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    The rise of electric scooters has resulted in various lawsuits and claims being filed against the companies responsible for manufacturing and distributing the vehicles. Accidents and injuries have become commonplace and there is almost no surefire method of protection for victims. The dangers of these scooters are apparent in the way many people operate them, often illegally and without helmets or regard for others. Lime has provided scooters to accompany its bikes; unlike the bikes, which are parked at stands when not in use, the scooters can be left anywhere once a rider has reached his destination. Some of the scooters have noticeable defects and can malfunction, resulting in injuries. If you were hurt because of a defect in a scooter, our lawyers at Kenmore Law Group can help you file a lawsuit against Lime scooter for your damages.

    Lime Scooter Information

    Lime scooters are mass produced and imported to various cities in which Lime operates. The scooters are distributed around the cities, used by riders, charged at nighttime, and returned to specific spots. However, the scooters do not always undergo maintenance and are not checked to be in perfect working condition very often. The repairmen and mechanics are far and few; in fact, many of the individuals responsible for fixing any problems are independent contractors who may have other tasks at hand.

    The scooters can have a slew of problems with them, though, that may cause devastating accidents and severe injuries. It is important that you amply check each scooter for defects before unlocking it (and thereby wasting a dollar if it is in fact defective). If you do find a defect with a scooter, you should quickly alert Lime and find another one nearby.

    However, some of the defects may not be apparent upon inspection. In fact, some may not even occur until midway through a ride. Some of the most common defects found in Lime scooters include:

    • Flat tires and wheel troubles: Scooters need to have properly inflated tires that are adequately rotated and can bear weight. If the tires go flat or if the wheels break or come off during a ride, you can easily lose control of the scooter and crash. Handling a scooter with only one working wheel is next to impossible, and an accident can cause extensive damage.
    • Faulty brakes: The brakes on a Lime scooter must not be defective or you won’t be able to stop yourself from crashing into an oncoming vehicle, pedestrian, other scooter, or other object. You may not be able to stop at lights or avoid a hazard in the road. Brake lines must be appropriately wired and if there are issues, you should raise a concern with Lime.
    • Defective batteries: The batteries in scooters must be able to handle constant charging. Faulty batteries can exert too much power and wind up overheating, causing short circuits and electrical fires. If a scooter catches fire while you’re riding it, it could lead to various burns and injuries.
    • Frame issues: The frame of a scooter, the handlebars, the stand, and more must all be properly fitted and such. If there is a problem, the different parts of the scooter can become loose and fall off, or they may not function properly. They could very easily lock up, jam, or break mid-use.
    • Electronic problems: If there are problems with the electronics, the scooter may malfunction at any given point. It could suddenly stop and go without any input from you as a rider, or it could turn off altogether mid-ride. Further, it could simply display the wrong number for the speed while in motion.

    If any of these defects caused an accident and you were hurt, you could file a claim against Lime scooter. We will help you sue Lime scooter for damages stemming from the incident.

    Can you sue Lime for accidents on a Lime electric scooter?

    Yes, you can sue Lime for accidents on a Lime electric scooter. The company is responsible for preserving your safety and health by providing you with functioning scooters. If the vehicles are broken and contribute to accidents, you could take legal action.

    Can I sue Lime scooter if their scooter was defective and I got injured?

    Yes, you can sue Lime scooter if their scooter was damaged and you got injured. This is specifically written into the terms and agreements. If you were injured as a result of your own negligence, though – such as by tampering with the scooter or riding illegally – you would not have ample grounds to sue Lime scooter for the accident.

    Can I sue Lime for an accident if a Lime scooter was damaged and broken and I got hurt?

    Yes, you can sue Lime for an accident if a Lime scooter was broken and damaged and you got hurt. The scooter may have contributed to the accident in some way and it may have been damaged before you even unlocked it. It is up to Lime to ensure that the scooters on the street are all properly maintained.

    Can you sue if you fell off a Lime scooter and you got injured?

