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    Is A California Hotel Liable For Dog Bites On Their Property?

    Is A California Hotel Liable For Dog Bites On Their Property lawyer attorney sue lawsuit compensation incident

    Most hotel guests in California look forward to relaxing in a peaceful setting, letting the hotel staff handle the daily chores of making the bed, cleaning the room, and bringing their meals and snacks. In short, they look forward to having the hotel handle all the issues and chores during their stay. And when a problem arises, the guests assume that the hotel staff will correct it quickly.

    While this is a huge part of why most people love a vacation, it can also create some unrealistic expectations. For example, if you are bit by a dog while staying at a hotel, you assume that the hotel staff or management is responsible for the incident. However, that is not the case. And it is vital for any California dog bite victim to understand who is responsible for the dog and the damage that it causes, including their medical bills.

    So before you call the hotel corporate office and threaten a lawsuit due to your dog bite injuries, call Kenmore Law Group. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions about California dog bite laws, how to seek compensation for your injuries, and what you need to do to protect your rights and financial future. But before making this important call, please have your dog bite wound evaluated by a medical professional for your long-term safety and health. Our staff will be ready to take your call as soon as you have gotten the medical treatment your injuries require.
    Is A California Hotel Liable For Dog Bites On Their Property incident accident liability lawyer attorney
    How Serious Could A Minor Dog Bite Be?
    Many hotel guests who suffer a dog bite make the grave mistake of thinking the injury is not serious. However, many germs and bacteria in a dog’s mouth can result in severe or even life-threatening infections. A bone or blood infection, staph, strep, or rabies are only some of the very hazardous diseases that can result from a minor dog bite or puncture wound. So regardless of the appearance of any dog bite, seek a medical evaluation of the injury immediately. This is the only way to prevent a less serious dog bite from becoming a life-threatening illness.
    Understanding California Strict Liability And Dog Bites
    As a strict liability state, most California dog bites are the responsibility of the dog owner. The laws apply to public areas and most private property, meaning it is vital to have your dog under control at all times when in the state. The most typical exception to this widespread law is when the dog bite victim is on private property illegally. Most of the time, it is a prowler, burglar, or other criminal act that prevents the owner of a dog from being financially responsible for a dog bite. So if a dog bites an intruder coming into their home or, in this case, a hotel room, the owner is not at fault. But in most other cases, it is the dog owner who is responsible for all damage and injuries caused by a dog bite.
    What You Should Do After Being Bitten By A Dog At A California Hotel
    As with any dog bite, medical attention is a must. However, if the injury is not life-threatening, you should quickly gather some information to help protect yourself. Get the contact information for the dog owner, the contact information for the dog’s vet, and the contact information for any witnesses to the dog bite. You can also ask someone you are traveling with to gather this information if you need immediate medical care.

    After seeking treatment for the injuries, it is a good idea to alert the hotel management of the dog bite incident. While the hotel is not responsible for the dog or its actions, it is recommended that they be alerted to the aggressive behavior of a dog staying on their property. They could have specific protocols to follow, including gathering information, completing an incident report, or even asking the dog and owner to leave the property.
    Seek The Guidance Of Experts
    Suffering a dog bite at a California hotel is sure to create many questions and concerns. But you are also likely to have no idea how to get all the answers you want and need. The team at Kenmore Law Group is here to ensure that you have a reliable and trusted resource for all your questions and trepidations about handling medical bills and other challenges that can arise from a dog bite injury. In addition, our free consultation gives you the time you need to discuss the details of your injuries and the processes typically used to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

    Our dog bite injury attorneys have decades of experience guiding clients through the process of making a legal claim against the dog owner to secure money to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other damages resulting from their dog bite injuries. In addition, we will warn you of the potential hazards of taking any money or compensation from the dog owner and how it could impact your lawsuit in the future. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Kenmore Law Group office today to request your free consultation so you can begin to feel confident in your plan to move forward from your dog bite and injuries.
    Is A California Hotel Liable For Dog Bites On Their Property incident accident liability lawyer attorney sue
    Please Do Not Wait Too Long
    Some dog bite injury victims are sure they can work out the medical bills and other expenses with the dog owner in a personal manner and without legal intervention. However, once the bills start to add up, the dog owner could become much more adversarial. Suddenly, they are not taking your calls or responding to messages or emails. And you are left with significant bills that need to be paid. Hopefully, the dog bite occurred recently, and you have not lost too much time to file a case with the court system.

    The Statute of Limitations on a personal injury case in California is two years from the date of the incident. If you have waited longer than two years to file your lawsuit with the court system, you have lost your ability to make a claim for the incident in most cases. The experts at Kenmore Law Group will explain any exception to this rule that might apply to you and your case.

    However, please understand that you can begin working with the Kenmore Law Group team immediately after the dog bite incident to ensure that you are not faced with a challenge as the two-year time is close to expiring. In addition, there is no way to estimate how long the lawsuit will take to complete. So the sooner you file the claim, the sooner you will have the money you need to pay medical bills and others expenses due to the dog bite injury.
    What Is A Dog Bite Case Worth?
    The value of any lawsuit is based on the actual losses and expenses of the injury victim. The staff at Kenmore Law Group will work with you to include all of the costs that can be included in your lawsuit compensation claim, such as:

    • Medical bills for the treatment of the dog bite injuries
    • Estimated future medical care needed for the injuries
    • The cost of your legal team to prepare and file your lawsuit
    • The amount of lost wages if you are unable to work while healing from the dog bite injuries
    • Any lost wages for work missed to attend medical appointments
    • A dollar amount for the pain and suffering you endured as a result of the dog bite

    Why Choose Kenmore Law Group For Your Dog Bite Lawsuit
    The team at Kenmore Law Group is dedicated to seeing justice served for any injury victim in the state. We work diligently to prepare each case to include all expenses and losses to ensure the more robust settlement possible for our clients. We know that you could face significant financial obstacles after your injuries, and our goal is to get the complete compensation you deserve as quickly as possible.

    We never want to see an injury victim go into debt because of someone else’s negligence. And we never want to see our clients struggle to pay bills because they are paying legal fees. So we pledge to never bill for our services until we have secured a settlement or verdict in favor of our clients. In addition, you owe us nothing if we do not get you compensation for your injuries.

    When you entrust your financial future to the team at Kenmore Law Group, we promise to fight for you until we win your case. There is never a concern about you giving us more money to continue the process or to help keep our staff focused on your matter. We know that we can win and will not get paid until we get you paid. So contact the Kenmore Law Group office today to learn more about how we can protect your rights and help you move forward without excessive debt after suffering a dog bite at a California hotel.

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