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    Generally, everyone expects to be safe when traveling and entering various stores and business, even apartments and homes. However, there are not always safe routes and some of the property owners do not address hazards. There may be various dangerous located on the property, and even if you actively try to avoid them, you may still suffer injuries. If you get hurt because a property owner is negligent, you can file a premises liability claim to pursue compensation. the Kenmore Law Group can help you with your claim.

    What are types of premises liability accidents?

    Premises liability accidents can take on various forms. Many individuals get injured in public without realizing that they were hurt because of someone else’s negligence, which can be grounds for a lawsuit. Examples of grounds for premises liability claims include:

    • Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents in restaurants, grocery stores, private properties, and more
    • Accident sustained in apartments, nursing homes, hospitals, and other locations due to slippery floors, broken stairs, lack of clean up, and more
    • Dilapidated, squalid, or otherwise unsanitary living conditions
    • Bed bugs, vermin, and other forms of pests that can wreak havoc on a home
    • Broken trees and branches that fall due to lack of maintenance
    • Construction sites that do not provide warnings to passersby
    • Living conditions in which asbestos, carbon monoxide, and other dangerous fumes cause respiratory and cognitive injuries

    There are many more reasons that you can file a premises liability lawsuit. Your best bet is to do research or call an attorney to determine if your injury can allow you to sue the property owner.

    How can I file a premises liability claim?

    To file a premises liability claim, you must establish that the property owner was negligent in some way. Premises liability requires that you show at least one of these points to be true:

    • The property owner caused the hazard to appear in some way
    • The property owner knew about the hazard or danger but took no action to fix it, address it, or warn people on the property about it
    • The property owner was unaware of the hazard, but reasonably should have been as any competent other individual would have been

    Many premises liability claims fall under the third point. Property owners may not know about problems because they did not do their due diligence and properly investigate the area, conduct searches and walkthroughs, check in for repairs, and more.

    You will also be sorted according to your guest type. If you were a customer of some kind, you will be an invitee, or someone on the property for a mutual benefit. Social guests are known as licensees and are owed a slightly lesser duty of care, while trespassers are not legally allowed on the property at all (although you still cannot set traps, for example).

    You will then need to gather your evidence for the claim. This evidence can take on many forms and should be gathered from the moment you have the ability to do so. Some injured victims are rushed to the hospital and do not manage to get proof when they can, which harms their cases. We believe you should follow these steps to get all the relevant evidence possible

    You should immediately go to the doctor to get medical treatment if you were injured. Your health is of paramount importance. You may be able to get treated at the scene of the incident, but you should seek follow-up appointments to ensure that your health is not compromised.

    While at the doctor, you should get copies of the receipt for your co-pay, copies of MRI and X-ray results, your doctor’s notes, prescriptions, treatment plans, and more. This will all contribute to your evidence.

    You should have photos and videos of everything relevant. This can include photos of your injuries, pictures of the scene of the incident and the hazard, surveillance footage from the store of company, personal recordings on your phone to show what happened, and more.

    You can ask nearby eyewitnesses and bystanders to contribute to your case by providing their statements and testimonies. These additional perspectives and statements of support will show that you were not the only one to have seen the hazard or been affected by it. Similarly, you can ask other victims for their input. You may be able to join a class action lawsuit against the defendant if enough plaintiffs come forward with their evidence.

    If you were at a hotel, grocery store, restaurant, or other establishment, you should have proof of your stay or entrance. This can include receipts, credit card statements, bank statements, and more. You should be able to show that you were a paying customer.

    Upon gathering your proof, you should reach out to a premises liability attorney who can file your lawsuit for you. We will ensure that your demand letter is thorough and complete, and when we handle your case, we will hire expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. You may not have any background in the law, and if you try to file a claim without guidance, you may not succeed. We will handle the claim from start to finish and see to it that you receive worthwhile restitution for your injuries and losses.

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    What can I win in a premises liability lawsuit?

    A premises liability claim can result in a large settlement as long as you have proper representation from an accredited attorney. We will help you from start o finish to ensure that your injuries are fully compensated and your other damages are paid in full. Our goal is to bring restitution to all of the clients who walk through our doors, and we will not stop fighting for your deserved compensation. We will strive to win you restitution for:

    • Medical bills and expenses if you were injured and needed to be transported to the hospital, receive surgery, undergo physical therapy, or go to additional appointments in the future to continue treatment
    • Property damage for your personal items that may have been lost, damaged, broken, or need to be replaced because of the incident
    • Missed wages and income from the past and future, including promotions, bonuses, tips, and more
    • Pain and suffering damages for the mental trauma, emotional scarring, PTSD, anxiety, fear, and more

    Premises liability lawsuits can also be filed in the event that a loved one dies because of the incident. This is most common in slip and fall cases with the elderly, for example. You could receive wrongful death expenses as a surviving loved one or family member, which may include coverage for the funeral and burial, reimbursement for pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering, payment for loss of consortium, compensation for loss of inheritance, and more.

    If you do not have an expert premises liability lawyer on your side for your claim, you may not be able to win the maximum damages you deserve. We can work around the clock to secure you every penny you need and we won’t quit until we are satisfied with the result.

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    What is the deadline to file a claim against a property owner?

    In California, you have 2 years from the date of the injury to file a premises liability lawsuit against a property owner. If you do not file a claim in this time period, you will be unable to secure any compensation at all. The statute of limitations is important because it allows both parties adequate time to gather evidence to defend their side. If you are too slow with your claim, the chance of your evidence becoming corrupt, forgotten, or irrelevant is greatly increased.

    There are a few ways in which your statute of limitations can be extended beyond the statute of limitations. This can occur if you were underage at the time of the incident; minors cannot sue, and they can wait until they turn legal age before filing a claim. It is also possible that the defendant vacated the state or the victim was left incapacitated after the incident. When the defendant returns to California or when the victim returns to health, the statute would resume.

    Many lawsuits fail to get filed because the victim does not recognize the statute of limitations exists or he is unaware of how much time remains on his claim. If you call a skilled premises liability attorney, you will never have to worry about deadlines or about potentially failing to submit a document on time. We will handle all aspects of your case for you and ensure that your case is active within the statute of limitations.

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