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    IHOP Slip And Fall Lawyer

    IHOP Slip And Fall Lawyer incident liability compensation attorney sue liable

    With over 220 IHOP locations in California, residents can have great pancakes whenever they crave that sweet, indulgent treat. There are options from strawberries and cream to pecans or even chocolate chips to dress up this favorite breakfast staple. IHOP is also a great place to visit for an affordable lunch or dinner of typical American fares, such as burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Being open 24/7 also offers a substantial benefit to patrons who work off-shift or want a late-night snack.

    When you enter an IHOP, the greeting is always warm and welcoming, even when you are the only person in the restaurant in the middle of the night. And you are eager to get seated and decide which hearty meal you will select. But before you step toward that table, be sure to scan the floor for any safety hazards like a puddle of water or spilled food that could create a slip and fall safety hazard. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents are widespread at IHOP and all restaurants, even though you might not hear much about this safety concern.

    While all restaurants have an increased possibility of slip and fall hazards because of the number of drinks and food carried around the establishments, those open 24/7 tend to have more slip and fall incidents. It might be the minimal number of employees working the late night shift. It could be related to the cleaning schedule or a lack of attention to detail by the management. But what customers need to know is that if they have suffered a slip and fall injury at IHOP, the IHOP slip and fall lawyers at Kenmore Law Group are here to provide the information you need to protect your rights. Call us day or night to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation with an expert California IHOP slip and fall lawyer.

    What Can Cause A Slip And Fall Incident At IHOP

    Sadly, there are too many potential causes of slip and fall accidents to list. However, some culprits are more common than others and seem to be frequent issues at IHOP and other restaurants. These slip and fall safety hazards include:

    • Torn or damaged carpet
    • Damaged or missing floor mats
    • Water tracked inside during a heavy rain
    • Floors that are wet from cleaning but have no warning signs or safety notice
    • Carts, boxes, or other obstructions left on the floor
    • Spilled drinks or food littering the floor
    • Clogged sink drains causing a flood in the bathroom
    • Clogged toilets flooding the bathroom floor
    • Leaking sinks in the bathroom or dining area that create wet floors
    • Leaking coolers or cold storage spaces that flood the floors
    • Leaking water or drain lines that create slippery, wet floors

    Spills are not uncommon in restaurants. For example, customers and employees can accidentally knock over a cup or glass, creating a slipping hazard on the floor. However, the staff must respond to these incidents immediately to either clean up the spill or make the area with signage to warn customers of a potentially slippery area that requires added caution. When this attention to detail is not followed, the result can be a catastrophic injury due to someone’s negligence and breach of duty of care.
    IHOP Slip And Fall Lawyer incident liability compensation attorney sue

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    Understanding How Negligence Can Create A Slip And Fall Accident

    All property owners are expected to keep their property safe and free of safety hazards. This expectation is part of premises liability law. In the case of a restaurant, there is an expectation that customers will be able to visit and dine in the establishment without worry of safety hazards. When you slip and fall in an IHOP restaurant, you and your legal team will need to demonstrate that someone in the employ of IHOP failed to meet the expected duty of care or was negligent in their duty of care to secure compensation for your injuries and losses.

    Establishing negligence will require:

    • That you were owed a duty of care as a guest of the premises with permission to be there
    • Someone working there breached their duty of care
    • The breach of duty of care created the safety hazard that caused your slip and fall
    • You suffered injuries due to the slip and fall incident

    The experts at Kenmore Law Group are experts at working backward to establish what happened before your slip and fall to create the safety hazard that caused your injuries. In addition, we work with many experts who corroborate our findings and help to establish who is liable for your injuries and the expenses they have created.

    Common Injuries Sustained In An IHOP Slip And Fall Incident

    Unfortunately, the injuries that result from a slip and fall accident can range from extremely minor to life-threatening. Some of the less severe injuries sustained in an IHOP slip and fall incident include:

    • Bruises
    • Minor cuts and scrapes
    • Strained muscles and ligaments

    The results of these injuries are typically just a few days of aches and pains. However, any IHOP slip and fall injury victim must seek an evaluation of their injuries from a medical professional. The shock of a sudden fall can often mask some of the pain and symptoms of more severe injuries that require immediate treatment to prevent more prolonged pain and recovery.

    What is more concerning is that the list of severe injuries that an IHOP slip and fall incident can cause is substantially longer. These injuries can be far more severe and require a call to 911 for emergency medical care and a hospital stay, surgery, or other extensive treatment to restore mobility and long-term health. These severe injuries include:

    • Dislocated joints
    • Fractured or broken bones
    • Damage or destruction of ligaments and tendons
    • Internal bleeding or damage to internal organs
    • Facial injuries of the eyes, mouth, teeth, or nose
    • Large lacerations or puncture wounds
    • Head injuries, including concussions, fractured skull, or traumatic brain injury
    • Injuries to the neck, back, spinal cord, or spine

    How Long Do I Have To File An IHOP Slip And Fall Claim?

    The Statute of Limitations for a slip and fall personal injury case in California is two years from the date of the injury. There are only a few exceptions to that rule which your Kenmore Law Group IHOP slip and fall lawyer will explain to you if they apply to your situation. However, you can file much sooner than the two-year limit.

    In most cases, your Kenmore Law Group team will work diligently to get your case ready to file with the court system as rapidly as possible. We understand that you need the compensation we seek to pay your medical bills and other expenses related to your injuries and losses. In addition, most of our clients are eager to complete the lawsuit and move past this upsetting event in their lives.
    IHOP Slip And Fall Lawyer incident liability compensation attorney sue store

    What Is An IHOP Slip And Fall Lawsuit Worth?

    Many slip and fall lawsuits have a value of between $10K and $50K. However, it is vital to understand that most of these case values are based on the actual expenses incurred by the injury victim. Your Kenmore Law Group legal team will help you compile all the expenses related to your injuries and losses to ensure you receive the most robust compensation possible. Some of the typical costs include:

    • All of your medical bills for treatment and care of your slip and fall injuries
    • Your legal fees for representation and preparing the lawsuit
    • Any lost wages if you were unable to work while recovering or missed work to attend medical appointments related to the injuries you sustained
    • The value of any damaged personal property

    It is also common in cases with more severe injuries to include an amount for the pain and suffering you endured due to the injuries sustained in the IHOP slip and fall incident. The Kenmore team will explain what might be an appropriate amount to include if this item applies to you and your injuries.

    No Worries Of Upfront Legal Fees

    After suffering a slip and fall injury at IHOP, you could face significant financial hardships in addition to the stress of being hurt. The team at Kenmore Law Group wants every injury victim to understand their rights and know they are not alone. Our free consultation is designed to answer nagging questions about your rights, the possibility of a lawsuit, and how you can pay for your legal fees without adding to your current stress level.

    Kenmore Law Group is proud to offer a no upfront legal fee solution to all injury victims. When you hire us to handle your IHOP slip and fall injury lawsuit, we get to work immediately. And we do not stop until we have secured the settlement or verdict you need to cover your bills and establish your financial security. To assist in this process, we pledge only to get paid after you have gotten paid. And if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing for our work.

    So please know that as an IHOP slip and fall injury victim, Kenmore Law Group is here for you. Our IHOP slip and fall lawyers are ready to answer your questions and provide reliable legal guidance to help you overcome this injury and the challenges it has created. Call us today to begin the recovery process.

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