression or gender transition
    • Sending you unwanted or sexually explicit photos of the person’s body parts
    • Linking pages from the Internet regarding sexual conduct in a sext message
    • Sending texts showing videos of people having sexual relations
    • Mentioning sexual relations in a text message
    • Threatening to sexually assault you if you don’t respond to the messages
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    Sexting Harassment from My Manager

    Employers are responsible for the inappropriate behavior of their employees one to the other in the workplace. There are employee manuals written describing how employees must address and communicate with co-workers, to keep the peace and be within everyone’s rights to work undeterred in the workplace. No one is allowed to sexually harass another person in the workplace and “get away with it.”

    If someone is sexually harassing another person on the job, it is a serious offense. There are equal employment opportunity laws in place in all states, to prevent someone being treated differently, being harassed or sexually harassed, or being discriminated against (for being female or male) in the workplace for just this reason.

    Sexual harassment is a serious offense because it is an egregious way to treat others in the workplace. No one goes to work to have to be sexually harassed in the workplace, when the person only wanted to come in and do a good job at work.

    Can I Sue If the Manager Is Sending Sext Messages on My Mobile Phone?

    Yes, we can sue in this case, and we will review the facts with you in a way that you can understand, to discover the nature of this type of sexual harassment. You will be connected with our Los Angeles case lawyers, who can file a lawsuit on your behalf, for the victimization and sexual harassment for the sexting from your manager. In general terms, our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue, to give you the advantage in this case, and to get you the money you deserve for having a manager sext you or be sexually explicit with you during working hours.

    Cyber Sexual Harassment

    You may be wondering, just what is cyber sexual harassment? Cyber sexual harassment is any sexual harassment that occurs using the Internet or online resources. Online sexual harassment can occur from a manager quite easily through:

    • Chat rooms
    • Social media sites
    • Instant messaging
    • Emails
    • Advertising
    • Automatic linking to the employee
    • Spams to the employee’s email
    • Remote web meetings

    This type of harassment can take on many forms, including:

    • Gender harassment
    • Verbal harassment
    • Sending of graphic sexual pictures
    • Gender-humiliating comments
    • Sexual remarks
    • Sexual images
    • Sexual threats of violence

    Remote Work Sexual Harassment

    If you have had webinar meetings with your manager, and the manager started saying or performing lewd or sexually suggestive acts on the webinar, you will want to talk to us. We have lawyers who can help with this type of claim, will work without any hesitation to win the case for you after being victimized by a manager who was sexually harassing you on a remote work webinar. This is becoming more prevalent today, because there are many remote workers who no longer work in the offices where they used to work.

    People are able to “get away” with bad behavior on webinars as the manager, because the employees are a captive audience. It is unusual that an employee would ever hang up on a manager, and the managers can take advantage of this power play by being sexually explicit or by sexually harassing their workers, employees or others who have to take their calls remotely during the work day.

    If you have been sexually harassed by a manager, you need to call us today. We will connect you with an experienced attorney in Los Angeles, who is ready to take on your case, and ensure that everything is taken into consideration for you to win the case. Managers should not be allowed to get away with this egregious behavior, and we will make the managers understand the laws related to sexually harassing employees as victims, when you give our law firm a call today.

    Zoom Video Sexual Harassment

    If your manager is being sexually explicit or sexting you over a Zoom video call, you need to call us immediately. You need to talk to attorneys who specialize in this type of case, as we will develop a winning plan for you to get the settlement you deserve for being a victim of sexual harassment.

    It is actually unbelievable that a manager of a business would conduct himself or herself in this way – but it does and will continue to happen! If you have been sexually harassed on a Zoom call by your manager, call us to talk to a lawyer with a firm specialty in this type of case. We will be ready to win the case for you, but that can only get started and happen for you when you pick up your smartphone and give us a call today.

    With Remote Work Being the New Trend This Will Be More And More Common

    People who have been the victim of sexting harassment from a manager have pain and suffering, emotional damage and anxiety that can develop as a result of this type of harassment. If a manager is sexting an employee, the employee may also experience feelings of:

    • Anger at being treated badly by the manager through being sexually harassed
    • Fear of losing the job
    • Hatred for the person doing the sexting
    • Sorrow at being treated so poorly at work
    • Disappointment for having to keep the job
    • Loneliness for no one to talk to about the problem

    What Do I Do with Text Messages from My Employer That Is Harassing?

