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    Ikea Store Slip and Fall Lawyer

    ikea store slip and fall lawyer attorney injury compensation accident incident sue lawsuit
    Ikea is a popular furniture store, with many locations across the country. People slip and fall at Ikea stores for a variety of reasons. Some people fall because of merchandise left negligently in the aisles, or fall down off of raised display platforms that feature seasonal furniture arrangements. The store has many tables and table arrangements on carpets and runners that can be tripping hazards for the customers. The store features seasonal displays with pillows and summer carpets on the floor, folding chairs that can fall inward, and has lighting fixture cords that run along the floor of the store display room for more tripping hazards.

    Each sectional sofa and couch have next to it a carpeted rug that highlights the colors of the furniture, further causing tripping hazards for customers walking through the store displays. If the customers squeeze through the areas around the furniture displays, there is a great likelihood that they will trip on the legs of a coffee table, or dining table, or chair that have been forced into small areas of the floor space in the Ikea furniture store.

    If you have fallen in an Ikea store, you need to call our law office to talk to a lawyer specializing in Ikea slip and fall lawsuits. It will be necessary to file an Ikea store injury lawsuit for people who have slipped and fallen in an Ikea store. The store has highly polished floor spaces, where people are susceptible to slipping and falling down in the store. Our law firm has Ikea trip and fall attorneys. We offer to you attorneys who can sue Ikea stores for a slip and fall accident that has resulted in personal injuries to you, losses and damages.

    Something Fell on Your Head at an Ikea Store

    If you have been injured because something fell on your head at an Ikea store, you need to give our law firm a call today. You need to talk to an attorney to file a lawsuit against Ikea for a head injury. It is not unusual that merchandise at an Ikea store fell off the shelf, and injured you while you were a customer in the store. Many people are injured from falling merchandise at an Ikea store, and they have suffered serious personal injuries as a result of that type of accident at Ikea.

    Ikea Store Injury Lawyer

    It will be necessary to file an Ikea store injury lawsuit for people who have been injured from a falling object in an Ikea store. The store has a large number of merchandises, and it is not unusual that something improperly hung on the walls or on the ceiling can be seen falling down in the store. If you are walking in an Ikea store, you may be the victim of being hurt by a falling object at an Ikea store that injures you. If an object fell at an Ikea store from the ceiling and hit you on the head, it may have caused you a head injury at an Ikea store. In that case, you need to call our law office today, to discuss the next steps to initiating a lawsuit for your damages, losses, lost wages and personal injuries.

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    List of Ikea Stores in California and Texas

    The California Ikea stores are found in the following locations:

    Ikea Costa Mesa, 1475 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626; Ikea Palo Alto 1700 E Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303; Ikea Burbank, 600 Ikea Way, Burbank, CA 91502; Ikea Emeryville, 4400 Shellmound St, Emeryville, CA 94608; Ikea Carson, 20700 S Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA 90746; Ikea West Sacramento, 700 Ikea Ct, West Sacramento, CA 95605; Ikea Covina, 848 South Barranca Avenue, Covina, CA 91723; Ikea San Diego, 2149 Fenton Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92108; Ikea Costa Mesa, 1475 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

    Ikea stores in Texas are found in the following locations:

    Ikea Round Rock, 1 Ikea Way, Round Rock, TX 78665; Ikea Houston, 7810 Kay Freeway at Antoine, Houston, TX 77024; Ikea Frisco, 7171 Ikea Drive, Frisco; Ikea Grand Prairie, 1000 IKEA Pl, Grand Prairie, TX 75052; Ikea Live Oak, 1000 IKEA-RBFCU Pkwy, Live Oak, TX 78233; Ikea University Oaks Shopping Center, 201 University Oaks Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665.

    Your request for a lawyer will be honored when you give us a call. You will have the opportunity to sit down with an attorney to discuss your personal injuries and other damages and losses related to the accident. We are here to initiate your lawsuit, and work with you to get the result that you need in this situation. It is time to talk to a lawyer with experience in winning cases against the big insurance companies.

    We have on our team an attorney with expertise in working with Ikea claim cases, to bring them to a successful conclusion for you. Discuss our case with attorneys who specialize in winning big against the insurance companies. Isn’t it time to talk to a lawyer with a specialty in winning personal injury cases against Ikea? Gather your paperwork, and sit down with lawyers who can help with the next steps to initiating a lawsuit against Ikea. Look, we offer a highly experienced attorney in Los Angeles who is going to be there for you, when you are ready to recover compensation from Ikea for your personal injury in their store.

    “Can I Sue for a Slip and Fall at an Ikea Store?”

    Yes, the answer is affirmed, we can sue for a slip and fall injury at an Ikea store. You can trust our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit on your behalf in this case. Welcome to our law firm, and access to our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue for you to get back the money you need from lost wages, and for doctor bills for your services at a healthcare facility to recover from your personal injuries received at an Ikea store.

    If you were injured in a slip and fall at an Ikea store, you were not expecting to go to the store to shop and end up with a serious personal injury. Most people go into a store to shop, and are not aware of all of the hazards waiting for them in the store. They are not employees of the store, and for that reason, are not expecting to go to a store and have to flesh out all of the hazards. The store employees, manager and regional manager are responsible for the way the store looks, and how all of the displays are set up. If there are wires on the floor, pulled and frayed carpets, and uneven floor surfaces, that is something that is under the full responsibility of the store manager and employees, not the customers coming in to buy merchandise from the Ikea store. The store managers and employees need to continually walk around the store, to ensure that the store is always safe for the customers to shop freely in the store. The store displays cannot be set into the store, as a “one and done” with no other effort to ensure that there are no frayed carpets, uneven surfaces, overly polished floors, loose wires or other tripping hazards for the customers.
    ikea store slip and fall lawyer attorney injury compensation accident incident lawsuit sue
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    If you would like to talk to us about your Ikea store injury case, we are here for you. We understand that you may have new medical bills that have to be attended to now, because of an accident at an Ikea store. We want to help you, and as soon as you give us a call, we will be in the position to help you get the ball rolling for initiating your lawsuit against Ikea for your personal injury damages.

    This is all new for you, and we are here for you to answer any questions that you might have, regarding this process and anything else related to your personal injury claim for your accident at Ikea. We are ready to put you in the best position, and offer to you our popular zero-fee guarantee. We have no upfront fees, and that is a fact, you will never have to pay us a retainer fee up front to talk to us.

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    There does come the time when something is important enough, that you might want or seek out a second opinion. We understand that you want to talk to several people about your claim. We are here for you and are able to discuss your case with you. We are confident that once you talk to us, you will not want to go anywhere else. Are you seeking a confidential free second opinion? If so, you are in good hands. We are ready to talk to you confidentially about your current case, and offer hope to you that we can win the recovery compensation that you desire.

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