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    Pallet Jack Accident Lawsuit Injury Lawyer – Foot Injury/Crush – Can I Sue the Manufacturer

    Pallet Jack Accident Lawsuit Injury Lawyer Foot Injury Crush Can I Sue the Manufacturer
    Many people have seen those hand pushed fork lifts in warehouses, big box stores and in consumer store rooms of retail stores. These units are called pallet jacks. Many people are injured every year from pallet jack injuries, from the negligent operation of the pallet jacks.

    The pallet jack is a hand-held forklift, that allows workers to carry and move pallets around in a store to place products on the shelves where the products belong. It works the same way as a jack would work on your car. To operate the pallet jack, you stand behind the pallet jack and put both hands on the lever. Then pump the lever down to raise the prongs of the pallet jack off the floor. If you want to lower the pallet jack, you can just squeeze the trigger on the handle, which will lower the prongs back down to the ground level again.

    Once the pallet jack is engaged, the workers can slide the pallet jack under a pallet, and move the merchandise around in any direction. It is meant to move heavy loads for short distances, and to handle managing inventory to put products onto shelves at a business for sale to the customers. It can also be used to take shipments on and off of a truck, or at a docking station, warehouse or loading area when necessary.

    Other Types of Pallet Trucks

    There are other types of pallet trucks, of which many are specialized to certain industries, and not as prevalently seen every day by consumers at a store. The other types of pallet jacks or pallet trucks are:

    • Weighing scale pallet
    • Rider pallet jack
    • Center rider
    • Walkie straddle stacker
    • All-terrain pallet jack
    • Scissor pallets
    • Paper-roll or reel pallet
    • Stainless steel pallet
    • Adjustable pallet jack
    • Narrow pallet jack
    • Mini pallet jack

    A “walkie” pallet jack or pallet truck is just referenced to a pallet jack that someone walks behind to operate. The electrical pallet jacks are able to lift a load with the press of a button, and the worker is not dragging or pulling the pallet jack to where it needs to go. The electrical pallet jack is battery operated, and has more moving parts that can malfunction or wear out. It also has more motors, lower speed, and may be difficult to operate safely if the person is not properly trained on it.

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    Foot Injuries are Common with the Use of a Pallet Jack

    Customers shopping in a store cannot see a pallet jack coming their way. For this reason, it is common that they experience foot injuries from the negligent operation of a person using a pallet jack. It is the responsibility of the pallet jack operator to be aware of people and give them the right of way in the store. The pallet jack operator needs to see what is ahead, avoid water, oil and debris, and prevent coming around blind corners into pedestrians or customers walking around in a store. The person using the pallet jack needs to use a wide clearance around the people walking around in a store or warehouse.

    The pallet jack operator needs to have clean dry hands, not greasy wet hands to operate the pallet jack safely. The pallet jack operator should not be eating a meal while using the pallet jack, and should pay close attention at all times to using the pallet jack.

    Walking with a Pallet Jack Needs to be Managed Carefully

    If a person in a store is walking with a pallet jack, the person needs to walk slowly. This is to avoid upsetting the pallet jack and its contents. The person operating the pallet jack needs to face in the direction traveling with the pallet jack. It is important to maintain a smooth and moderate s important not to oversteer when using a pallet jack sudden starting or stopping movements with a pallet jack.

    It is important not to oversteer when the pallet jack is on the move. The pallet jack operator needs to:

    1. Raise the pallet jack.
    2. Travel with the pallet jack.
    3. Put the pallet jack down again.
    4. Put the pallet jack back into a place for safe keeping in the storeroom for future use.

    Sometimes, the pallet jack load needs to be restacked, to ensure it is stable during the move around the warehouse or store. Every time an operator of a pallet jack pushes it, he or she is actually operating the rear wheels, as that is how it moves. The forks need to go down to the ground as far as they can go down, to pick up the pallet to move it where needed. The forks also need to be centered side to side, to ensure a balanced load is still in effect on top of the pallet jack.