    We understand that this can be a confusing time, and that you need someone to discuss your legal case in the strictest of confidence. We are ready to help you and take you to the next steps. Just give us a call now, and we will walk you through what to do next if your manager is sexting you and sexually harassing you at work or in the workplace.

    Free Second Opinion

    You may need to talk to an attorney with expertise in this type of case, to know that all is not lost and you can recover what you deserve as a sexual harassment victim. You will not have to pay us as we start to work on this case for you by giving you a free second opinion. We will be in a position to do better than try hard to win, we will be completely successful.

    We understand that you may have started off talking to someone else first about the case, and that can happen, it is okay. But if you want to talk to the pros in this area, you need to give us a call to get your free second opinion. You’ll be connected to talk to attorneys who specialize in this type of case, and who know what to do to win for victims of sexual harassment at work. You need a lawyer who knows exactly what to do, and who can win the case for you on the merits. We are that group of lawyers, but this will not happen for you if you don’t give us a call right now, to discuss your sexual harassment by sexting case.
    Sexting Harassment from My Manager Cyber Sexual Harassment Lawyer lawsuit attorney compensation workplace orientation identity sue
    Zero Fee Guarantee

    Call us today to discuss your case for sexting harassment as received from your manager at work. You will be connected with lawyers who can help with developing a plan to win this case, and recover the money you need to recover from this egregious behavior. You will get a zero-fee guarantee, and talk to an experienced attorney in Los Angeles, who can work hard on this type of claim to get you the reimbursement you deserve in this case.

    My Employer Is Sending Me Sexual Pictures, What Do I Do?

    We understand that it is frustrating if your manager or boss is sending sexually explicit or sexually harassing messages to you. It can feel that you are alone and have no one to talk to about this egregious situation. You may have tried to tell the Human Resources about this situation, and they may have talked to the manager, who kept doing the same thing. You also may have already told another manager or supervisor, but if it is the owner of the company or a higher up who is perpetuating this bad behavior, it is difficult to bend an ear to get your complaints heard.

    In no way and on no day is a manager allowed to sexually text or sexually harass an employee, on any level. Employers have legal responsibilities to their workers, to create a safe place in the workplace for everyone to work. There are laws in place to protect everyone from this situation from occurring in the workplace. Employers are not permitted to victimize workers, allow managers to run roughshod over workers and treat them poorly in the workplace.

    Harassment of any type racial, sexual or any kind of harassment is not permitted at work, on the job, or in the workplace at any time. Managers can take advantage of a worker or employee, because of the power relationship that exists with the boss and employee (with the boss being in a supreme position of power over the worker).

    My Manager Is Sexting Me; Do I Have a Case?

    Yes, you have a legal case if your manager is sexting you on your mobile phone. Your manager does not have the right to send you sexually explicit materials, photos or conversations just because you work at his or her place of employment. If you are being sexted by your manager and sexually harassed, then you need to give us a call.

    We are ready to initiate a lawsuit that will tick all the boxes to get you the money you deserve to compensate you for the manager sexting you on your smartphone or mobile phone. You need to call our office today, to speak with a lawyer with experience in this type of sexual harassment claim. We know that it is on your mind every minute that someone is victimizing you on your phone from work, and we want to give you peace of mind right now.

    What Is the Value of My Sexting Case?

    The value of a sexting harassment case will depend on the circumstances, how long the sexual harassment went on, the nature of the harassment and the other factors related to the case. Each sexting harassment case with a manager is going to be unique to the situation, and each person’s recovery compensation will be different as well.

    Having said this, you can expect your sexting harassment case to settle for somewhere between $50,000 and $150,000 or more, depending on the situation. There may be pain and suffering that can be added onto the award for damages, depending on how the sexting harassment affected the victim emotionally, etc. These are all unknowns until the case is reviewed, investigated and developed, but it gives you an idea of the seriousness of this type of claim.

    Call for a Free Consultation

    We are always ready to talk to you, when your manager has been sexting and sexually harassing you at work. This will apply for men and women alike. When you give us a call for a free consultation, we will take everything into consideration regarding your case to get you the money you deserve in recovery compensation.

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