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    How to File an Accident Claim against the City of Palmdale

    How to File an Accident Claim against the City of Palmdale lawsuit lawyer attorney personal injury sue compensation
    If you have been injured in the City of Palmdale, you are able to recover compensation and get a settlement for your personal injury. If you have fallen, slipped or tripped in the City of Palmdale, then you may have serious injuries or even disabilities as a result of your accident. Rarely is it the case that if you have a soft tissue injury that only one muscle or tendon is involved.

    You may have sustained articular cartilage damage or decreases capsular mobility as a result of a serious fall on cracked or chipped sidewalks or curbs in the City of Palmdale. You can file a claim with city of Palmdale by filling out a City of Palmdale Injury Claim Form. When you call our office, you can speak to a lawyer who can sue the City of Palmdale on your behalf, and help you to file the correct forms.

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    What Are the Steps to Filing a Claim Against a City in California?

    If you are injured by someone who works as an employee with a city agency in California, or are making a claim against a government agency from a personal injury on city property, you need to file the proper paperwork to initiate your claim. You will first receive the agency Claim for Damages form, and fill it out. Then, you have to submit this form by certified mail, return receipt request to ensure proof of delivery to the appropriate agency, within 6 months of the date of your accident that incurred personal injuries.

    Next you will get a letter from the agency advising that the claim was approved for payment of your expenses or denied. In the event the claim was approved, you will be paid and the case will be settled. If the claim is denied by the city agency, you need to go to small claims court within 6 months of the time you were denied your claim. If the agency refuses to reply to your claim in 45 days, it is effectively denied, and you can go to court within 2 years of the date of your claim.

    In Small Claims Court, you need to file an SC-100 Plaintiff’s Claim form, pay the filing fee, show your denial letter and proof of mailing. You’ll be given a court date to appear for the case, and you will want the most experienced attorneys possible on your side at that point. This is why you need to call our office immediately, if you are injured in an accident on city grounds, from a city employee, or as a result of the negligence of a city worker or agency.

    When you call our law office, you will be connected with an attorney who is familiar with the City of Palmdale claims department for filing an injury report. We will help you to file an injury report with the City of Palmdale.

    Attorneys Specializing in City of Palmdale Injury Claim Lawsuits

    It is up to you to call an attorney with expertise in lawsuits against the City of Palmdale. We offer you attorneys who specialize in this type of claim. We will get you the money you deserve in this situation, when you call our office to work with a lawyer who can sue the City of Palmdale for an accident involving:

    • Hit by a City of Palmdale vehicle
    • City of Palmdale van accident
    • City of Palmdale trip and fall accidents due to raised or defective sidewalks
    • Hit by City of Palmdale work truck in an accident
    • City of Palmdale broken sidewalk slip and fall accident claim
    • Sexual assault by City of Palmdale employee
    • Assault and battery by a City of Palmdale employee
    • Tree collapse accidents in City of Palmdale
    • City of Palmdale police shooting accidents

    Some people who have been injured in the City of Palmdale have sustained serious and permanent injuries. It is difficult to know how someone will heal after an accident, and we want you to take the time to heal after your personal injury. You can get the money that you need to pay for your mounting medical bills, if you initiate a lawsuit with the City of Palmdale. When you call our office, we are ready to help you to get the recovery compensation you need to heal, pay your medical bills and reimburse you for your lost wages.
    How to File an Accident Claim against the City of Palmdale lawsuit lawyer attorney personal injury compensation sue
    Suing the City of Palmdale for an Accident

    Any time that you have questions for us, just call our office to talk to an attorney who can sue the City of Palmdale, for any type of an accident that occurs on city property, or was perpetuated by the negligence of a city employee.

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