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    Run Over by A Pallet Jack – Injury Lawyer

    Run Over by A Pallet Jack Injury Lawyer incident accident compensation lawsuit
    What Is a Pallet Jack?

    The pallet jack is a hand-held forklift, that allows workers to carry and move pallets around in a store to place products on the shelves where the products belong. It works the same way as a jack would work on your car. To operate the pallet jack, you stand behind the pallet jack and put both hands on the lever. Then pump the lever down to raise the prongs of the pallet jack off the floor. If you want to lower the pallet jack, you can just squeeze the trigger on the handle, which will lower the prongs back down to the ground level again.

    Once the pallet jack is engaged, the workers can slide the pallet jack under a pallet, and move the merchandise around in any direction. It is meant to move heavy loads for short distances, and to handle managing inventory to put products onto shelves at a business for sale to the customers. It can also be used to take shipments on and off of a truck, or at a docking station, warehouse or loading area when necessary.


    Serious Injuries Result from Being Hit and Struck by a Pallet Jack at a Store

    If you are hit by a pallet jack and run over by this equipment, there can be serious injuries. Other injuries that can occur from being run over by a pallet jack include:

    • struck by pallet jack and fractures ankle
    • is killed by falling load
    • injures finger when caught between pallet and jack
    • fractures finger in pallet rack
    • foot is amputated by pallet jack
    • thumb is amputated when struck by falling object
    • fractures ankle when pinned by pallet jack
    • suffers multiple injuries from falling pallet
    • is injured when pinned between forklift and pallet
    • thumb is crushed between pallet and pallet jack
    • suffers amputation between shelves and pallet jack
    • rupture knees while loading pallet jack on truck
    • amputates finger between pallet jack and rack
    • sustains leg fracture when machine falls onto leg
    • pins and crushes legs between two pallets

    In the case that you have been run over by a pallet jack, we are here to talk to you about your personal injuries. Just call a lawyer in our law office, who understands the value of your case, and who will work hard to get you the recovery compensation that you need in this claim. You can talk to an attorney who knows every issue involved in this type of case, and can take you to a win-win on this claim. You need to discuss the next steps to start a lawsuit on the merits of this case today with our knowledgeable Los Angeles attorneys right now.

    Loading Dock Areas Are Dangerous for Pallet Jack Usage

    In the loading dock, the pallet jack is an essential tool to move around products, merchandise and inventory. But the pallet jack can become a hazard and run over people in these areas, if it is not used safely. At the loading dock of a store or warehouse, there is usually a lot of chaos and commotion, with people walking around all over in a random pattern. The use of a pallet jack can make a dangerous area of this small space.

    People can get carried away with a deadline, and overload the pallet jack, to the point that it will tip its contents over and onto someone else working in the loading dock areas. The pallet jack tipped over can push over 4,000 pounds of material onto someone. This has the potential to crush someone to death or cause serious injuries and amputations to the person’s limbs crushed underneath the pallet jack.

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    Unloading a Delivery Truck Is Dangerous with a Pallet Jack

    When unloading a delivery truck, it is necessary to ensure that the pallet jack is used as safely as possible. If the pallet jack is rushing, then someone can be accidentally run over by the pallet jack in that situation. If the pallet jack is pushed into a delivery semi-tractor trailer to unload the truck, the pallet jack needs to be carefully brought in and out of that area.

    For example, if there is a space between the pallet jack and the dock sill, then there is an accident waiting to happen at that point. The dock plates and levelers need to be at the center of the pallet jack, and should stay at right angles to the edge of the dock! It is dangerous if the dock plates have a steep slope to them, as it will be extremely hazardous to traverse the space with a load of product or equipment on the pallet jack.

    If you have been run over by a pallet jack, you need to talk to a lawyer who cares, and also has experience in dealing with the big insurance companies on this type of claim.

    Free Second Opinion

    We can offer to you a free second opinion. We care about your lawsuit, and it is our first priority. If you are not comfortable with how your current lawsuit is going, you need to call us immediately.

    Improperly Stored Pallet Jacks Can Roll into a Person by Themselves!

    An improperly stored pallet jack can roll down an incline by itself, and roll over someone on its own. If a pallet jack is left on an incline with a full load, that means a load of over 4,000 pounds can roll into a person, tip over and crush someone to death, with no one behind the wheel. When storing the pallet jack, it should be stored out of the way of foot traffic, and with the forks down to avoid being a tripping hazard in a storeroom or warehouse.

    Some Workers Think a Pallet Jack is a Toy – It Isn’t!

    Pallet jacks are dangerous equipment that is used to move products, merchandise, material and inventory from one area to another at a store, warehouse or other area where these goods are stored. If a person is playing around or using horseplay while engaging in the use of a pallet jack, you can expect that there will be serious accidents that are next to occur. A pallet jack operator needs to think carefully of how to move a load with a pallet jack. The forks of the pallet jack should only be raised a small space off the ground, to keep the load stable.

    When transporting the load, it is best to put tiller handle in a neutral position, to disengage the tiller from the hydraulic system that helps the pallet jack move forward. People need to be aware of the weight of the loads, to understand that if they fell on someone, it will be difficult to pick up a 4,000 pound load off of someone quickly without a crane. People have died using a pallet jack, and it is not the place to elicit horseplay or “joking around,” when other people’s lives are at stake.

    When a destination is reached using a pallet jack, the operator needs to make sure that there are no people standing in the area where the pallet jack will put down the materials. If it is put down on someone’s foot or leg, it can run over someone, cause an amputation, crushing injury or kill someone as a result.
    Run Over by A Pallet Jack Injury Lawyer incident accident compensation lawsuit sue
    Can I Sue After Being Run Over by a Pallet Jack in a Store?

    Yes, we are able to tell you that we can sue for being run over by a pallet jack in a warehouse, store or inventory area of a business. When you call our office, you will be connected with our Los Angeles case lawyers. We can file a lawsuit for you to get the money you deserve in this type of case. Just understand that our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue and get the recovery compensation you need to pay your mounting medical bills.

    Average Settlement Value for Pallet Jack Injury Cases

    How much money can I receive? Questions about how much compensation you could be awarded are perfectly normal. Whether you are filing your pallet jack injury claim against Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Kroger, Walgreens, The Home Depot, CVS, Target, Lowe’s, Albertsons, Best Buy, Publix, TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, Dollar General, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Save-A-Lot, Bass Pro, WinCo Foods, Sears,ALDI, Macy’s, Dollar Tree, Ralph’s, Ace Hardware, Trader Joes, Big Lot’s, Shoprite, or BJ’s Wholesale Club, the truth of the matter is that you could be eligible to recover a significant payout for the harm that you suffered.

    There is no average settlement amount that can apply to every singly pallet jack injury lawsuit. Rather, the average value of a case depends strictly on the type of the case and the severities of the injuries sustained. Cases involving minor to moderate injuries are often associated with values ranging from $70,000 to $350,000. Cases involving more serious injuries that require extensive treatment are often associated with values ranging from $350,000 to $750,000. Cases involving critical injuries leading to permanent harm or death can reach the million-dollar value.

    It is important to remember that these ranges and values are an estimate and that the best way to determine the value of your claim is to speak with an attorney.

    In addition, insurance policy limits can also significantly affect the value of a pallet jack injury claim.

    For more information about the average value of your pallet jack injury lawsuit, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with our attorneys at your earliest convenience.

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