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    How to Increase Your Uber Accident Settlement Offer

    With the advent of the ridesharing app Uber, there have been many more accidents on the road; the drivers need to transport many customers in order to make decent wages, and because of this hasty attitude, they are more likely to get involved in crashes and to drive negligently. If you have been involved in an Uber crash, you should pursue legal action against the driver or against Uber so you can be compensated for your damages. Victims of Uber accidents routinely settle for low amounts because they are content with the first offer that is given to them or their attorneys are not dedicated to bringing them fair settlements. There are numerous ways to ensure that your settlement offer is as close to the maximum value as possible. This can be very difficult, however, because of how fickle insurance companies are and how quickly insurance agents throw out claims. If you want to get more money, you will need an experienced attorney by your side. Without the help of an experienced attorney, it is unlikely that you will receive any amount that is even close to being fair. They might offer you a few thousand dollars just to get you off their back, and that’s if you’re lucky. With the help of an attorney at Kenmore Law Group, you can receive the highest settlement for your Uber accident and get more money for your injuries.

    Without a doubt, filing an Uber accident claim can be difficult – and can leave claimants with a number of questions. If you have questions regarding how to reach the highest value for an Uber accident claim, it is important that you seek legal assistance with the experts at our law firm immediately. Here at Kenmore Law Group, we are completely dedicated to our clients and getting them a higher Uber accident settlement. For more information about how your could increase the value of your Uber accident claim, contact us today.

    Uber Background Information
    One of the most important parts about pursuing a settlement with Uber is understanding how the insurance policy works. Uber uses James River Insurance for their drivers, and in the event of an accident, all drivers, Uber passengers, and other individuals who were involved in the crash are covered. Initially, Uber did not offer its drivers any insurance whatsoever, which proved problematic – personal auto insurance policies do not cover drivers when they are driving commercially, or for pay, and as a result, any accidents would leave victims with no reliable way to receive compensation. After a tragic accident involving a young girl in Northern California, Uber changed its rules and gave its drivers insurance coverage. This coverage includes a $50,000 policy when the app is on but no fare has been accepted and a $1,000,000 amount for when a ride has been hailed, as well as when the passenger is in the car.

    Uber’s uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage also totals $1,000,000. As a victim of an Uber accident, you should make sure that you understand what Uber can cover so you can negotiate for the maximum settlement. Knowledge is on your side.

    Uber accident lawsuits are filed on the basis of negligence. An Uber driver can be said to be negligent in his duties if he breached his duty of care and caused an accident that resulted in physical harm. All drivers have this duty of care, and there are many ways breaches and accidents can be caused, such as by running red lights, failing to yield at entrance ramps, ignoring right of way laws, tailgating, changing lanes without signaling, and more.

    If you are a passenger in an Uber accident, you will very likely not have any part in the accident; the cause will be attributed to your Uber driver or another vehicle. If, however, you were struck by an Uber driver, you should take note of who could be held responsible for the accident. Juries will often determine who was mostly at fault and use that to dictate a percentage, which will then be deducted from the settlement amount. For example, if you were struck by an Uber driver but you did not have your lights on at night, you may be considered partially at fault and have 10% of your settlement deducted.

    You will need to show that you were not responsible for the accident in any way if you want to retain the most money from a settlement. Proving that the Uber driver was completely at fault can be difficult, however, and will usually require the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

    Self Representing
    Many victims of Uber accidents choose to file lawsuits by themselves. This is usually not an issue if the only damages that were sustained were to your property, such as your personal items or your vehicle. James River Insurance is more likely to handle these claims in a swift manner with little deliberation and rejection because of how clear cut and straightforward the mechanics’ estimates are. In cases involving injuries, however, you will likely face more obstacles, as the insurance company will deny your claim and state that you are not as hurt as you claim to be.

    One of the most important parts of filing a lawsuit by yourself is understanding that the first offer you receive will not be very high. You may not be offered a fair settlement no matter how much you negotiate with the insurance agents, but the first one is indicative of how the company behaves. They will usually delay speaking with you for as long as they can in the hopes that when you are eventually given an offer, you will take it so as not to wait as long again for a follow-up.

    This is why it is crucial that you find an experienced attorney who will represent you. You may not have the energy, money, or time to handle your own claim, especially if you are injured. Our lawyers are adequately trained and experienced in dealing with Uber, and we promise we will get you a much larger settlement than you would be able to earn by yourself.

    Accident Aftermath
    In the aftermath of an accident, you should take care to follow certain procedures. If you stray from these procedures, you risk losing out on some of your settlement.

