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    Settlement Value of a Kedren Community Health Center Sex Abuse Lawsuit

    Settlement Value of a Kedren Community Health Center Sex Abuse Lawsuit lawyer attorney sue-01
    Kedren Community Health Center is a non-profit medical facility located in the South Los Angeles area. The organization was founded after the Watts riots in 1965 as a way to provide mental health services to poor and marginalized populations. The organization has expanded greatly over the years and currently goes by the name of Kendren Health, even though psychiatric care is still their main focus. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, are the allegations of sexual and physical abuse at Kedren Health, which go back as far as the 1970s.

    Medical facilities have a legal and ethical responsibility to protect their patients, as well as those who are legitimate visitors and guests on their property. There are many precautions and safety measures they must adhere to, but unfortunately, some medical centers fail in their duty of care to the public. Acts of negligence by a hospital can lead to all sorts of injuries, including those from acts of sexual violence. These incidents are particularly common among psychiatric patients, who may be compromised in their ability to think and act for themselves.

    Were you a victim of sexual violence at Kedren Community Health Center? If so, the attorneys of Kenmore are here to advise you of your rights and legal options. We know that sexual assault is an extremely difficult topic to talk about, whether you were an adult or a child at the time of the incident. But justice is possible to achieve is these cases with help from an experienced sexual abuse attorney. We can provide answers to all your questions and concerns, including, “How much can I receive from a sexual abuse lawsuit against Kedren Community Health Center?”
    Settlement Value of a Kedren Community Health Center Sex Abuse Lawsuit lawyer attorney sue
    Your Right to Sue Kedren Health as a Sexual Abuse Victim

    Obviously, you have the right to take legal action against the individual that violated you sexually. But what if you were attacked on someone else’s property due to their failure to take certain actions that would have kept you safe? In that case, you may have grounds to sue the property owner for your harm and suffering.

    The most important element in your case is Kedren Health’s liability to ensure your safety while you were on their premises. When it comes to a medical center, they have a heightened duty to protect those on their property compared to most other businesses and organizations. As a result, they must take all reasonable measures to prevent the possibility of sexual assault and other incidents that can cause injury.

    To be frank, Kedren Community Health Center does not have a stellar reputation when it comes to the protection of their patients. In 2019, an investigation by the Los Angeles Times uncovered a history of neglect and abuse within the hospital’s psychiatric unit. There were incidents of physical abuse, accidental deaths, and sexual assault. Even worse, most of these incidents were caused by inadequate staffing and supervision, which are both forms of negligence.

    If you are one of the victims who suffered sexual abuse at Kedren Health, compensation may be available to help you move forward with your life. Contact our office to learn about your rights and legal options from a California sexual assault lawyer.

    What is the Value of my Kedren Community Health Center Sexual Abuse Case?

    There’s a wide range of settlement values with sexual abuse cases, due to the intensely personal nature of what each victim goes through. Based on our many years of experience with sexual assault lawsuits, we can say that high settlement values are not unusual with these cases. The majority of claims are settled within the range of one million to 7.5 million dollars, depending on the victim’s physical / emotional injuries, as well as the level of negligence by the at fault party. If the case involves childhood sexual assault and there was an intentional effort to cover up the abuse, the victim may be awarded “treble” or three times the normal amount of damages.

    Determining what your lawsuit is worth is a complex issue, so contact our office as soon as you can. That way, you can discuss the relevant factors in your case with one of our attorneys.

    Elements that Affect your Case Value

    The settlement that a sexual abuse victim is entitled to is based on many factors that have to do with their physical and emotional injuries. To give you an idea of the elements that are involved, here are some of the factors we examine in order to derive a sexual abuse case value:

    • The severity of injuries, including psychological disorders like PTSD, depression, insomnia and suicidal ideation.
    • The impact of the victim’s injuries on their life – interpersonal relationship, school performance, career, etc.
    • How old the victims was at the time of the abuse versus the attacker’s age.
    • The sexual acts that were involved
    • If the victim was in imminent danger or had reason to believe their life was threatened.
    • The type and degree of negligence by the perpetrator and any other responsible parties.

    Again, these are just some of the issues that may apply to your case. A thorough discussion with a legal expert at our office is the best way to determine what you can receive from a lawsuit against Kedren Health.

    How long will it take to Settle my Case?

    The length of time to resolve a case of sexual assault varies greatly from claimant to claimant. Some cases will settle in a few months, while others take 2 or more years. It’s impossible to predict how long it will take to resolve your case, but the majority of claims at our law firm take around 6 to 12 months to settle. As we’ve mentioned before, these are high value cases with settlements that often exceed $1 million. Most defendants will use every trick in the book to avoid paying on these cases. If we run into such resistance from Kedren Community Health Center, a lawsuit may be the best option. Depending on whether your case goes to trial, recovering compensation from a sexual abuse lawsuit can take up to several years.

    Settlement Value of a Kedren Community Health Center Sex Abuse Lawsuit lawyer attorney sue law firm

    Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse Claims

    All legal cases in California must be filed within a certain amount of time, which is known as the statute of limitations. The deadline to file a sexual abuse lawsuit is 10 years if you were assaulted as an adult (meaning you were 18 or older). However, if your sexual abuse incident at Kedren Health took place when you were a minor (under 18), you have much longer to seek compensation. Your statute of limitations is based on one of two dates, whichever comes later:

    • 22 years from the day you turned 18, or up until the age of 40.
    • Up to 5 years from discovering an act of childhood sexual assault or an injury (physical or psychological) stemming from an incident of child sexual abuse.

    Considering how long Kedren Community Health Center has been in existence, we believe there are many victims who were abused at the facility as pediatric patients. However, the impact of sexual violence is no less traumatic for adult victims, who had a right to expect that they would be protected inside a medical center. Our law firm is ready for the challenge of representing you and recovering the damages you deserve. Contact Kenmore Law Group to learn about the legal actions that are available to you.

    Second Opinion on Active Sexual Assault Cases

    Our lawyers can help you if you have a pending sexual abuse case with another law firm. It’s natural to question whether your lawyer’s advice is in your best interest. Or, maybe you’re dissatisfied with how your case is being handled, and want to what your options are if you want to switch lawyers. Our knowledgeable attorneys are here for you, no matter what kind of issues you are having with your claim. We never charge for second opinions, as our goal is to educate you on your legal rights. However, if you are interested in changing attorneys and continuing your lawsuit with us, all the work of transferring your case will be handled by us. Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you’re interested in a free second opinion.

    Speak to a Los Angeles Sex Abuse Attorney

    Sexual abuse is one of the most difficult topics to talk about, and as a result, victims stay silent for many years. Another reason that holds survivors back from seeking justice is the cost of legal fees. Here at Kenmore, we offer a Zero fee guarantee, which means your finances are never at risk when you hire one of our lawyers. Our expenses are covered by the Kedren Health, and the only way we get paid is by winning your case.

    Without a doubt, this will be an incredibly challenging time in your life, but our attorneys are here to guide you every step of the way. An experienced sexual abuse lawsuit attorney is waiting to speak with you, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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