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    Suffering injuries in an accident at work, a car accident, a slip and fall at a local market, or a trip and fall incident on a busy city street can leave you with many questions and concerns. But suddenly, you feel more alone or isolated than ever because English is not your native language. And while you can carry on a short conversation, you are uncomfortable discussing legal matters in your second language. So you need a well-respected and experienced lawyer who can discuss your case in Polish, your native language.

    At Kenmore Law Group, we understand that your legal matters can significantly impact your future, your family’s financial stability, and how you provide for your loved ones. In addition, we sympathize with anyone trying to understand the legal system in a language that is not their primary tongue. Therefore, we have Polish-speaking lawyers on staff to eliminate as many challenges as possible for our non-English-speaking clients.

    Please get in touch with our office 24/7 to schedule a free consultation with a Polish-speaking lawyer who can answer your questions, explain your legal rights, and help you feel less anxious about what the future holds for you and your loved ones.
    polish speaking lawyer lawsuit injury incident accident sue

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    Were You The Victim Of A Careless Driver?

    Sadly, many of the injuries our clients suffer are due to a car accident that a careless or distracted driver caused. We see thousands of these cases each year and how they can turn a family’s life upside down. Not only are they worried about the health and recovery of their loved one, but the growing medical bills and missed work add a tremendous amount of financial stress. And all can be blamed on another driver who was inconsiderate and dangerous.

    The Polish-Speaking lawyers and staff at Kenmore Law Group are here to listen when you are ready to explain your account of the accident, your injuries, and any concerns you have about your legal rights. We understand that in many cases, you might not have been able to converse well with the first responders and have little information about the driver who caused your injuries and losses. But rest assured, our Polish-speaking team is ready to handle all of the legal details on your behalf so that you can focus on healing.

    We will work diligently to determine if the other driver was:

    • Distracted by a cell phone
    • Under the influence of a substance or alcohol
    • Too tired to be driving
    • Had impaired night vision
    • Was going too fast for the road or the weather conditions
    • Was sick or injured
    • Was elderly and on a restricted driver’s license
    • Experienced a vehicle failure or defect that caused the accident

    Determining this information will help us establish the other driver’s negligence and secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries, damaged vehicle, loss of income, legal fees, and other expenses related to the car accident. In addition, all the information we uncover will be explained to you in Polish to ensure you understand all the details of your vehicle accident and how Kenmore Law Group is going to help you move forward from this unsetting event.
    polish speaking lawyer lawsuit injury incident accident sue liable

    Were You A Victim Of Another Type Of Accident?

    While vehicle accidents are very common in the Los Angeles area, there are also many other accidents occurring each day. And sadly, the victims of these accidents are also suffering injuries because of someone else’s poor choices or disregard for safety and the laws of our community. If any of the following accidents have injured you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kenmore Law Group to speak to our Polish-speaking lawyers today:

    • An accident while on public transportation
    • A slip and fall accident at a market, store, or local shopping mall
    • A trip and fall accident on a city street or in a park
    • A dog bite or vicious dog attack
    • An assault or sexual assault
    • An injury accident at work
    • You were hurt using a defective product
    • You suffered due to medical negligence or a wrong diagnosis
    • You lost a family member due to wrongful death

    All of these events are traumatic and painful in many ways. However, the experts at Kenmore Law Group know that they are much more challenging to handle and move past when you have no legal representation. Everyone deserves justice when they are injured or suffer a loss because of someone else’s mistake or negligence. In addition, you deserve a lawyer who can converse with you in your native language to ensure that you understand your rights and how to seek the compensation you deserve for your losses.

    Please get in touch with the Polish-speaking lawyers at Kenmore Law Group and know that we will do everything in our power to secure the compensation you deserve. In addition, we will keep you updated on the process of your case while you focus on healing and the care of your family.

    Were You Hurt While At Work?

    Many employees are apprehensive about reporting a work injury to their employer. They do not understand that they have a right to medical care under the Worker’s Comp laws in California and protection from being fired due to a work-related injury. If you suffered an injury and your employer fails to offer you the assistance you need to get medical treatment, please contact the Polish-speaking lawyers at Kenmore Law Group.

    We know that some dishonest employers will try to use your limited English as a way to avoid providing the services you deserve under the law. For example, they claim a language barrier and deny you the healthcare required under Worker’s Comp. Our team of Polish-speaking lawyers will help you navigate the Worker’s Comp system and seek compensation if the injury was due to negligence on the part of your employer. We believe in justice for all, regardless of your native language.

    No Fees Until You Get Paid

    We know that the language barrier could be only part of your concern when selecting a lawyer to represent you in an injury case. Many legal firms require a significant deposit or upfront payment to handle your lawsuit. However, at Kenmore Law Group, we never ask for fees until we have won a settlement on your behalf. We don’t want our clients thinking about anything but healing and making a full recovery.

    In addition, if another law firm has turned you away, please call our team for a free second opinion evaluation of your case with a Polish-speaking lawyer. We are confident that our Polish-speaking team will understand your circumstance far better than an English-only lawyer and be able to offer you solutions and a positive path forward.

    And as with all our clients, we never accept payment until we have secured the money you deserve for your losses. If we cannot get a settlement for you, then you owe us nothing. Our job is to see that justice is served for every injury victim. And the language you speak and the amount of money you have should never limit or even impact your ability to have high-quality legal representation and justice when you have suffered a loss due to someone else’s poor choices or mistakes.

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