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    Injuries from Cuts and Lacerations at a Store – Accident Lawsuit Attorney

    Injuries from Cuts and Lacerations at a Store compensation incident attorney sue lawsuit incident

    There are all sorts of injuries you can end up with when you are at a major retailer, like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, or Lowes. If you were to ask the average person about accidents that can happen at a store, they would probably mention slip and falls, trip and falls, and possibly injuries from falling objects. But most people don’t think about cuts you can get due to objects on counters, rough and cracked surfaces, and sharp objects on the floor. Such incidents can also cause serious harm to your body and mind, which is why it’s essential to learn about your rights if you’ve been injured at a store from an unsafe condition.

    Kenmore Law Group has been representing injury victims in the Los Angeles area for over two decades. We look forward to discussing your case and developing the right legal strategy to bring you compensation from a cuts and lacerations in a store lawsuit. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a free consultation on your rights and legal options.

    Injuries from Cuts and Lacerations at a Store compensation incident attorney lawyer sue lawsuit liability

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    Laceration and Puncture Wounds at a Store – Why Do They Happen?

    There are hazards on every commercial property which have the potential to cause a laceration injury. Broken glass is one of the most common hazards, particularly in store entry ways and in the sales aisles. Objects on counters and on store shelves can also puncture or slice through the skin. We also have to consider outdoor areas like sidewalks and parking lots, which often have discarded products and debris, like scrap metal, broken bottles, and even needles.

    Laceration injuries are especially common at home improvement stores (Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Lowes, etc.). These places specialize in power tools, gardening accessories, and panels of wood, glass, acrylic and other materials. These objects must be stored and secured in a certain way, which is the most effective way to prevent injuries to customers.

    People can also receive cuts from walls, shelves, and other surfaces in the store. Broken or cracked walls and surfaces have pointy or jagged edges that cut through the skin, or leave scratches and abrasions that take considerable time to heal. Thus, it’s important that store owners take the time to inspect and maintain their premises. In addition, they must train their workers to spot and take care of these issues, and hold them accountable when they fail to take the necessary measures.

    Why You Should See a Doctor for a Cut and Laceration Injury

    Most people would say that cuts to the skin are not a big deal, and as a result, they may not see a doctor right away if they were injured by a sharp object or another dangerous condition at a store. However, we implore you to take these incidents seriously and go to a hospital as soon as possible. For one thing, these injuries are caused by objects that are loaded with germs and viruses. That’s why people often end up with sepsis or tetanus if they are cut by objects like blades, scissors, and glass.

    If they are diagnosed early enough, these infections are completely curable, but many people wait too long and end up with severe complications, like low blood pressure, respiratory distress, blood poisoning, and gangrene. Deep cuts in the skin can also leave you with significant scarring, which can only be removed through plastic surgery. While plastic surgery may be excessive, it’s understandable that a victim would not want to deal with permanent scars on the face or another visible area of their body.

    What are my Rights as Someone that was Injured at a Store?

    If your injuries at a store were caused by a condition that the average person would describe as dangerous, you have the right to sue the store owner for monetary compensation. For example, most people would say that broken glass should be removed as soon as possible to avoid laceration injuries to someone’s hands and feet. They would also agree that sharp objects, like scissors and knives, should not be lying around on sales counters where they can cut or penetrate someone’s skin.

    Even if the objects or hazardous condition was caused by another customer, store operators and workers are responsible for taking care of situations that can lead to an accident. According to the law of premises liability, this is part of a store’s duty of care to the customers they serve. Hence, if you sustained a cut or some other injury from a condition that was on store property, you likely have grounds to seek monetary damages from the business owner.

    Value of an Accident Case for a Deep Laceration Injury

    Before we talk about what these cases are worth, let’s look at the possible categories of payment that may be included in a compensation award:

    • Medical expenses
    • Pain and suffering
    • Damage to your belongings
    • Lost income from your job
    • Mental anguish / emotional distress
    • Punitive damages
    • Legal fees

    The damages you are entitled to and the total sum of those damages will determine the amount you can receive as an injury victim. As you have probably guessed, these are circumstances that are unique to each victim and the losses they are left with after an unexpected accident. That’s why $10,000 to $25,000 may be an adequate settlement in some cases. But those with severe health complications and significant monetary losses may receive $1,000,000 or more. To see what you can potentially receive from a personal injury lawsuit, please reach out to us at our office.

    How Long is the Process to Settle my Case?

    It’s always our goal to bring you payment as fast as possible from a compensation claim, but at the same time, the settlement award proposed by the defendant should reflect the level of harm you’ve suffered. That’s why back and forth negotiations are necessary in most cases, and this process can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months. The majority of lawsuits against commercial properties are settled within a year, but that depends on our ability to negotiate directly with the insurance company. If we need outside intervention from a mediator or the court system, reaching a settlement can take two or more years.

    Free Second Opinion

    Our legal experts are ready to assist you if you need a second opinion on your accident case, no matter where you are in the legal process. Many clients find their way to us because they are dissatisfied with their current law firm. This may be due to a lack of communication from their attorney or how long it’s taking to settle their case. We can provide you with guidance on these and any other issues you are experiencing, so please contact us if you would like to schedule a free second opinion consultation.

    Injuries from Cuts and Lacerations at a Store compensation incident attorney sue lawsuit incident

    File Your Lawsuit within the Statute of Limitations

    There is a specific deadline that applies to all personal injury cases, so it’s important to file a cut or puncture wound injury claim as soon as possible. From the date of your accident, you will have 2 years to sue the store and any other entities that are liable for your injuries. If you are past this deadline, the courts are unlikely to give you an extension, meaning your right to sue will be taken away on a permanent basis. Don’t put your right to compensation at risk; call us immediately to begin the legal process with help from a cuts and lacerations in a store lawsuit attorney.

    Lawyers with Experience in Store Injury Accident Cases

    We’ve been taught to put on a brave face and bear the burden of an injury for as long as possible. But this is not a fair or reasonable expectation if someone else’s negligence caused you to be injured on their property. With that in mind, please give us a call to learn about your rights if you’ve sustained a cut or puncture wound while you were at a store.

    The personal injury lawyers of Kenmore are up for the challenge of fighting for your interests and securing maximum payment for you and your loved ones. We have a proven track record of success against many of California’s biggest retailers, including big box stores, supermarkets, home improvement stores, convenience stores, and shopping malls.

    In addition, we are a contingency-based law firm, so you pay nothing upfront to hire us. Legal fees are covered by the store you are suing, which is included in your settlement check. If you don’t receive payment from a successful injury claim, you owe us absolutely nothing. That’s our promise to you under the Zero Fee Guarantee, which you will receive from the very first consultation.

    To discuss your case and the compensation that may be available to you, contact us to schedule a free case review.

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