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    Value of a Lyft Accident Lawsuit Case

    What Is the Average Case Value of a Lyft Accident lawsuit lawyer attorney rideshare sue

    Rideshare has become a common method of transportation; customers routinely call Lyft and other companies for rides of all lengths. They may be taking short trips downtown or long rides to another city. This variety leads to the cars being on all kinds of roads, from residential streets to packed freeways. As such, there are dozens of accidents that happen each day, all due to the negligent actions of different drivers. The Lyft driver may have not been paying attention to the road and gotten into an accident or another car may have hit you while you were riding along. No matter what the circumstances, you are entitled to financial compensation as a passenger victim of a car accident – you likely would not be held at fault for the crash, and thus, can receive restitution. Our team of qualified lawyers at Kenmore Law Group in Los Angeles can see to it that you earn a fair Lyft car accident settlement. If you were injured in a Lyft accident, contact us to get started on your lawsuit.

    Average Settlement Amount of a Lyft Accident Claim

    The average settlement amount of a Lyft accident is between $250,000 and $1,000,000. However, we have handled cases and won Lyft driver accident settlements worth over $1,000,000. Some Lyft injury claim settlements can be worth well over $5 million dollars.

    In order for you to receive more than merely the average compensation for a Lyft accident, you must have been injured to a certain extent. Insurance agents at York will examine your claim and weigh your injuries – they will consider how extensive they were, how much of an impact they had on your daily life, and if they prevented you from completing your job duties (or if they will prevent you from working in the future or from acquiring a new job). This weight is up to the discretion of each individual insurance agent. There is no injury calculator at York that allows numbers to be plugged in while a settlement will be spit out.

    Some of the questions we face concerning settlement amounts for Lyft accident cases can be found below:

    How much can you receive if you were injured in a Lyft accident?

    You can receive $100,000 or more if you were injured in a Lyft accident. The level of negligence will play a part, as will the amount and extent of injuries you suffered. You may be able to receive much more if you can also take issue with other parties; for example, if there were a defect with the car, you might be able to sue the manufacturer as well.


    How much is a Lyft accident case worth?

    A Lyft accident case can be worth $300,000 or more if the injuries you sustained negatively impacted your life and caused permanent damage. You could also receive more if it is shown that the driver should not have been behind the wheel; some Lyft drivers are able to game the system and drive with suspended licenses, for example, and Lyft would thus be held responsible for allowing the driver to pick up customers.

    How much can I receive if I was in a Lyft accident?

    The value of your Lyft accident settlement greatly depends on numerous factors. For example, you may have suffered the exact same injuries as another individual, but his lawsuit could be worth $200,000 more than yours because of his profession. The loss of earning capacity would play a large role in the perceived value of your case, and thus how much you can receive.

    How much will York insurance pay for a Lyft accident?

    The value of a Lyft crash accident against York insurance can be increased if the responsible driver were grossly negligent, or if your injuries were long-lasting and severe. York will generally try to downplay the value of a Lyft crash injury and will make you a less than ideal offer. Although the average value of a Lyft accident lawsuit is $300,000 or more, York will not care; it will try to preserve its own profits and the agents will not try to pay more than the bare minimum. As a result, Lyft’s settlement offer will likely be very low to start.

    Procedure to Receive the Maximum Worth of a Lyft Accident

    If you were involved in a Lyft accident, you should take the following stops to stay safe and to have adequate evidence gathered for your lawsuit. The more worthwhile evidence you have to present, the better chance you have of maximizing your compensation.

    First and most importantly, you should go to the doctor to get medical treatment or get checked out by paramedics at the scene of the crash. You may be unable to collect everything you need, though, if you are immediately taken to the emergency room. Some individuals walk away from the scene of an accident without getting treated by anyone but we recommend against this. Your injuries may take several days to appear or you may not know you are hurt until a few days later. You should immediately get treated to ensure that the injuries are not permanent. If you wait too long, York and Lyft can claim that you were injured in a separate accident but you simply wish to blame Lyft for the injuries.

    Next, you should take as many pictures as you can. Pictures of your injuries, the scene of the accident, the damage to the vehicles, the involved parties, and more can used as valuable evidence to be added to your claim. The more evidence you have, the better the chance you receive a large settlement.

    You should also print out the receipt of your trip and take a screenshot showing you were in the car on a ride during the accident. This will allow all details to be properly lined up and will prove that you were not elsewhere when the crash occurred.

