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    Swimming pools are prime locations for families to visit. Public pools get a lot of traffic, especially in the hot summer months, and as a result, the rate of accidents increases. Public pool accidents are often very dangerous and can even lead to death; dozens of children drown or die each year due to accidents and injuries suffered at public pools. It is crucial that you stay safe during your visit to such a location. If you find yourself hurt at a public pool, you can sue the entity for compensation for your losses and damages. Kenmore Law Group is more than happy to take on your claim for you and ensure that you get what you deserve.

    What are common public pool incidents?

    Public pool incidents can involve a number of things. There are usually plenty of people present at public pools, but there may be days wherein you are alone. These are the more dangerous days if there are no lifeguards, for example – and the lack of lifeguards is a common reason that incidents happen. Without professionals at the pool, children can trip and drown or try to swim in the deep end when they don’t know how. As a result, many kids wind up drowning or suffering injuries. Lifeguards should be present to help anyone who needs it while at a public pool.

    Swimmers should also take care to protect themselves at the pool, but they may not be able to if there are defects present. The ladder and stairs may be broken and crack or fall off the wall when they’re used, leading to swimmers tumbling or getting scraped. Diving boards should also be intact; if they are broken, swimmers can fall and suffer serious injuries, like broken necks and spinal cord damage.

    The floors surrounding the pools should be well maintained and free from debris. Some people may discard towels and clothing which can lead to trip and falls, but the floors may also be slippery or sleek. It is always advised not to run near pools, but even those who walk can slip and fall, causing hip injuries, concussions, and more.

    How do I sue a public pool for injuries?There must also be ample warning signs or hazard signs at the pool. These warning signs can tell swimmers to not use diving boards or ladders, or they may warn to not dive into ends of the pool that do not have markings for depth. Many individuals may jump into pools that are shallow without realizing it, and as a result, they can suffer many broken bones and other injuries. Without ample warning signs, the property manager did not complete his best effort to protect swimmers.

    If you have been involved in a public pool accident at a public school, public recreation center, or other location, you can take legal action against the property if the owner, crew, lifeguard, or other responsible party was negligent.

    What should I do after a public pool accident?

    After a pool accident, you should acquire evidence so that you have a good foundation for your lawsuit. The very first step you should take involves medical attention. You can go to the doctor or hospital for treatment, but you should not delay the visit. If you take too long to file a claim, the insurance agent will be dubious about the accident and the connected injuries. It is important that you also keep the medical records, receipts, and anything else from the visit.

    Next, you should take photos of any injuries you suffered and the pool, such as any defects or hazards present. It will also be beneficial if you get security footage from the area to showcase the accident as it happened in real time.

    Then, you can ask bystanders and nearby eyewitnesses to give their testimonies and statements about the incident, if they saw it happen. It will be good for your case if you have additional support.

    Additional documents, receipts, and other hard evidence can be used or collected, such as proof that you went to the pool.

    You should write down the insurance details of the property manager so that you can file a claim against the correct entity. You may also be able to file an incident report.

    Lastly, it is important that you call a lawyer with experience in public pool accident lawsuits. You might not have any legal experience and if you try to file the claim by yourself, you won’t get very far. The insurance agent will throw out your claim without much consideration. An attorney can represent you and fight for your rights.

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    How do I sue a public pool for injuries?

    If you wish to sue a public pool for injuries, you should assemble your evidence together, first and foremost. You will then be best served if the attorney writes the demand letter for you. You will be filing a premises liability claim, which says that you can sue a property manager for his negligent inaction or action in his maintenance or investigation of a property. He did not keep it safe for visitors.

    All premises liability claims must meet one of these three requirements:

    • The property manager caused the defect or issue at the pool
    • The property manager knew about the issue at the pool but took no action to fix it or provide warnings for it
    • The property manager did not know that there was n issue, but if he had been more attentive, he would have

    What can I win from a public pool accident lawsuit?

    As a victim of a public pool accident, you could receive numerous forms of compensation from the responsible party. You may be able to have all the expenses paid off so you do not have to worry about any fees and damages. It will be our goal to bring you every penny you deserve, and we will not rest until we are satisfied with the result. We will strive to win you the following:

    • Medical expenses from the past and future for surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy, medication, and more
    • Damaged property and goods or lost items
    • Lost wages and income from time you could not go to work in the past and future
    • Pain and suffering damages for fear, anxiety, PTSD, emotional trauma, and more

    You may also be able to collect wrongful death damages if a loved one or family member passed away from the pool accident. These expenses can include funeral and burial fees, loss of consortium, loss of wages and expected savings, loss of consortium, pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering, and more.

    With the help of a skilled lawyer, your full compensation can be awarded. You can call our offices today for the best help available.

    What is the statute of limitations for public pool accident claims?

    The statute of limitations is the amount of time during which you can file a lawsuit. If you do not sue within that period, your claim will be thrown out. In California, personal injury lawsuits against negligent parties must be filed within 2 years of the date of the injury. The 2-year limit allows both parties to gather ample evidence and set up their claims.

    The time limit may be extended in some situations. For example, if you were underage at the time of the accident, you cannot legally sue until you turn 18 years old; therefore, the statute would not begin until you turn legal age. Additionally, if you were left mentally or physically incapacitated after the incident, you may not be able to sue. When you return to a functioning state, you can adhere to the statute. Moreover, the defendant must be present if you want to file a claim against him. If he is out of the state or country, the statute would be suspended until he returns.

    Importantly, you may want to file a claim against a government entity or a city for the public pool accident. In these cases, the statute of limitations is 6 months from the date of the injury. This greatly decreased time limit is a key reason many individuals miss out on the opportunity to get compensation. It is crucial that you speak with a lawyer who can file your claim on time and ensure nothing is missed.

    How Our Firm Helps You

    Kenmore Law Group has a history of success when it comes to public pool accident claims. We have been involved with personal injury law for years, and we are among the best when it comes to winning compensation for those who were hurt on government or public property. Our team of attorneys is willing to fight to the end for your rightful restitution, and we will not give up on your case. If we have to go to court, we are willing to do so. Our attorneys are known for being aggressive towards the opposition and empathetic towards all of our clients.

    We will give you a free legal consultation if you contact us about your case. We invite you to ask us questions so we can clarify the legal process and we’ll tell you how much we think your case is valued at. We will also give you more information about our zero fee guarantee, which says that you won’t have to spend any of your own money throughout the case. We will cover the costs and will only be reimbursed if we win. If we lose, we take nothing.

    Don’t wait to get started on your public pool accident lawsuit. Call Kenmore Law Group today for more help filing a lawsuit.

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