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    Missed Diagnosis of CRPS

    Have you or a member of your family been suffering with CRPS after a personal injury accident, such as a slip and fall accident, a truck accident, or a motorcycle crash, for example? CRPS can develop after both minor and major nerve injuries, which could occur during these accidents or during surgery or other surgery procedures that used to treat the injuries resulting from such accidents.

    Unfortunately, CRPS can be easily misdiagnosed; often, a diagnosis takes months or years, meaning that victims can be forced to suffer for a long time before their condition is taken seriously by alleged medical professionals. Although a certain delay in diagnosis is normal, the misdiagnosis of CRPS, the failed diagnosis of CRPS, or the incorrect treatment of CRPS can be directly associated with the negligence of a doctor – or medical malpractice.

    Can CRPS be misdiagnosed? Yes, CRPS can be misdiagnosed. Can you sue if a medical professional failed to diagnosed your CRPS? Can you sue if your doctor did not diagnose your CRPS correctly? Yes, you could sue. You can sue the doctor, and you can sue the hospital in some cases. If you are interested in learning more about your right to pursue a CRPS diagnosis mistake lawsuit, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the experts at our firm as soon as possible.

    Are you in need of legal assistance? If so, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the experts at Kenmore Law Group as soon as possible. Kenmore Law Group is a personal injury law firm with many years of experience handling all sorts of claims – including medical malpractice claims. If your CRPS was misdiagnosed or not treated properly, you might have grounds to pursue a claim and hold the negligent doctor or hospital accountable for the harm that you suffered. Our medical malpractice lawyers are ready to evaluate your claim and provide you with the guidance that you need to reach a successful claim outcome. Contact the experts at Kenmore Law Group today.

    What is CRPS?

    CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – is a condition that causes chronic pain, which is typically described as debilitating and even disabling. CRPS is a severe condition that can prevent those suffering with the syndrome from leading a normal life; most affected people can no longer live the same way that they did before developing CRPS.

    There are two types of CRPS – CRPS Type I and CRPS Type II. Although both types of CRPS causing chronic pan, Type I and Type II are different based on the cause of the condition. How are CRPS Type I and Type II different? CRPS Type I is caused by minor nerve injuries and soft tissue injuries (examples of soft tissue injuries include sprains, strains, burns, and fractures, for instance). Practically any minor to moderate incident resulting in injuries can lead to the development of CRPS Type I. On the other hand, CRPS Type II is caused by major nerve injuries. In the past, CRPS Type II was known as Causalgia; it was also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

    The symptoms associated with CRPS includes pain in the skin, joints, muscles, and bones. The pain experienced can either be constant or intermittent. The pain is often described as a burning sensation. Usually CRPS affects only the limbs. Unfortunately, if the condition is left untreated, the pain can spread to other parts of the body which would normally not be affected by the condition.

    As briefly mentioned above, CRPS can prevent individuals from leading a normal life. In most cases, CRPS can make affected individuals unable to work to earn income. This can lead to a significant financial strain to affected individuals. Without a doubt, CRPS can also result in mental and emotional distress to the affected parties.

    Personal Injury Accidents Can Lead to CRPS

    As explained above, both minor and major nerve injuries can lead to CRPS. This includes car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and trip and fall accidents, for example. However, CRPS can also occur as a result of a nerve injury during a medical procedure. If your injuries led to chronic pain (even after they appeared to have healed), you might have developed CRPS.

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    Understanding Medical Malpractice

    Could you sue if your CRPS-I or CRPS-II went undiagnosed? Yes, you could sue based on medical malpractice. If a doctor fails to diagnose your condition or fails to treat your condition correctly, he or she could be guilty of medical malpractice. To prove medical malpractice, you must first prove that there was a doctor-patient relationship between the victim and the doctor. If a doctor-patient relationship exists, then the doctor owes the patient a duty of care.

    More specifically, the doctor has the duty to exercise care and skill when treating their patients. Unfortunately, doctors can breach their duty of care towards their patients and act carelessly or recklessly, resulting in harm to their patients. If the negligent actions of a doctor directly lead to the harm that a consumer suffers, the doctor could be guilty of medical malpractice.

    Can a hospital be liable? A hospital could be liable for the negligence of doctors. More specifically, hospitals could be liable based on vicarious liability. Based on vicarious liability, employers can be liable for the actions of their employees – this includes liability for medical malpractice.

    If you are interested in learning more about medical malpractice, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the CRPS medical malpractice attorneys at our firm as soon as possible.

    Can I Sue If My Doctor Failed to Diagnose My CRPS?

    Yes, you can sue your doctor if he failed to diagnose your CRPS. Whether your doctor failed to take your symptoms of CRPS seriously, failed to perform medical examinations and tests, failed to make a diagnosis, or failed to administer the correct treatment – ultimately resulting in your condition worsening – you might have grounds to sue your doctor or the hospital.