    Foot Crushing and Other Injuries from a Pallet Jack

    People are injured every year from having their foot crushed by a pallet jack. There are other injuries that can occur from a pallet jack, including:

    • crushes foot when run over by pallet jack
    • lacerates toe with pallet jack, later amputated
    • fractures leg while driving pallet jack
    • fractures foot when pallet jack moves
    • is struck by falling carton sheets and killed
    • amputates finger between pallet jack and rack
    • sustains leg fracture when machine falls onto leg
    • pins and crushes legs between two pallets
    • fractures right foot between jack and barrier
    • suffers fractures when material falls off jack
    • lacerates leg between pallet jack and guardrail

    If you have had your foot crushed by a pallet jack, you need to give us a call. Wouldn’t you agree that it is time for you to talk to a lawyer today? You need legal representation who can get this situation sorted out once and for all, and get you to the winner’s circle. You need money to manage your medical bills, after a crushing injury to your foot. You may have lost wages, and need reimbursement for that, we know and understand your needs fully. You need to talk to an attorney who is more than ready to start this action for you, and get the recovery compensation you need in this case.

    Pallet Jacks Have Their Own Momentum When They Tip Over

    A pallet jack has its own momentum when it starts to tip over, and can carry a bystander or the operator with it if this catastrophe occurs. This can easily cause a foot crushing or leg crushing injury in that case, if it is overloaded by the pallet jack operator. If a pallet jack is loaded improperly, then the pallet jack can tip over. If it starts to tip, it could fall off of a platform, or tip on the ground and fall over on top of someone. If this occurs, the weight of 4,000 plus pounds could fall onto someone, killing the person, crushing the person, crushing the foot, or amputating the person’s limbs. This can happen to the operator, an innocent bystander in a store such as a customer, or to an innocent bystander who is a coworker working in the same general area. The management is responsible to teach whoever is going to be working with a pallet jack on how to safely maneuver and manage the operation of this equipment in a store or warehouse.

    A pallet jack operator should never pull a pallet jack out of a truck, and back it onto the lift gate backwards. This could cause an accident where the person will fall off the edge of the lift gate, and the pallet jack could fall over the side of the lift gate crushing the person to death or causing serious injuries.
    Pallet Jack Accident Lawsuit Injury Lawyer Foot Injury Crush Can I Sue the Manufacturer incident
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    Can I Sue the Manufacturer for a Foot Crushing Injury from a Pallet Jack Accident?

    Yes, we can sue the manufacturer for a foot crushing injury from a pallet jack accident. We are able to manage and win your case, because our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit, and expertly evaluate your case for you right now. When you give us a call, our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue for you, and manage the scope of your lawsuit to the winning conclusion. Just call today to get the ball rolling on this case.

    What is the Average Value of Pallet Jack Crushing Foot Injury Cases?

    If you suffered a crushing foot injury because of a pallet jack incident, you might have grounds to sue and potentially recover monetary compensation. You might have many questions about the average value of a case similar to yours. You might find yourself asking: how much money can I receive? Crushing foot injuries are considered severe injuries – they could require extensive reconstructive surgery and could even lead to amputations. Because of these, the average settlement can range from $350,000 to $750,000. The exact answer to any questions starting with “how much” will always be based on the specific details of your claim.

    If your accident occurred at Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Shoprite, Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Walgreens, ALDI, The Home Depot, Ace Hardware, CVS, Target, Lowe’s, Albertsons, Best Buy, Publix, TJ Maxx, Macy’s, Ross, Marshalls, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Trader Joes, Big Lot’s, Ralph’s, Save-A-Lot, Bass Pro, WinCo Foods, Sears, Dick’s Sporting Goods, you could definitely have grounds to pursue your injury claim against the store owner in addition to the manufacturer of the pallet jack. It is important to note that these stores carry different insurance policies; the value of your claim could be affected by the policy limit that applies.

    Ultimately, you could be eligible to recover compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and legal fees, for instance. For more information about the type and amount of compensation that you could possibly be awarded, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the experts at our law firm immediately.

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