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    ROSS Slip And Fall Lawyer

    ROSS Slip And Fall Lawyer incident lawyer attorney sue compensation lawsuit

    ROSS stores are known for offering great prices on fashion, home, and lifestyle items. From holiday décor to that perfect table for the patio, you can get it for less at Ross. And when it is time for back-to-school shopping, buying clothing for a new job, or heading out on vacation, ROSS will have everything you need for the entire family. And you will pay only a fraction of what it would cost at other department stores in the area.

    Living in California, you have access to twenty ROSS locations, including:

    • 1025 Mono Way in Sonora
    • 5360 Olive Drive in Bakersfield
    • 2931 Country Side Drive in Turlock
    • 2405 Geer Road in East Turlock
    • 2337 Highway 46 in Wasco
    • 1400 S. Mercey Springs Road, Unit A in Los Banos
    • 720 Woollomes Avenue in Delano
    • 1113 W Olive Avenue in Merced
    • 1475 Hillman Street in Tulare
    • 1675 W Lacey Boulevard in Hanford
    • 2046 S Mooney Boulevard in Visalia
    • 3124 N Dinuba Boulevard in North Visalia
    • 3043 W Shaw Avenue in West Fresno
    • 7487 Blackstone Avenue in North Fresno
    • 3664 N. Blackstone Avenue in Fresno
    • 1077 E Shaw Avenue in Central Fresno
    • 2751 Highland Avenue in Selma
    • 4950 E. Kings Canyon Road in Southeast Fresno
    • 90 W Shaw Avenue in Clovis
    • 920 Herndon Avenue in North Clovis

    But sadly, what you might not be expecting in these discount stores are the potential slip and fall hazards that are all too common. One of the ways ROSS keeps prices down is to limit the number of staff members in each store. So when there is a spill or other safety concern, it takes longer for the danger to be eliminated.

    If you or a loved one suffered a slip and fall injury at a ROSS location, the team at Kenmore Law Group has the answer and information you need. Our staff is available 24/7 to ensure you have a reliable legal resource at any hour of the day or night. And we are happy to schedule your free consultation with a ROSS slip and fall lawyer at your earliest convenience. Our priority is that all injury victims understand their rights and how to pursue a lawsuit if they are entitled to compensation for their injuries and losses due to a Ross slip and fall incident.
    ROSS Slip And Fall Lawyer liability compensation attorney sue

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    The Safety Hazards That Could Be Waiting For You In ROSS Stores

    Most of the safety hazards you could encounter in ROSS stores could easily be removed or eliminated by conscientious employees as they move throughout the store. These issues are not structural or related to missing sections of flooring or other costly repairs that need to be addressed. Instead, most of the typical slip and fall dangers in a ROSS store are related to everyday upkeep, housekeeping tasks, and taking a moment to pick up items on the floor. The specific hazards to watch for in a ROSS store near you include:

    • Water that is tracked into the store from outdoors when it is raining, simply placing floor mats to absorb the water and a caution sign would prevent many unnecessary injuries
    • Saturated floor mats that can no longer dry shoes could be replaced with dry mats
    • Merchandise that has fallen from displays and shelving that creates a trip and fall or slip and fall hazard could easily be picked up to eliminate the hazard
    • Spilled food and drinks create a significant slip and fall hazard- mopping up these spills and placing a wet floor warning sign is the easiest way to prevent painful slip and fall injuries
    • Water leaking from coolers, damaged water lines, overflowing toilets, or sinks that are overflowing due to a clogged drain- while employees cannot be expected to repair plumbing issues, they can mop up the puddles and place wet floor warning signs in the area to alert customers to the added slip and fall hazard

    Common ROSS Slip and Fall Injuries

    Not all slip and fall incidents result in significant injuries. However, there is always the potential for a ROSS customer to suffer any of these very severe injuries when they suffer a slip and fall in a crowded store:

