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    Rental Bicycle Accident Injury Lawsuit

    Rental Bicycle Accident Injury Lawsuit compensation incident attorney sue lawsuit

    One of the reasons residents and visitors love California, especially the San Diego and Los Angeles areas, is the exceptional year round weather. Mild temperatures mean you can enjoy outdoor activities like bike rides throughout the year. So, it is not hard to understand why bike rental businesses thrive in this part of the country. Renting a bicycle is a great way to see the community without getting stuck in the heavy traffic known to hamper travel in many parts of the state. And it offers excellent health benefits and the ability to really get a feel for the various communities and their local charm and flavor.

    But what most bicycle renters do not consider when using a bike for a day, week, or extended rental are the possible safety hazards they might encounter. Everyone knows that there are some risks when riding a bike. However, most people do not consider the increased risk of a rental bike over a personally owned unit. They forget that the rental company might not be as diligent about maintenance as an individual would be or that other renters tend to abuse rental bikes.

    Take a moment to think about all the stories you have heard about the abuse of rental cars, then apply that same lack of care to a bike, and you can see how many rental bicycles could be all but unsafe to ride. If you or a loved one failed to consider this information before renting a bicycle and suffering a rental bike injury, the staff at Kenmore Law Group is ready to provide the information and possible solutions you need to overcome the hardships created by your rental bike accident injury.

    Please get in touch with Kenmore Law Group today to discuss the details of your claim with a skilled rental bicycle injury lawyer to determine if you have grounds for a rental bike accident injury lawsuit. Our team can be reached 24/7 to ensure you have the expert legal advice you need when you need it the most. The consultation is always free, and you are never under any obligation to hire Kenmore Law Group or pursue legal action. But you will have the information needed to make a well-informed choice about your future and overcome the financial challenges created by your rental bike accident.
    Rental Bicycle Accident Injury Lawsuit attorney sue Lawyer lawyer lawsuit liability

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    Why Are Rental Bicycles More Hazardous Than Other Bikes?
    Most people think of a bicycle as a straightforward machine. And if you are comparing it to the electronic and mechanical systems of a car or even a motorcycle, the bicycle is far less complicated. However, even the rudimentary systems of a bike need regular maintenance and care to remain safe for the rider. But, most rental companies are more focused on keeping their bicycles rented out than keeping them in peak condition for renters. So, the care these bikes need for the excessive use they see is often severely lacking.

    Most rental bikes do not get even the most basic care to ensure that:

    • The tires are correctly inflated and are not showing signs of excessive wear and tear
    • The chain is oiled and in good condition
    • The brakes are fully functional and adequately adjusted
    • The seat is undamaged and correctly mounted on the bike
    • The frame, welds, and hardware on the bike are all undamaged and properly intact

    As the renter of a bike, you might or might not have the skills and tools needed to check these vital factors before setting out on a ride. However, in most cases, the renters assume that a rental company would perform the necessary inspections and services before renting the unit. Sadly, that is far from reality in most cases and often results in the bicycle renter suffering a severe injury due to a broken or defective rental bicycle. These injuries occur when the rental bike:

    • Suddenly, he has a flat tire, or the tire comes off the rim
    • The brakes fail to stop the bike or suddenly lock up and send the rider catapulting from the rental bicycle
    • The chain or gearing on the bike fails, causing the bike to slow suddenly and the rider to be unable to propel the bike
    • The seat or pedals fail often causing the rider to lose their balance and fall from the bike or the bike to topple over

    Sadly, all of these issues could have been easily prevented if the bicycle rental shop or company had been meeting their obligation to provide a safe and defect free rental bicycle to its customers. If you or a loved one have recently suffered an injury due to a rental bike failure or defect, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kenmore Law Group today to learn more about your rights as a personal injury victim and if you have grounds to file a rental bicycle injury lawsuit to secure the compensation you deserve.
    Who Can I Sue For My Rental Bicycle Accident Injuries?
    Most victims of a rental bicycle accident assume that the rental company is the only entity to blame for their misfortune. However, that is not always the case. Several other people or entities could share in the liability for your injury accident or are solely responsible. The list of possible liable parties includes:

    • The bicycle rental company if they failed to maintain the safety and integrity of the bicycle
    • The bike manufacturer, if the bike was defective
    • The driver of a vehicle who caused your injury accident
    • Another bike rider who caused your injury accident
    • A pedestrian who caused your accident
    • The municipality where the incident occurred if damaged or poorly maintained streets, missing or obscured signage, or hazardous landscape in the area caused or contributed to the accident

    Knowing that half a dozen people or entities could be to blame for your rental bicycle accident injury can make the incident even more overwhelming. You have no idea who to ask for compensation or how to secure what is rightfully yours. However, the experienced rental bike accident injury lawyers at Kenmore Law Group have your back. Our staff has decades of combined experience evaluating cases like yours to determine who is to blame for your injuries. More importantly, we have a stellar track record for getting the settlement or verdict funds our clients deserve to cover the expenses caused by their rental bike accident injuries.
    How Much Could My Rental Bicycle Accident Injury Lawsuit Be Worth?
    The value of your claim will be based on the actual losses and expenses you incurred from your rental bike accident injuries. Working closely with the staff at Kenmore Law Group, you will compile all the allowable expenses needed to document and verify what is owed to you in compensation. The most common items included in a rental bicycle accident injury claim are:

    • All current and future medical expenses related to treating or rehabilitating the injuries suffered from your rental bike accident
    • Your lost income if the injuries you suffered prevented you from immediately returning to work
    • The value of any personal property damaged or destroyed in the rental bike accident
    • Legal fees from Kenmore Law Group for the preparation and litigation of your rental bicycle accident injury lawsuit

    In addition, if your injuries are severe and require a lengthy recovery time, it is customary to include a dollar amount for your pain and suffering. Because this is not a set amount that can be justified with receipts or invoices, your legal team at Kenmore Law Group will assist you in selecting an appropriate and fair amount. They refer to previous claims they handled with similar circumstances and injuries to choose a reasonable amount for your pain and suffering.

    The final amount that is added to some claims is called punitive damages. This amount is included when gross negligence was involved in the causation of your injuries. For example, if a manufacturer knew of a bicycle defect but failed to recall the units, they could be found grossly negligent in their obligation to consumers and forced to pay punitive damages.

    Rental Bicycle Accident Injury Lawsuit compensation incident attorney sue lawsuit
    When Can I File My Rental Bicycle Accident Injury Lawsuit?
    As the victim of a personal injury, you have two years from the incident date to file a claim with the court. If the case is not filed with the court, you will typically lose the right to seek any damages from the incident. There are only a few exceptions to the Statute of Limitations on these cases. Your Kenmore Law Group legal team will explain any that might apply to your claim and why they could be advantageous.
    Getting The Best Rental Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer
    After suffering injuries on a rental bicycle, you will need expert legal guidance to secure the compensation owed to you for your losses and expenses. The staff at Kenmore Law Group is ready to handle all aspects of your claim, including paying the fees required from the court to file the case, without any upfront legal fees or expenses being paid by you. Instead, we cover everything and only get paid and reimbursed after securing the settlement or verdict funds needed to cover your legal and medical expenses and other costs. And if we fail to win your lawsuit, you owe us nothing.

    So don’t hesitate to contact Kenmore Law Group today to learn more about your rights as the victim of a rental bicycle accident injury and how our team will help protect you and your financial future.

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