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    Outdoor Gym Equipment Failure Accident Lawsuit

    Outdoor Gym Equipment Failure Accident lawsuit lawyer sue compensation attorney personal injury
    Outdoor Gym Accident Injury Lawyer

    The fitness craze is in full swing, what with the pandemic and the lockdowns keeping people quarantined an indoors for days and months at a time. Of course, there is a big movement to exercise outside, but there is a downside to doing these types of activities. If a fitness gym owner or operator keeps the fitness equipment outside full time, many of the fitness machines will start to deteriorate over time. When the machines start to break down, they will become completely unsafe for anyone to use them. Any machines that are left outside to rot are going to start to break down, and will lose their fitness of purpose to be a safe piece of workout equipment for the gym goers to use safely.

    Rain, Wind, Sun and Night time Dew Are All Hazardous for Outdoor Gym Equipment

    You probably are only thinking that if there has been no rain lately, that any outdoor gym equipment is completely safe to use. Well, you need to think again. An outdoor gym can be in the outdoors, in a garage or in an area of a park or parking lot. Outdoor gym equipment is susceptible to rain, wind, sun, and night time dew, which can wreck-havoc on using outdoor gym equipment. If there is dew on the equipment, it can make it slippery to the touch, and hazardous to lift during a workout. If the sun has melted rubber, vinyl, plastic or other biodegradable materials, it will compromise the safety of the equipment.

    Any equipment at an outdoor gym that is stored in grass, on concrete or near water will start to rust and deteriorate over time. If the equipment has even a speck of dust on it, and someone using outdoor gym equipment twists a hand on it and comes into contact with the rust, the person can get a bad cut. The laceration will require a tetanus shot, because of the rust factor involved. A person can become very ill after being infected from a cut that is pierced with rust.

    A weight bench that is left outside will suffer greatly from being left out in the elements to rot and rust. The vinyl on the weight bench, the weights, the bars and the infrastructure will start to deteriorate when left outside and not maintained. This will be a prime reason for someone becoming injured as a result of using outdoor gym equipment in this fashion.

    Barbells left outside are susceptible to the weather, and will become unsafe over time. Even if a stainless-steel bar is left outside, it can become slippery with water, dew or dust left on the equipment. If there is a bare stainless-steel bar that is not covered with a protective coating, it can start to become slippery when used using outdoor gym equipment. Remember, there may be critters, animal droppings or dirt that gathers on outdoor gym equipment.

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    Can I Sue the Gym Owner for Outdoor Gym Equipment Failure?

    Yes, we can sue if you are injured on outdoor gym equipment that was not properly maintained. We are here to go over your claim, and review where you were injured on this equipment as a result of negligence of the gym owner and operator. When you call our office today, we are able to give the case our full attention. You can easily talk to our Los Angeles case lawyers, who can file a lawsuit to get you the money that you need for your personal injuries if you are injured using outdoor gym equipment. Just call our case attorneys in Los Angeles, who can sue on your behalf for a claim being injured using outdoor gym equipment.

    Slip And Fall, Trip and Fall on Outdoor Gym Equipment

    It is very easy to trip and fall using outdoor gym equipment. Many people are seriously injured every year from tripping and falling using static fitness equipment and non-motorized equipment, such as a Swiss ball. If a Swiss ball is left out on the ground, it can begin to rust and stick to the outdoor carpet or the ground. This will become a tripping hazard for anyone using outdoor gym equipment.

    If there is any motorized equipment that is taken outside and not maintained (treadmill), then there is a high likelihood that the motorized cardiovascular equipment will be in poor condition when used. This will cause a trip and fall hazard when the equipment sticks, shocks someone or is full of water from a downpour from being left outside in inclement weather.

    People can trip and fall and twist during exercise when using outdoor gym equipment. If the outdoor flooring is not maintained and it buckles, a person can trip on it and sustain a serious personal injury. These injuries are characteristic of breaks, strains, lower limb breaks, back injuries, falling and concussions, traumatic brain injuries and broken fingers.

    Gym Equipment Failure and Malfunction

    When heavy weights are left outside in the weather, they can become rusty or start to break down. The barbells can become rusty, or the pins can become rusted causing a hazardous lift for anyone using the equipment. A person can be literally crushed under the weight of a weight that falls down when the person is lifting the weight. If the equipment moves unexpectedly by slipping off of a footing, or falling off of a bar, it can fall on a gym user’s foot, knee, leg, arm or face, causing crushing injuries to this part of the body.

    If you are injured using outdoor gym equipment, you need to talk to an attorney with expertise in this type of claim. We know how to set up a winning strategy, and we will do what it takes to win this case for you. Don’t you want to be on the side of attorneys who specialize in bringing you the successful outcome that you desire in a case where you are seriously injured using outdoor gym equipment? We are here for you, and ready for you to talk to a lawyer with a specialty in creating a successful result for getting back the money you need, for your lost wages and lost time from work. Your medical bills are going to start piling up fast. You need to get on the dial with the lawyers who can help you today, with a simple solution to your issue, by bringing an appropriate lawsuit on the merits for your claim. You can talk to our experienced attorneys in Los Angeles, who know how to pay attention to all of the details involved in being injured using outdoor gym equipment. Many workout machines were not built for outdoor use, and will break down due to lack of maintenance on the equipment taken outdoors. If you are injured using outdoor gym equipment, you need to call our office immediately to talk to an attorney about it.

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    Outdoor Gym Equipment Failure Accident lawsuit lawyer compensation attorney personal injury sue
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    We can offer to you a free second opinion. We care about your lawsuit, and it is our first priority to help you get back the money you need if you are injured using outdoor gym equipment. If you are not comfortable with how your current lawsuit is going, you need to call us immediately, to talk to an attorney who cares about you and your case results.

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