    You can sue if your doctor misdiagnosed your CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). If you are interested in learning more about your right to sue for the failure to diagnose RSD, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with a CRPS malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. You could file a failure to diagnose CRPS lawsuit, and you could even be eligible to recover monetary compensation for the harm suffered. To learn more about your right to sue the doctor because the doctor failed to diagnose and misdiagnosed your CRPS, contact the Los Angeles lawyers who can sue for CRPS wrong diagnosis at our firm as soon as possible.

    Can I Recover Compensation?
    Whether you developed CRPS after a car accident or got CRPS after a slip and fall accident, your doctor could fail to make a correct diagnosis or issue the correct treatment; if you successfully sue for the misdiagnosis of your condition, you could be eligible to recover monetary compensation. What could you be eligible to receive?

    Based on the details surrounding your medical malpractice claim, you could recover compensation for some of the following:

    • Medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of consortium
    • Punitive damages
    • Legal fees

    The type and amount of compensation that you could be eligible to recover will always be strictly based on the details surrounding your medical malpractice claim; therefore, you should always discuss your claim with a CRPS medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. The experts at our firm are ready to aggressively fight for your right to recover the highest amount of compensation available for your claim. If you are interested in learning more about the type and amount of compensation that you could be awarded, contact our lawyers today.

    What Should I Do to Prepare to File a Claim?

    If you are interested in filing a failure to diagnose CRPS lawsuit, there are a number of things that you should do to prepare to file your claim. Primarily, you should take action after your original injury. You should do the following:

    • Seek medical attention immediately
    • Take photos of all the injuries that you suffered
    • Take photos of the scene of the incident
    • File a written incident report with the appropriate parties
    • Speak to witnesses
    • Gather all medical records associated with your injury

    CRPS does not usually appear immediately after the injury; therefore, it could be some time before the chronic pain is apparent. After you start dealing with chronic pain, it is essential that you take additional actions. There are many other things that you should do, including the following:

    • Seek additional medical care – you will need to go to a doctor that takes your symptoms seriously and is capable of diagnosing you. What doctor can diagnose CRPS? A doctor specializing in CRPS and RSD can diagnose your condition. Because pain is subjective, it can easily be disregarded by doctors; therefore, you might need to be evaluated multiple times (possibly by multiple doctors). This is an essential step because it will show that a competent doctor (who exercise the duty of care owed to you) was able to efficiently diagnose your condition.
    • Follow all treatment plants – unfortunately, CRPS cannot be cured. CRPS can only be managed. After receiving a diagnosis, it is important that you follow the treatment. Treatment could include physical therapy, prescription medication, and pain-management therapy, for example.
    • Collect records related to your diagnosis – this can include medical records associated with your diagnosis and records related to your lost ability to work (due to your diagnosis), for instance.

    When you follow the different steps listed above, you are essentially preparing to pursue your claim. That is, you are gathering all the tools necessary to hold the liable doctor accountable for your misdiagnosis. If you would like to learn more about the steps that you should follow to prepare to pursue your lawsuit, you should seek legal assistance with a medical malpractice lawyer who specializes in CRPS cases at your earliest convenience.

    How Long Do I Have to Sue?

    If your doctor did not diagnose your RSD or failed to provide you with the necessary treatment, you might have grounds to sue. However, you could lose your right to sue if you fail to file your claim within the appropriate length of time. This is because your claim is subject to a statute of limitations. A statute of limitations determines the total length of time that claimants have to sue. In California, medical malpractice claims must typically be filed either three years from the date of injury or one year of the discovery of the injury. In some cases, exceptions to the statute of limitations could apply – meaning that the deadline could be paused. To ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the statute of limitations that applies to your claim, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with an attorney with experience in CRPS misdiagnosis cases.


    Contact Kenmore Law Group Today

    Are you interested in pursuing a claim for your CRPS misdiagnosis? If so, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the experts at Kenmore Law Group as soon as possible. At Kenmore Law Group, our attorneys who can file a lawsuit for CRPS misdiagnosis and medical negligence are ready to handle your claim and help you recover the compensation that you deserve. Our lawyers have over $10 million recovered in compensation.

    We offer free legal services (which include free consultations and free second opinions) which allow our clients to speak with our experts without worrying about paying any costs upfront. During these free legal services, our lawyers will be available to answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and provide you with all the information necessary to help you reach a positive claim outcome. Are you interested in speaking with our experts after your doctor failed to diagnose RSD? If so, contact our firm today.

    Our firm offers a Zero-Fee guarantee, which ensures that our clients will not be required to pay upfront legal fees for our legal services. Our firm is also based on contingency; therefore, our clients will never have to pay anything until after reaching a successful claim outcome. If you do not win, you will not pay.

    Are you ready to discuss your current situation with an RSD misdiagnosis attorney in Los Angeles? Is so, contact our firm and request to speak to a Los Angeles attorney for CRPS misdiagnosis lawsuits today.

    Our lawyers are ready to fight for your rights.

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