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    Personal injury lawsuits are some of the most common claims filed in the country. They involve wrongdoing and injuries done by one party to another. Many involve insurance companies and compensation for losses and damages. It is possible for the claims to go to court, but more often than not there is an agreement between the two parties, called a settlement. Usually, victims will need some kind of legal representation to ensure that they are getting the money they deserve. It is our responsibility at Kenmore Law Group to win you every penny you need no matter what kind of personal injury lawsuit you intend to file.

    What are common types of personal injury lawsuits?

    Many individuals file personal injury claims when they get injured in any way. There are usually very good reasons to pursue legal compensation, and all are rooted in the concept of negligence. Some of the common personal injury lawsuits that are filed include:

    • Car accident and motor vehicle claims, usually resulting from rear-end crashes, sideswipe collisions, blind side accidents, and more
    • Premises liability lawsuits, which take place on private property or public property that is hazardous or has dangers present on it that the property owner did not address, fix, or sound off about
    • Medical malpractice cases, which result from the errors of doctors, nurses, and hospitals
    • Product liability claims, which include defective items that were recalled or that suddenly malfunction and cause injuries to the users
    • Pedestrian accidents, which include individuals getting hit by vehicles and bicyclists getting involved in accidents

    There are numerous other forms of personal injury claims that can be filed, including dog bite lawsuits, assault and battery cases, and construction accident cases. Some types of lawsuits have special restrictions or requirements; for example, medical malpractice cases have caps on the amount of pain and suffering compensation you can earn. It is important that you learn as much about these different claims as you can before you initiate a lawsuit. A skilled personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles will be able to answer all of your questions for you.

    What steps should I take to file a personal injury lawsuit?

    Filing a personal injury lawsuit requires that you have enough evidence on your side to win your case. If you file a claim with next to no proof, you will not advance very far and you may not be able to win any compensation for your injuries. You must also be able to prove that the other party was negligent by showing that they owed you a duty of care that was breached, which then led to an accident that caused physical harm.

    We recommend that you follow these steps for the best chance of success with your claim:

    For any incident you are involved in, you should go to the doctor for medical treatment. If you do not go to the doctor, you may do damage to your claim. The longer you wait to get treatment after an injury the more likely it is that the insurance agent will doubt the validity of your injuries. He will say that you were hurt somewhere else and that you are simply using the incident as a scapegoat for something else. Additionally, you may worsen your injuries if you do not go to the doctor immediately. Your health should be your highest priority.

    When you are at the doctor, you should hold on to all medical receipts, prescriptions, photos of your injuries, X-rays and MRI results, doctor’s notes, and more. This will show the cost of the treatment and what was done, which you can in turn present to the insurance agent.

    You will need as many photos and videos you can get of the incident. Pictures of your injuries should always be included, but so should photos of the accident scene, the product, the vehicles involved in the accident, and much more. You may be able to get video footage in some ways, such as from security cameras, surveillance cameras, dashboard cameras, GoPro footage, personal recordings, and more.

    You can ask for eyewitness statements and testimonies to add to your claim. If anyone else saw the incident happen, it will benefit you. Additional perspectives can only bolster the lawsuit. There is also the opportunity for you to join a class action lawsuit if enough people were hurt by the same company, vehicle, product, or other similarity. A class action lawsuit will add all of the evidence together and allow for multiple plaintiffs to sue one defendant.

    You may need to file an incident report with a company, a police report with the police department, or acquire other documents from the responsible party. These additional forms or pieces of proof submitted to other parties will play a large part in your claim.

    You will need to gather contact details and insurance information from whoever was responsible for the incident, if you can acquire it. This will allow you to file a claim with the proper target. If you do not have a target, it may be very hard to collect compensation from your own insurance company.

    Finally, we recommend reaching out to an experienced personal injury lawyer who can handle your case for you. If you try to move forward without any assistance, you may not succeed. A lawyer on your side can work while you heal and recover.

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    How long do I have to file a personal injury claim in California?

    In California, you have 2 years to file a personal injury lawsuit. This statute of limitations is in place so that both parties have adequate time to gather evidence and assemble their claims. If you do not act quickly, your evidence may get lost or it could become corrupted; eyewitnesses may forget key moments, for instance, and you could lose photos or other documents supporting your case.

    The statute of limitations could be extended beyond the 2-year deadline in some situations. These extensions can be claimed by your attorney. They include:

    • Minors as victims, which allows the statute to begin when the victim turns 18 years old
    • Incapacitated victims who are not physically or mentally healthy, which allows the statute to be suspended until they return to functionality
    • Absent defendants, which causes the statute to be suspended until the defendant returns to California

    In the event you do not know the proper time limit left on your personal injury claim, you should reach out to an attorney. We will be able to tell you the proper deadlines and advise you on when to act. If you wish, we will file your claim for you and ensure that you do not miss any time at all.

    kenmore personal injury lawyers incident accident compensation sue
    What am I entitled to in a personal injury lawsuit?

    Personal injury lawsuits can result in a large amount of money. The insurance agent handling the case will measure the severity of your injuries, the impact the injuries had on your life and career, the level of responsibility or liability you had in the incident, and more. He will then come up with a settlement offer based on those factors. Often, the insurance agent will make a low offer or will not give you enough to cover your expenses, since they primarily want to retain profits for their companies. Our attorneys will negotiate a better deal and will not give up until we are satisfied with the results. You can receive numerous kinds of compensation, including the following:

    • Medical expenses from the past and future to cover hospitalization, surgery, prescriptions and medication, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and more
    • Property damage if your personal items were broken or needed to be repaired after the incident
    • Lost income from the past and future if you were not able to return to work for a period of time after the incident and required recovery, rest, or additional treatments
    • Pain and suffering damages to account for emotional trauma, PTSD, anxiety, fear, metal anguish, psychological scarring, and more
    • Wrongful death damages if a loved one or family member died in the incident, which can include funeral and burial fees, pre-death medical bills, pre-death pain and suffering, loss of consortium and relations, loss of expected inheritance and savings, and more
    • Punitive damages if the opposing party acted in gross negligence or with the intent to cause harm, but these damages are often viewed as severe or excessive and are notoriously difficult to acquire

    You should not be expected to pay for damages from a personal injury lawsuit if you were injured duet o the negligence of another party. We will do everything in our power at Kenmore Law Group to secure you the maximum settlement available for your claim.

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    Kenmore Law Group is a renowned personal injury law firm in Los Angeles. We have some of the best lawyers in the business and we know the most efficient and worthwhile tactics to win your claim. For us, there is no other commitment than the one we have for our clients, and we always go above and beyond to satisfy them.

    We will look over your case in a free legal consultation if you call us for assistance. You can ask us any questions and we’ll give you the answers you need. We’ll also make sure you pay us no fees at all – our zero fee guarantee means we don’t get paid unless we win, and only if we get a settlement or verdict from the defendant. If we lose, we don’t take any payment at all and you owe us nothing.

    Kenmore Law Group can help you with your personal injury lawsuit. Call our law firm today for a free consultation and to discuss the potential value of your claim.

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