    First, you should ensure that you have not been seriously injured. If you require immediate emergency medical attention, seek it, whether by going to the hospital or waiting for the paramedics. Even if you have not been majorly wounded, you should still seek medical attention. The reason is simple: adrenaline can mask a lot of pain and make you feel as though you suffered no damages, but once the adrenaline wears off, you will feel the full extent of the injuries. Paramedics will be able to identify if there are any problems with you, and if you go to the hospital, you will be evaluated. Waiting too long to seek medical attention can be a red flag in a lawsuit, as it indicates that you were healthy after the accident and could have hurt yourself elsewhere.

    Next, you should take photos and videos of your injuries and the damages to your vehicle, as well as of the accident scene. This will allow you to show that the damages were a result of the crash and not caused before or after.

    Any eyewitnesses or passengers who were in the cars can give you statements and testimony as to what happened. If you have corroborating evidence, your lawsuit will be much stronger, and you will be more likely to receive a higher settlement.

    If the police came to the scene, you should request a police report. Although they cannot be used in court, they can be shown as additional evidence.

    You should also take screenshots of the Uber app and receipt if you were a passenger. Regardless, you should take down the driver’s information to present it to Uber.

    If you do not complete these steps, you may find that your settlement value will be reduced.

    Select an Accomplished Attorney
    One of the best ways to ensure that you receive the maximum settlement offer from Uber insurance for your accident is to enlist the services of an attorney. All of your evidence will be handed in within the two-year deadline and you will not have to constantly communicate with the insurance agency. Our lawyers will make sure that your claim is always at the front of the line and that it is receiving the most attention possible.

    We will be able to negotiate with the insurance agents and battle for your rights and restitution on a larger scale than you can accomplish by yourself. It is our job to bring our clients the compensation they deserve, and we dedicate ourselves to each and every Uber accident victim.

    Without a doubt, filing an Uber accident claim can be difficult – and can leave claimants with a number of questions. If you have questions regarding how to reach the highest value for an Uber accident claim, it is important that you seek legal assistance with the experts at our law firm immediately. Here at Kenmore Law Group, we are completely dedicated to our clients and getting them a higher Uber accident settlement. For more information about how your could increase the value of your Uber accident claim, contact us today.

    How to Increase your Uber accident settlement value
    You can increase your Uber accident settlement by doing a number of things. Consider some of the important details that could increase a settlement offer from an Uber accident:

    • Ensuring that you get all the medical care recommended by your doctor
    • Ensuring that you have all your medical records
    • Ensuring that you have all records of lost earnings associated with your injury
    • Ensuring that you have records of mental and emotional evaluations made by professionals
    • Ensuring that you have a lawyer that is experienced in Uber accident claims

    How do I increase my Uber accident value?
    You can increase the value of your Uber accident case by, most importantly, finding an Uber accident lawyer that can maximize compensation in your Uber accident case. Although a number of factors can result in a higher settlement from an Uber accident claim, without the appropriate representation, things can go down the drain quickly.

    As briefly mentioned above, there are important factors that can essentially maximize the settlement of an Uber accident case. One of the most important factors is ensuring that you get all the necessary medical care that your doctor is recommending. Doctors recommend medical procedures to better your chances of a full recovery from your injuries. Of course, medical procedures are costly, so you can expect to receive a higher settlement for an Uber accident if you undergo multiple procedures.

    It is normal to have questions regarding how to get a big settlement from Uber accidents. One of the most important things is to be patient. The negotiation process can be long – Uber is often uncooperative, and it can take many months for even the best lawyer to negotiate a fair settlement.

    For more information about how you can receive the maximum money for your Uber accident lawsuit, contact us today.

    How We Help
    You can increase your Uber accident settlement by reaching out to our law firm and allowing us to handle your Uber accident claim. You can increase your Uber accident settlement by reaching out to our law firm and allowing us to handle your Uber accident claim. Our law firm, Kenmore Law Group, promises to work hard to net you the compensation you deserve, including coverage of medical bills, reimbursement of lost wages, repairs to damaged property, compensation for pain and suffering, and more. Our lawyers are aggressive and will not stop until we bring you a settlement you are satisfied with. Without an attorney, you may not be able to earn anything at all, especially if Uber’s insurance agents know that you do not have adequate legal experience. Our attorneys are willing to go all the way to court if necessary.

    Call us today for a free legal consultation with an expert lawyer. We will gladly discuss your case with you and answer any questions you have. You should not feel as though you are getting involved in legal action without ample knowledge. Our lawyers are available around the clock and can help you no matter what time of day it is.

    If you select us to litigate your case, you will not have to pay any out of pocket expenses thanks to our zero fee guarantee. This promises that we will only get paid if we win your case; our fees will be paid for by Uber, as they will be taken out of the settlement we bring you. If we do not win, you will not have to pay us anything at all.

    You deserve the maximum settlement possible from an Uber accident. For more help on how to earn it, contact our Los Angeles law group today.

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