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    How Long Do I Have to File a Rivers Edge Academy Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

    How Long Do I Have to File a Rivers Edge Academy Sexual Abuse Lawsuit sue compensation incident liability

    Following your 18th birthday, you have 22 years to file a lawsuit for sexual abuse while you were detained at Rivers Edge Academy. By adding those two numbers together, you can see that the statute of limitations to sue Rivers Edge Academy for sexual abuse is whenever you turn 40 years old.

    As someone that was sexually abused by a juvenile justice employee, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other monetary damages. However, it’s difficult to succeed in these lawsuits without help from a juvenile hall sexual assault attorney. If you are interested in filing a compensation claim against Shasta County, contact the Rivers Edge Academy sexual abuse lawyers of Kenmore Law Group.

    How Long Do I Have to File a Rivers Edge Academy Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Attorney lawyer attorney sue compensation

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    How Long You have to Sue Rivers Edge Academy for Sexual Abuse

    We began this article by saying that the age of 40 is the cut-off point if you wish to file a Rivers Edge Academy sexual abuse. For the most part, personal injury lawsuits have a 2-year statute of limitations, so 22 years from the age of 18 may seem like plenty of time to sue Rivers Edge Academy.

    But let’s look at this from the perspective of someone who spent decades repressing the memories of sexual abuse at Rivers Edge Academy. As a result, they struggled for many years with mental health symptoms, which they did not connect with incidents of sexual assault by a juvenile hall staff member. Is it too late for such an individual to file a lawsuit for monetary compensation?

    Can I Sue Rivers Edge Academy if the Statute of Limitations has Already Passed?

    Yes, even if the statute of limitation has run out on your case, there is a way to sue for sexual abuse while you were detained at Rivers Edge Academy. It’s possible that you may be granted an extension if there is a delayed discovery of injuries from sexual abuse, which can be a physical injury, as well psychological damage. It’s worth noting, however, that many of these cases are based on emotional injuries, like symptoms of PTSD.  

    At this point, you may be wondering how you can prove the discovery of an abuse-related injury. The most common scenario involves adult survivors who are struggling with one or more mental health disorders. It can take many years for these people to see a therapist, but when they do, it’s likely that the subject of sexual abuse will come up at some point. As a result, the victim is able to see that years of suppressing these incidents is the root cause of their pain and suffering.  

    Now that they have a full understanding of the injuries that were inflicted by a sexual predator, they have 5 years to sue for the abuse they suffered and obtain the compensation they deserve by law.

    Speak to a Rivers Edge Academy Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

    Have you thought of filing a Rivers Edge Academy sexual abuse class action lawsuit with inmates who were sexually abused at the facility? We can help you join one of these lawsuits and represent your interests as someone that is dealing with the lifelong impact of sexual abuse. The first step is to contact our office and arrange a time to speak with a sexual assault class action lawyer. That way, you can learn more about class action lawsuits and decide with certainty that this is the right course of action. If not, we can represent you in a personal injury lawsuit against Shasta County, which may be a better option for you.

    How Much is the Average Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Settlement?

    The amount of compensation from a child sexual assault lawsuit is around $3,000,000 to $5,000,000. If the abuse is more along the lines of harassment and solicitation, the value of a Rivers Edge Academy sexual abuse case may be $1,000,000 or less. If you are a member of a class action lawsuit, a Rivers Academy lawsuit may be settled for $200,000,000 or more. Of course, this amount is shared by many victims – perhaps several hundred – so a 9-figure award makes sense. The amount for each plaintiff in a sexual abuse class action lawsuit is $1,500,000 on average, though it can certainly be higher based on the type of abuse, negligence by Shasta County, and the injuries to the victims.

    How Long Do I Have to File a Rivers Edge Academy Sexual Abuse Lawsuit incident attorney lawsuit sue lawsuit

    What is the Average Amount of Time to Settle these Cases?

    On average, it takes 1 to 2 years to settle a Rivers Edge Academy sexual assault lawsuit. This is longer than the average personal injury claim at our office, which is normally settled in 6 to 12 months. But sexual abuse cases are extremely complex, especially when the victim is a minor the incidents of assault happened at a government institution. Depending on whether a trial is needed, it can take over 3 years before a juvenile inmate abuse lawsuit is settled. Ultimately, the amount of time to settle a child sexual abuse lawsuit is based on many different factors, which we can go over with you during a free consultation.

    Free Consultation with a Rivers Edge Academy Sexual Abuse Attorney

    Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need to verify the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit against Rivers Edge Academy for sexual abuse. We have a skilled team of sexual abuse lawsuit lawyers, who are dedicated to your rights and the compensation you deserve. If, on the other hand, you already filed a lawsuit against Rivers Edge Academy, feel free to contact us for a free second opinion.

    With our Zero Fee Guarantee, you pay absolutely nothing to hire one of our attorneys. Legal fees are factored into your settlement award, which means the only way we get paid is if you get paid. Contact Kenmore Law Group and learn about your rights and legal options as a victim of sexual misconduct at Rivers Edge Academy.

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