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    How To Report A Dog Bite To Animal Control In San Bernardino County

    How To Report A Dog Bite To Animal Control In San Bernardino County sue compensation incident liability

    Anyone who is bitten by a dog in San Bernardino County is required to report the incident to San Bernardino County Animal Control. The specific location to file your report is determined by the area where the bite occurred. If you are unsure which location to contact, the 24-hour emergency number for animal control is 800-472-5609. That office can provide you with more information if you cannot determine whom to call based on the list below:

    • Adelanto Animal Control can be reached at (760) 246-2300 ext. 13077 and serves the City of Adelanto
    • Apple Valley Animal Control serves the community of Apple Valley and can be contacted at (760) 240-7000 ext. 7555
    • San Bernardino County Animal Control provides service to Barstow, Big Bear Lake, Highland, Yucaipa, Upland, and all unincorporated county property except West End communities and can be contacted at (800) 472-5609
    • Inland Valley Humane Society can be reached at (909) 623-9777 for dog bites that occurred in Chino, Chino Valley, Montclair, Mt. Brady, Ontario, San Antonio Heights, and all unincorporated parts of West End
    • Colton Animal Control serves the community of Colton and is reachable at (909) 370-5000
    • Fontana Animal Control dog bite calls are routed to Fontana Police Dispatch at (909) 350-7700
    • Hesperia Animal Control can be contacted at (760) 947-1700 to report a dog bite in that city
    • Loma Linda Animal Control can be reached at (909) 799-2861 to report a dog bite
    • Needles Animal Control is responsible for dog bite reporting in the city and can be contacted at (909) 799-2861
    • Rancho Cucamonga Animal Control is reachable at (909) 466-7387 ext. 1 to report a dog bite in the city
    • Redlands Animal Control can be contacted at (909) 798-7644 to report a dog bite
    • Rialto Animal Control serves the community and is reachable at (909) 820-2550
    • The City of San Bernardino Animal Control provides service to the city and can be contacted at (909) 384-1304 to file a dog bite report for an incident that occurred within the city limits
    • Twentynine Palms Animal Control can be contacted at (760) 367-0157 or (760) 367-6799 ext. 1018 to report a dog bite in the city
    • Victorville Animal Control will assist with a dog bite report in the city and can be contacted at (760) 955-5089
    • Yucca Valley Animal Control takes dog bite reports for the city and can be reached at (760) 365-1807

    To ensure you have all the information needed for your report, you can view and print a copy of the San Bernardino County RUFF Bite Report, or feel free to contact the expert San Bernardino dog bite lawyers at Kenmore Law Group. Our staff understands the stress and confusion that often accompanies dog bite incidents, and we are here to help. It is vital for victims of a San Bernardino County dog bite to understand both their obligation to report the incident and their right to seek compensation for any harm or losses caused by the incident.

    Please reach out to Kenmore Law Group today to discuss filing your dog bite report and book a free consultation with a skilled San Bernardino County dog bite lawyer to discuss the facts of your case and how we can help you secure payment of your medical bills and other costs created by this upsetting event.

    How To Report A Dog Bite To Animal Control In Riverside County sue attorney lawsuit liability

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    What Everyone Needs To Know About Dog Bites
    Many people think the only dog bites that should be taken seriously are those with excessive damage to the skin and profuse bleeding. However, all dog bites have the potential to become life-threatening, even when they appear to be only tiny puncture wounds. The harm often results from an infection rather than the actual damage caused by the dog’s teeth.

    All dogs carry many bacteria in their saliva that are not harmful to them. However, it can result in a human suffering strep, staph, or cellulitis infections. If left untreated, these infections can result in life-altering or life-ending illnesses for the victim. In addition, stray dogs that have not gotten proper healthcare could carry rabies, even if they do not appear sick. All it takes is the dog’s tooth to break the skin and contaminate it with saliva, and the victim could suffer a severe illness. So, it is always recommended that any dog bite be evaluated by a medical professional to protect your health.

