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    After suffering an injury in a car accident, at work, or any place you might travel during your day, such as a store or the city park, it is essential that you contact a lawyer. The legal system was created to ensure that people who have suffered an injury or loss at someone else’s hands have the means to seek the compensation they deserve. However, the legal system is complex and can be challenging to understand, even for those who speak English and have lived in this country their entire lives. So it is very easy to understand how the United States legal system appears overwhelming to anyone who is not fluent in the language. Therefore, you need a lawyer to discuss your case and your life circumstances in Romanian, your native language.

    At Kenmore Law Group, we believe in the services provided by our legal system and that every injury victim deserves the same care and benefits afforded under the law. However, we also know that our goal cannot be met unless we offer our expertise and dedication in your native language. So please, contact our office to discuss any legal matter with our Romanian-speaking lawyers.

    We Are Here To Offer Guidance After Life-Changing Events

    Sadly, accidents and other traumatic events are a part of daily life. You cannot predict when they will happen or prepare for many of the challenges they will bring. However, you can find comfort in knowing that when a legal challenge occurs in your life due to an accident or injury, you have someone to turn to for help. The Romanian-speaking lawyers at Kenmore Law Group will discuss the event and your injuries in the easiest language for you to use and understand. Our goal is to provide the highest level of legal services while helping you to feel less worried and more confident about your future. Please get in touch with our office 24/7 for a free consultation to discuss:

    • Medical malpractice or wrong diagnosis cases
    • Car, truck, or motorcycle accidents
    • Assault or sexual assault cases
    • Slip and fall or trip and fall injury accidents
    • Dog bite injuries or vicious dog attacks
    • Wrongful death cases involving a loved one

    If you have suffered any of these unfortunate events, please contact Kenmore Law Group to discuss your case, explain the details, and get answers to your questions from a Romanian-speaking lawyer. We are here to see that you have every right protected and all the options you need to seek the compensation you deserve under the law.
    romanian speaking lawyer lawsuit injury incident accident sue

    When Is An Accident Someone Elsa’s Fault?

    By nature, the English language categorizes many unfortunate events as accidents. However, that is simply a shortcoming of the language. While some events are genuinely unpreventable, most are the responsibility of someone. And when you are involved in an incident that causes you harm due to someone else’s poor choice or negligence, you deserve compensation for your injuries or losses.

    Sorting out who is to blame for an event is part of the job of our legal system. However, that process can be very complex and time-consuming. And that is where your Romanian-speaking lawyer becomes a vital advocate for you and your legal rights. Our team of seasoned legal professionals understands how to determine when poor choices caused your injury or loss. In addition, they have the skill needed to establish this information for the courts to recognize. These skills will be used to process your case tirelessly and ensure that your rights are protected when you have been involved in an injury accident. Some examples of an accident involving someone else’s negligence include:

    • An overly tired driver
    • A driver who is distracted by electronic devices or other items in the vehicle
    • An elderly driver
    • A driver with poor night vision
    • A driver using excessive speed
    • A driver who exceeds the speed prudent for adverse weather or road conditions
    • A driver who is sick, injured or otherwise impaired
    • A car that malfunctions or is damaged and unsafe
    • A product that is defective and dangerous to use
    • A property owner who created a slip-and-fall hazard
    • An employer who failed to provide a safe work environment
    • A dog owner who was unable to control an aggressive dog

    These are only some examples of the personal injury cases the expert Romanian-speaking lawyers at Kenmore Law Group handle for clients like yourself. We understand that you are a hard-working person who is simply less fluent in English. However, that should not impact your ability to exercise your legal rights when someone else’s actions have caused you to be injured.

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    We Offer peace Of Mind, In Romanian

    After a traumatic event, such as a car accident or an accident at work that resulted in an injury, you are sure to have many questions and concerns. Thinking about the cost of medical bills, how you will pay your rent or other living expenses, and putting food on your family’s table all add to your stress. But you feel as if you have nowhere to turn for help. Trying to explain your situation in English is challenging at best. And few people are willing to try to explain your rights, knowing that English is not your native language. However, all of that changes when you contact Kenmore Law Group.

    Our Romanian-speaking lawyer will let you tell your story, help you understand your rights, and answer any questions you have in your language, Romanian. We know that having professional legal guidance and advice at this difficult time can relieve significant anxiety and worry. And we are happy to offer this simple courtesy.

    In addition, if we believe that you have grounds for a lawsuit, we will help you move forward in filing a claim. Our expertise is the law. However, our expert lawyers are also as skilled at meeting the needs of our diverse clients. We understand that our legal system might not be the same as you experienced growing up in another culture. And we are here to explain the processes in your native language. In addition, our Romanian-speaking lawyer has the courtroom experience you need to secure your full compensation. So if your case goes to trial, you will understand everything happening as you watch the case unfold.
    romanian speaking lawyer lawsuit injury incident accident sue liability

    Have You Been Unable To Get Legal Representation?

    It can be hard to know whom to trust when looking for a lawyer in California. Many firms make considerable promises to potential clients and then never follow through. However, when you are not fluent in English, the job of finding a lawyer can appear to be impossible. You try to explain the details of your case, but the lawyer is confused. They do not understand you and quickly dismiss the thought that you have e legitimate reason to file a lawsuit for your losses.

    Please get in touch with Kenmore Law Group today if you have experienced this frustration because of a language barrier. First, we offer a free second opinion to any victim. In addition, we provide a Romanian-speaking lawyer who will understand every detail you relate, to ensure our team understands your case. Next, we provide you with our legal evaluation of the circumstances and a recommendation for your path forward. Finally, if we see legal merit to your case, we will happily accept you as a Kenmore Law Group client.

    No Fees Until We Win Your Case

    One of the most significant challenges many of our Romanian-speaking client’s face is the ability to pay upfront fees for legal services. We understand this challenge and have a solution we hope will eliminate some of your worries. We provide our expert legal services, including our Romanian-speaking lawyer, at no fee to you. Furthermore, we never ask for any payment for services until the case is completed and we have secured a settlement on your behalf.

    In addition, it is vital for you to understand that a part of most California personal injury lawsuits includes the defendant paying your legal fees. So when you get your settlement check, it will be for an amount that should cover all your medical bills, lost wages, and your legal fees. We want to to know that moving forward, you will not be facing debt and added stress because the team of Romanian-speaking lawyers at Kenmore Law Group is here to offer solutions to your legal issues.

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