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    Jiffy Lube Slip and Fall Accident Injury Attorney

    Jiffy Lube Slip and Fall Accident Injury Attorney lawyer sue compensation incident

    Jiffy Lube is a company that offers a quick turnaround for customers who are interested in getting a quick oil change for their automobile. At Jiffy Lube, most customers are in their business environment to wait for their car while it is being worked on and serviced. The technicians pull the car into the service bay at Jiffy Lube, and the service technician is standing in a safe area underneath the car to work on it. Next, the technicians service the vehicle and return it outside to the waiting customer.

    A customer can slip and fall on any slick surfaces or debris that is outside or inside of the Jiffy Lube store. This can create a slipping, tripping and falling hazard for the customer, who may not be aware of the hazardous conditions at the Jiffy Lube store. If you have been injured at a Jiffy Lube and have slipped and fallen at that store, then it is time for you to talk to a lawyer in our office. You need to call us to discuss your case with an attorney who knows what to do to set you to rights, after a Jiffy Lube slip and fall accident.

    Jiffy Lube Has Slip and Fall Hazards Both Inside and Outside of the Store

    Customers going into the Jiffy Lube may have hazards unseen to them at the time, whereby they can easily slip and fall. These hazards include:

    • Hazardous materials
    • Hazardous substances
    • Hazardous waste
    • Grease
    • Oil
    • Enzymes
    • Solvents
    • Chemicals
    • Flammable liquids
    • Cleaning solutions
    • Debris
    • Plastic caps
    • Plastic debris and bottles
    • Parts
    • Hoses
    • Electrical wires
    • Vents

    If you have tripped over hazardous materials or debris at a Jiffy Lube store, you need to give us a call right now. We are able to work with you to develop your case and claim. You may have serious personal injuries that are related to falling over debris, wires, tubes or plastic on the floor of the Jiffy Lube. You also may have had an issue with falling because of solvents, grease or other slippery surfaces that are on the ground at the Jiffy Lube store. If this has been the case for you, just call us today.

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    “Help, I Slipped and Fell at a Jiffy Lube, What Do I Do Next?”

    We understand that this might be a difficult time for you. You have slipped and fallen at a Jiffy Lube, and are now working on getting through your recovery period for your personal injuries. We are here for you, and you can speak now to a lawyer with experience in slip and falls at a Jiffy Lube store. If you are looking for an attorney with expertise in slip and fall accidents, then you need to give us a call now.

    If you have fallen at a Jiffy Lube, then you will have personal injuries that need time to heal. We will be happy to review your case with you, to understand your claim. We can help you to get the money that you deserve for your slip and fall at a Jiffy Lube. We will work to get you the recovery compensation that you need to pay for your outstanding medical bills.

    Can I Sue for a Slip and Fall at the Jiffy Lube?

    Yes, you can bring an action for your slip and fall at a Jiffy Lube. You are able to get a full recovery compensation package to recoup the money that you will need to take care of your personal injury medical bills. That way, you won’t have to go outside of your own pocket to pay for the bills for an accident that you were not responsible for, and did not create. We handle cases like this frequently, and we are able to get you the money you need in a full compensation recovery package for your losses.

    When you call our office, you will see that we can talk to you and get you the care and attention that you deserve for your slip and fall at a Jiffy Lube store. We have attorneys who specialize in getting you the recovery compensation that is necessary for you in this case. But nothing can happen until you call us and we are able to talk to you about the case today.

    You can call our office today, to talk to our Los Angeles case lawyers who can file a lawsuit on your behalf. We are able to have our attorneys work diligently for you on this lawsuit, and get the points across that are needed to win this case. All that you need to do is to pick up your smartphone and to give us a call today. We are on your side, and are here for you, to help you take the next steps on this case of a slip and fall at a Jiffy Lube store.
    Jiffy Lube Slip and Fall Accident Injury Attorney lawyer sue compensation incident
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    We understand that you have been injured in a Jiffy Lube slip and fall accident. We can offer to you every day of the week a free second opinion. When you call our law office, you will have access to talk to us about your claim and your case, and we will be here to explain to you what needs to happen next for your case. Call us today, and we will review your case for free.

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