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    Pallet Jack – Defect – Lawsuit Lawyer

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    The pallet jack is a hand-held forklift, that allows workers to carry and move pallets around in a store to place products on the shelves where the products belong. It works the same way as a jack would work on your car. To operate the pallet jack, you stand behind the pallet jack and put both hands on the lever. Then pump the lever down to raise the prongs of the pallet jack off the floor. If you want to lower the pallet jack, you can just squeeze the trigger on the handle, which will lower the prongs back down to the ground level again.

    Types of Pallet Jacks

    There are manual and electric pallet jacks. The manual pallet jack is hand operated and use hydraulic springs to life the pallets up to 6 inches off the ground to move products around. The load capacity of the manual pallet jack is around 1,000 to 5,500 pounds. The electric pallet jack is a battery-powered pallet truck that can be used to walk with or have an end rider model. They usually can only handle around 4,500 pounds as a maximum load, and still also go up to 6 inches off the ground.

    When picking up merchandise with a pallet jack, the merchandise will be stored on a wooden pallet. That is a storage section that is on a pallet with slats, and the merchandise is usually tapped around that pallet. The prongs of the pallet jack go under the pallet, push it off the ground a few inches, and allow it to be moved to where the product needs to go. When the pallet is in the proper place, it is lowered to the ground again. For example, a truck comes to a warehouse, and it will get unloaded using a pallet jack. Then the pallet jack will be used again to take the merchandise to the stock room. It will be used one more time to take the products out to the floor of the business where products are sold to the customers. Then the pallet jack will be taken back to the back room again to wait to start the whole process over again.

    The fork length of the pallet is usually around 48 inches. If there are 12 inches in a foot, then 48 inches is exactly 4 feet long. The width of the pallet is around 25 inches, which is around two feet wide. Manual pallet jacks do not have brakes! For this reason, many accidents happen with manual pallet jacks. Electric pallets have disc brakes to help stop the pallet when it is veering off course.

    If you have been injured by a pallet jack that was defective, you need to call a lawyer who knows and understands the scope of the impact of this case on your personal injuries. You can talk to us freely, and we will listen to all of your concerns. You have in us an attorney who will listen to you, and who is compassionate to your issues regarding your personal injuries from a defective pallet jack.

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    Other Types of Pallet Trucks That Might Be Defective

    There are other types of pallet trucks, of which many are specialized to certain industries, and not as prevalently seen every day by consumers at a store. The other types of pallet jacks or pallet trucks are:

    • Walkie straddle stacker
    • All-terrain pallet jack
    • Adjustable pallet jack
    • Narrow pallet jack
    • Mini pallet jack
    • Scissor pallets
    • Paper-roll or reel pallet
    • Stainless steel pallet
    • Weighing scale pallet
    • Rider pallet jack
    • Center rider

    A “walkie” pallet jack or pallet truck is just referenced to a pallet jack that someone walks behind to operate. The electrical pallet jacks are able to lift a load with the press of a button, and the worker is not dragging or pulling the pallet jack to where it needs to go. The electrical pallet jack is battery operated, and has more moving parts that can malfunction or wear out. It also has more motors, lower speed, and may be difficult to operate safely if the person is not properly trained on it.

    If you have been injured by any type of pallet jack that is defective, you need to call us for a discussion about your case. You can call on an attorney in our law office, with expertise in defective pallet jack cases. We have attorneys who specialize in managing your case for you, with a way to success for the recovery compensation package you need right now.

    Injuries from a Defective Pallet Jack

    Foot injuries and toe injuries are common with a defective pallet jack. These injuries can prevent a person from being able to walk normally after the injury, preventing a quick return back to work. The injury from a pallet jack does not need to be super heavy either. Nearly 80% of the injuries from a pallet jack occur with an object that weighs 30 pounds or less. People can experience crushing injuries with pallet jacks, and that can lead to posttraumatic arthritis or other seriously decreased range of motion on the legs or feet if they are crushed or run over by a pallet jack.

    Other injuries include being run over by a pallet jack, and hitting the head on a concrete floor, twisting a leg, ankle, foot or knee. Studies show that there are hundreds of pallet jack injury cases every day. For this reason, the National Safety Council reports nearly 180,000-foot injuries per year, which may be around 500 injuries a day. Studies show that of the total number of foot and toe injuries in the workplace, nearly 6% are caused by pallet jacks, carts and dollies.

    Examples of Injuries from a Defective Pallet Jack

    There are many different types of serious injuries that can occur with the use of a defective pallet jack. These injuries include a person using the defective pallet jack, and suffering:

    • dying from a heart attack after being crushed by the pallet jack tipping over
    • is killed in a fall from an elevated scissor lift pallet jack
    • fractures hip and pelvis when caught between racks
    • fractures leg and ankle when crushed by pallet jack
    • fractures leg when pallet jack strikes guard rail
    • amputates fingers when crushed by wheel riser
    • fractures leg when pallet jack hits desk
    • crushes foot when run over by pallet jack
    • lacerates toe with pallet jack, later amputated
    • fractures leg while driving pallet jack
    • fractures foot when pallet jack moves
    • is struck by falling carton sheets and killed
    • amputates finger between pallet jack and rack
    • sustains leg fracture when machine falls onto leg

    In the case that you have been seriously injured by a defective pallet jack, you need to call our office right away. We can offer a lawyer with specialty in handling serious injuries from a defective pallet jack. All of our lawyers on staff are knowledgeable, and are people who can help with your claim for a defective pallet jack. You need to call us today, to get access to an experienced attorney in Los Angeles, who knows what to do to get your full recovery compensation package for this type of case.
    Pallet Jack – Defect - Lawsuit Lawyer attorney personal injury incident sue compensation incident accident
    Can I Sue the Manufacturer for a Defective Pallet Jack?

    Yes, we can sue the manufacturer if you are injured by a defective pallet jack. We know how to negotiate with the big insurance companies, and know what to do to help you to get the recovery compensation that you need for your personal injuries. When you give us a call, you will be connected with our Los Angeles case lawyers, who can file a lawsuit on your behalf. You can trust that our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue, and get you the result that you desire on this claim.

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