    • Contusions, lacerations, and puncture wounds
    • Facial injuries to the nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, or skin
    • Dislocated joints or damage to the soft tissue connecting the joint
    • Head injuries ranging from a concussion to a skull fracture or traumatic brain injury
    • Fractured or broken bones
    • Soft tissue strains or tears
    • Damage to internal organs or internal bleeding
    • Back, neck, or spinal cord damage

    The results of a severe injury could include the need for surgery, reconstruction, or other extensive medical care to reach a full recovery. And in the worst cases, a partial recovery is the best outcome possible. In these cases, the victim will face a lifetime of challenges and pain in addition to the need for lifelong care and a loss of independence. Not only is this devastating to the victim and their loved ones, but it can also create significant financial concerns and hardships.

    What Is Duty Of Care?

    Duty of care is a legal term that describes or defines the obligation every person has to act and maintain their property in a safe and hazard-free condition. We all have a responsibility to others to provide a safe environment in areas that we are charged with maintaining. For example, the staff at ROSS is responsible for keeping the store as safe as possible for customers, just as you must keep your property safe for pedestrians walking along the sidewalk on your property.

    If a staff member at ROSS fails to eliminate a safety hazard or mark it with a warning sign, they could be in breach of their duty of care. And when that happens, they could be held liable for the damages caused by the hazard they failed to correct. This is what your Kenmore Law Group lawyer would need to prove to win your ROSS slip and fall lawsuit to secure compensation for your injuries. But of course, some more nuisances and details are involved, such as correcting an issue in a reasonable amount of time or even having knowledge of the problem. That is why you need the expert ROSS slip and fall lawyers from Kenmore Law Group working to get you the money you deserve for your injuries.

    How Long Do I Have To File A Ross Slip And Fall Lawsuit?

    The Statute of Limitation for a personal injury lawsuit in California is two years from the date of the injury. If your claim is not filed with the court in that time, you will have lost your right to seek compensation from ROSS for your injuries and losses. However, it is also vital to note that the sooner you file your case, the faster you are likely to have the settlement or verdict money you need to pay your bills and other expenses related to your ROSS slip and fall injuries.

    Your legal team at Kenmore Law Group will work diligently to move the case forward as rapidly as possible. But it all starts with you contacting our office as soon as possible after suffering a slip and fall injury at a ROSS store.
    ROSS Slip And Fall Lawyer liability compensation attorney sue

    What Is The Potential Value Of My ROSS Slip And Fall Lawsuit?

    All lawsuit values are based mainly on the actual losses and expenses of the injury victim. For example, in the situation of a slip and fall injury in a ROSS location, the common costs you could include in your claim are:

    • All of your current and future medical bills related to the treatment of your slip and fall injuries
    • The cost of legal representation for the ROSS lawsuit
    • Any lost wages if you were unable to work while recovering or time missed to attend medical appointments
    • The value of any personal items damaged in the fall
    • You can also include a less tangible amount to compensate you for your pain and suffering due to the injuries you sustained

    Why Make Kenmore Law Group Your ROSS Slip And Fall Lawyer?

    The caring and dedicated team at Kenmore Law Group is here to offer expert guidance and answers when you need them the most. Our commitment to providing 24/7 service is just one of the ways we strive to ensure that you never feel as if you are facing this legal battle on your own. In addition, we are happy to provide a no fee guarantee to each client.

    This policy means you never pay any upfront legal fees when hiring us as your ROSS slip and fall lawsuit. We only get paid after you have your settlement or verdict. In addition, if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing. That is how confident we are that if we accept a case, we will be able to get you the money you need for your bills and pay for our legal services.

    So please get in touch with Kenmore Law Group today to discuss your case with a Ross slip and fall lawyer at a free initial consultation. We are sure that if your matter has legal merit, our team of experts has the skill and tenacity to get you the money you deserve due to the senseless slip and fall incident in a California ROSS store.

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