    Eyewitnesses can be interviewed for their statements and you can also ask the police for a copy of the police report. You must alert Lyft to the accident as well so they can take measures to handle the situation.

    Finally, you should reach out to a top lawyer who can help if you were injured in an Uber accident or in a Lyft crash. An attorney with experience in this area can be a great asset. With the right lawyer, the value of a Lyft accident case can be $200,000 more than what the initial offer was.

    Reviews from Real Clients
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    Excellent service! Being in an uber accident was a traumatic experience for me but the attorneys at this law firm made all the difference. They got me a great settlement, and treated me with the utmost respect. I felt like family.

    Jessica L.


    My case was settled very quickly and I got more money than I had expected. They were always on top of things and answered all my questions, even the dumb ones. Thank you and I will definitely refer my friends.

    Humberto J.


    Contacted them after getting into a Lyft accident. The person was very patient with me and told me about all my legal options. That same night I signed up with them and they took care of the rest. Very easy and efficient process.

    Jolina K.


    I would like to thank each and every one of the staff members at Kenmore Law Group for helping me through these tough times and getting a settlement that was way above was I had imagined.

    Kevin T.


    My attorney was very nice and knowledgeable with respect to rideshare accidents. He explained to me how Uber insurance works and then sent me to doctors who worked on a lien and I didn't have to pay anything upfront. My case was settled quickly and without any hassle.

    Andy R.


    It is an honor to recommend this law firm to anyone who has been in a rideshare accident, whether it is involving Lyft or Uber. They have a lot of experience with such accidents and will make sure that justice is served.

    Samantha U.

    Sample Settlements and Verdicts

    Although Lyft tends to keep its settlements secret, there are still examples of car accidents that resulted in various settlement amounts. You can look at the examples we have provided to learn more and to compare your injuries to these incidents. Be aware that each case is different, and yours may be worth more or less depending on numerous factors.

    • $255,000 Verdict: A teenager was in the backseat of a vehicle when the driver hit the divider on the highway. The boy suffered fractures, back injuries, and dysfunctional joints. He required surgery for some of his injuries. He was covered primarily by underinsured benefits.
    • $17,000 Verdict: A woman was a passenger in a vehicle when another car tried to merge onto the freeway. The ensuing collision was a side impact accident on her side. She received soft tissue damage and numerous spinal cord injuries. She sued both drivers, but it was shown that her injuries were exaggerated.
    • $85,000 Verdict: A passenger in a car was struck when another vehicle turned left in front of the driver. The resulting injuries to the passenger included a fractured arm and shoulder; she required surgery to tend to both injuries.
    • $350,000 Settlement: A multi-car accident resulted in lawsuits against the driver responsible for the chain reaction. A passenger inside a rental vehicle was harmed when the car was rear-ended by a bus that was in turn rear-ended by a truck carrying cement. The passenger suffered ankle and knee damages; she needed to undergo surgery three separate times to repair the wounds.

    Compensation from a Lyft Accident

    The average Lyft accident settlement is $300,000, but York Insurance Lyft accident settlement amounts can vary depending on the types of compensation that are pursued. By filing a personal injury claim against Lyft or the driver responsible for the accident, you could be eligible to receive the following:

    • Coverage of medical expenses (surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy, medication, and future medical treatments)
    • Loss of income and lost wages from the past and future
    • Property damage for anything that was lost or broken in the accident
    • Pain and suffering damages (PTSD, fear, anxiety, emotional scarring, psychological trauma, and other mental injuries that appear in the wake of the accident)
    • Wrongful death expenses (funeral and burial costs, loss of consortium, loss of expected inheritance and savings, pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering, and more)

    You should receive proper coverage of your damages if you were injured while on a Lyft ride. Our attorneys can ensure that you are paid what you deserve.

    Kenmore: The Top Firm in Los Angeles

    Kenmore Law Group in Los Angeles has handled Lyft accident cases since the company began hiring drivers. We know the surefire ways to secure you a fair settlement and will dedicate ourselves to your claim. Our goal is to keep you safe during the legal process and to ensure that your settlement is fair and worthwhile. Our aggressive attorneys will pursue your rightful compensation from Lyft and York, and if we are not happy with the treatment from either company, we will go to court to prove that you are owed restitution.