    Basic First Aid For Minor Dog Bites
    If you suffer a minor dog bite that is not bleeding excessively, you can significantly reduce the possibility of an infection by properly cleaning and dressing the wound until you can have it evaluated by a medical professional. If you are unable to clean and dress the wound yourself, seek immediate medical care at a clinic or medical office or call 911 if you cannot get to a medical facility. However, if you are going to clean the wound on your own, these are the proper steps to take:

    • Using warm water, flush the wound and surrounding area for five to ten minutes
    • Wash the wound with mild soap and then rinse thoroughly
    • Apply mild pressure with a clean bandage to stop any minor bleeding
    • Coat the wound in antibiotic cream and cover with a clean, dry bandage
    • Monitor the area for signs of infection that can include increased pain, redness, swelling, or discharge – if you discover any of these signs of an infection, seek immediate medical care

    Gathering Critical Information After A San Bernardino County Dog Bite
    Sadly, the team at Kenmore Law Group speaks to many victims of dog bites who never imagined they would need to pursue legal action to get the compensation that is owed to them. The dog owner agreed to cover their medical expenses at the time of the incident but then refused to back up those words with honorable actions. To ensure you are prepared for any scenario, it is essential to gather crucial information after a dog bite that includes:

    • Images of all your wounds and injuries right after the incident occurred
    • A list of any non-visual issues you suffered, like a headache or stiff back
    • Images of the dog that bit you or a detailed description that includes the breed, size, color, any identifying markings, collar, or tag details
    • The contact information of the owner, if possible, or the address where the dog lives
    • Contact information for any witnesses of the incident
    • Copies of all your medical documentation, receipts, and bills, as well as a list of all time missed from work due to the dog bite incident injuries and required medical care

    Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?
    Dog bite victims in California are fortunate that it is a state with strict liability laws regarding dog bites. The owner of a dog is financially liable for the harm or damage caused by their pet. This law applies to public and private property and has few exceptions. Only a person who is illegally on a property or who is abusing or hurting a dog when bitten will not be able to seek compensation from the dog owner for their dog bite injuries. Please get in touch with the dog bite lawyers at Kenmore Law Group to learn more.

    What Is The Average Value Of A Dog Bite Lawsuit?
    There are no predetermined values for any lawsuits. Instead, the value of each claim is calculated based on the losses and expenses of the victim. In the case of a dog bite incident, the typical allowable expenses include:

    • All current and estimated future medical expenses
    • Any lost wages if you are unable to work until reaching a complete recovery
    • The replacement cost of any personal property damaged or destroyed in the incident
    • All legal costs
    • Possible compensation for pain and suffering if injuries are severe

    How To Report A Dog Bite To Animal Control In Riverside County lawyer attorney liability sue

    When To File Your San Bernardino County Dog Bite Lawsuit
    A dog bite injury falls under personal injury law, which allows the victim, two years from the date of the injury, to file a claim with the court. If you do not have your lawsuit filed with the court by the end of the two-year time limit, you will lose the right to take legal action against the dog owner for harm and losses due to that specific event. However, it is always best to seek legal guidance as soon after an injury as possible.

    The staff at Kenmore Law Group is eager to help you secure any compensation owed to you. The sooner you contact our team, the quicker the process is likely to go. Our team will work diligently to complete the case. However, the actions of the defendant and the workload of the court will impact how long it takes to resolve your dog bite lawsuit.

    No Upfront Legal Fees At Kenmore Law Group
    When you hire the expert dog bite lawyers at Kenmore Law Group, you never need to worry about upfront legal costs or other expenses. Our firm only gets paid after the case is resolved, and you have the required compensation to cover all your expenses. In addition, you owe us nothing if we fail to win your lawsuit and deliver the compensation that will pay all your legal costs.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to Kenmore Law Group today to discuss filing your San Bernardino County dog bite report and your rights as a dog bite victim. Our team can be reached 24/7 to provide this valuable and reassuring information to help eliminate your stress about mounting medical expenses and other financial challenges.

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