    Yes, you can sue if you fell off a Lime scooter and got injured. A fall could be caused by any of the previously mentioned defects. If you fell off a scooter because you were standing on one leg or because you weren’t holding the handlebars, though, you would likely not have enough evidence to sue, as the injuries were caused because of your own negligence.

    Steps to Take after a Lime Scooter Accident

    If you follow these steps, you will be in good shape if you choose to file a lawsuit against Lime Scooter for injury caused by a broken scooter. You should make sure to not panic and to stay calm after a crash, especially if you suffered injuries.

    • Firstly, you should seek medical attention if you were hurt. Your injuries need to be treated right away, whether by paramedics at the scene of the accident or by a doctor at the hospital. You should be evaluated whether you think you were hurt or not, as some injuries may not show up right away. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to prove to Lime that you were hurt as a result of a defective scooter.
    • Next, you should alert Lime to the accident by filing an incident report through the app or the website. You should also be sure to take a screenshot of the ride information on your phone and print out the statement from your bank showing that you paid for a ride and unlocked a scooter.
    • If there were any witnesses who saw the scooter malfunction, you can request their statements and testimonies and record them.
    • A defective scooter should be kept as evidence, but if you do not have the ability to take it home with you, be sure to take as many photos of the defects as you can. This will have to suffice.
    • Photos are also necessary for your injuries and the scene of the accident. You should show what you suffered and what happened at the crash site.
    • If the defect caused you to be struck by another vehicle, call the police to conduct an investigation and request a police report upon its conclusion.
    • Finally, seek the assistance of a skilled lawyer who can fairly represent you and handle your case. Our attorneys have been on top of Lime lawsuits for years and we know how much help victims need.

    Compensation from a Lime Scooter Accident

    A Lime scooter accident can result in numerous kinds of damage to your body, and as a result, you should have all the associated expenses paid off by the company. A personal injury claim is adequate to garner you the restitution you deserve. With the help of our team of skilled attorneys at Kenmore Law Group, you could face compensation for:

    Medical expenses related to the crash, such as surgery costs, hospitalization fees, medication, physical therapy sessions, and any future medical treatments for additional injuries

    Lost wages at work from days you missed because of the injury, as well as future days that you will miss because of recovery time or other medical needs

    Property damage that was lost or broken in the crash, such as your cell phone and other electronics

    Pain and suffering damages, which include PTSD, anxiety, fear, emotional stress, psychological suffer, and more

    In some instances, a defective scooter could contribute to the untimely death of a family member or loved one. In these cases, you could sue Lime for a wrongful death and collet compensation related to the passing. The funeral and burial expenses of the deceased could be covered, as well as any pre-death medical bills. Pre-death pain and suffering can also be taken care of, in addition to loss of consortium. Future funds from savings and inheritance can be reimbursed, too.

    Deadline for a Claim

    In California, you only have 2 years to file a personal injury lawsuit against Lime for damages suffered from a defective scooter. If you do not take legal action in this timeframe, you won’t be able to collect any compensation. It is important you file a claim quickly, as representatives will try to use the lost time as a reason that you were not hurt or to show that you were injured elsewhere and want to blame the accident on the scooter.

    You may be able to have this statute of limitations extended if you were physically or mentally unable to file a claim at the time or if you were underage at the time of the incident. Talk to a lawyer for more information and to figure out how much time you have to take action.

    Our Firm’s Promise

    At Kenmore Law Group, we promise to do all we can to bring you the compensation you deserve from a Lime scooter accident. Lime should not have defective scooters available for use, and if you were injured in a crash, we will help you get the compensation you need to cover all necessary expenses. We dedicate ourselves to our clients and won’t stop fighting for your rightful settlement until we are satisfied with the offer.

    If you wish to set up a free legal consultation, call our firm today. We will talk with you about your case and give you the details you need to make an informed claim. If you hire us to take your case, we’ll give you our zero fee guarantee, which promises that you won’t pay a single cent for our legal services. We’ll only get paid if we win your case, and if we lose, you owe us nothing at all.

    To file a claim against Lime for a defective scooter accident, reach out to one of our qualified lawyers at the Kenmore Law Group in Los Angeles.

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