    Lyft is an app that allows people to summon rides to their destinations so they can be transported elsewhere. It is very widespread and drivers may take dozens of customers per day. As a result, they are often on the road, and many elect to drive as quickly as possible to squeeze in the maximum amount of fares in a shift. This mentality leads to danger, however; the more Lyft drivers speed and drive recklessly, the more likely it is for accidents to happen.

    On the other hand, there are simply accidents that happen when you are in a Lyft vehicle. They may occur when you’re at a red light, going through an intersection, or riding on the highway. Other drivers can be equally as reckless, if not more so; they often do not have customers in the car to worry about and they usually do not have to fret about losing their jobs if they are involved in a crash.

    The commonality of crashes can be seen in the reasons they happen. We have outlined some of them below, many of which all drivers are guilty of, but if a Lyft driver commits the actions, he places the health and safety of the customer at risk as well as everyone else’s around him.

    Accidents can happen due to:

    • Speeding
    • Turning into oncoming traffic
    • Running red lights and stop signs
    • Ignoring right of way laws
    • Merging into other lanes or turning without using a signal
    • Drunk driving or driving while under the influence of other substances
    • Driving while tired
    • Distracted by GPS on the phone, picking up other customers, and answering texts and phone calls
    • Unfamiliarity with the streets
    • Inclement weather
    • Defects with vehicles
    • Tailgating

    As a passenger in a Lyft vehicle, you could suffer various injuries from these types of crashes. You may be hit head-on, which can lead to debilitating consequences, or rear-ended, which can cause irreparable damage. Other types of accidents, like sideswipes and T-bone crashes, can also result in numerous harms. A few of the injuries you can sustain include:

    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Concussion
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Back injury
    • Herniated and bulging discs
    • Neck injury
    • Broken leg
    • Broken arm
    • Finger injury
    • Headaches
    • Whiplash
    • Broken ribs
    • Closed head wounds
    • Fractures
    • Sprains and dislocations
    • Muscle damage
    • Nerve damage
    • Crushing injuries
    • Severed limbs
    • Paraplegia and quadriplegia
    • Coma
    • Death

    All car accidents can be dangerous, and Lyft crashes are no exception. The negligent behavior of a Lyft driver or another individual can lead to severe consequences, and you may be in need of compensation for your damages. Fortunately, we can help secure you a satisfactory Lyft accident payout.

    Loss of Pregnancy and Forced Delivery Post-Accident

    If you have been in an accident with a Lyft driver while pregnant, you may experience a loss of pregnancy or a forced delivery after the accident. Women who are pregnant are in a vulnerable state when they travel in a rideshare vehicle. They risk a miscarriage of their unborn child, if they are in an accident with a Lyft driver. The woman who has been in a Lyft rideshare accident may experience:

    • Unresponsiveness at the scene of the accident
    • Possible cardiac arrest
    • Loss of airway/respiratory arrest
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Bleeding
    • Fetus in distress
    • Circulation issues
    • High fetal heart rate
    • Experiencing blunt trauma to the abdomen
    • Experiencing contractions brought on by the accident
    • Disrupted membranes
    • Vaginal bleeding
    • Uterine tenderness
    • Increased contractions per hour
    • Restrained crushing injury from seatbelt to abdomen
    • Adverse fetal outcomes

    Women who are pregnant who have been in car accidents are at a higher risk of miscarriage, or for having to deliver their baby early post-accident. After a car accident, the woman who is pregnant may need to go onto basic life support or advance cardiac life support. Either of these situations are putting the fetus in a vulnerable position to be delivered early or to die. If a woman is requiring basic life support while pregnant, she may experience:

    • A manual uterine displacement
    • Increased chest wall compressions
    • Necessity to have defibrillation
    • Need for intravenous therapy
    • Need for tracheal intubation
    • Need for ventilation
    • Need for life-saving medication that may adversely affect the baby

    Pregnant Women in Car Accidents Can Go Into Cardiac Arrest Resulting from the Trauma

    If a pregnant woman is in an accident in a Lyft vehicle, and goes suddenly into cardiac arrest, it can be fatal for her baby. In that case, the mother may not respond to initial resuscitative efforts, and may need an emergency hysterotomy if the baby is over 20 weeks old. This allows the doctors to prepare for a cesarean delivery of the child, while being able to give the pregnant woman resuscitation.

    Many Unborn Babies Do Not Survive the Blunt Trauma of a Lyft Car Accident

    The survival aspect and possibilities for the mother and fetus will decrease during the time form the mother’s cardiac arrest and the baby’s delivery. Some doctors may state that there is ideally only five minutes or less from the time a mother goes into cardiac arrest from an accident, and the preterm delivery of the baby. In the field, such as at an accident scene, there is rarely this time to save the mother’s life and that of the baby’s life at the same time.

    Survival of the infant born less than 23 to 24 weeks old and less than 1 pound weight is unlikely and rare. In those cases, the mother will lose the baby. Mother’s will also often spontaneously miscarry the baby when in a car accident in a Lyft vehicle.

    The blunt trauma to the abdomen area from the restraint of the seat belt is often a factor, as well as being pushed against the deployed airbags during the moments after the crash sequence has initiated. If a pregnant woman has a loss of a pregnancy, miscarriage, or forced delivery post-accident, it will be the result of the accident with the Lyft vehicle where the mother was a passenger.

    Call Our Offices Now if You Were Pregnant and Were Injured in a Lyft Car Crash

    If you were pregnant while riding in a Lyft rideshare, and experienced a car accident, you need to give our law offices a call immediately. We will discuss your accident, your medical condition and what happened to you during the Lyft car accident. We will also get you on the road to recovery to receive the recovery compensation that you need to fully overcome the accident and all medical issues brought on by the accident with the Lyft driver’s negligence.

    What Is the Average Case Value of a Lyft Accident lawsuit lawyer attorney compensation

    Our Recent Verdicts and Settlements


    Injury To Rideshare Driver

    $1 Million

    Rideshare Driver Injury

    $1 Million

    Uber Accident


    Rideshare Accident


    Lyft Accident

    $1 Million

    Rideshare Accident

    Lyft’s Insurance Information

    Lyft provides insurance by way of York Insurance for both its drivers and the passengers in the cars. Initially, it viewed drivers as independent contractors, and would not thus cover them in the case of any accidents. After a case involving the death of a little girl, laws were changed, and Lyft became required to provide insurance.

    The policy for Lyft’s insurance is different from a regular policy, though. Normal automobile insurance policies will not be in effect for the Lyft driver, as it would be considered commercial driving, which is different from personal use. There are three different stages of the policy during a Lyft ride.

    When the driver is not actively using the app and searching for rides, his own personal auto insurance is in play. When he turns the app on, though, he will be covered for $50,000 of damages for liability. This state persists until he accepts a customer and is en route to the location. At this point, the policy increases to $1,000,000. When the customer is picked up, he is also given the benefit of the $1,000,000 policy. When the ride concludes and the individual is dropped off, the $50,000 policy returns.

    Drivers are also covered for uninsured and underinsured motorist accidents. The amount is $1,000,000 as well. Underinsured motorists cannot cover the full amount of damages from the accident, and uninsured motorists cannot cover any, as they do not have any insurance to pay. This coverage would also be utilized in hit and run accidents.

    One of the key issues with collecting Lyft passenger accident settlements is having to go through their insurance company, York. York has the tendency to flat out deny claims that they do not feel are worthwhile. They may let claims sit on their desks for weeks, and when they finally read them, may simply declare that the victim was not as hurt as he claimed. The goal of York is to keep Lyft accident settlement amounts as low as possible.

    In order for you to receive fair compensation, you will need an attorney who has brought in numerous York Insurance Lyft accident settlements. Our lawyers fit that bill perfectly.

    Further Lyft Accident Info

    Call us today to set up a free legal consultation with one of our experienced attorneys to learn what a Lyft injury claim is worth in your situation. We will tell you about the legal process and look over your case so we can determine how much we believe we can win for you. If you have questions, you’re welcome to ask us anything, and we will give you the answers.

    If you hire us, we’ll also promise you that you won’t pay any out of pocket expenses thanks to our zero fee guarantee. This states that we won’t get paid unless and until we win; the expenses will come from the settlement we win for you, so Lyft will cover your legal bills. If we lose, you’re off the hook, and we eat the legal costs of the case. You won’t have to pay a dime.

    Don’t wait to get started on your Lyft accident lawsuit. We will help you receive the maximum value for your Lyft accident claim. Call Kenmore Law Group today to speak with a skilled lawyer.

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