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    How Long Do I Have to File a Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

    How Long Do I Have to File a Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. Sexual Abuse Lawsuit incident attorney lawsuit sue lawsuit

    You have 22 years to file a compensation claim for sex abuse at Orange County Youth Guidance Center, starting from when you are an adult under California law. The age of adulthood is 18 in California, and as a result, the age of 40 is considered the cut-off point to sue for childhood sexual abuse.

    But is this enough time for a victim to understand the damage caused by sexual assault and seek guidance from an experienced child abuse attorney? Clearly, it is for some people, but we are frequently contacted by people that have questions about their legal options if they have run out of time for a lawsuit against a California juvenile detention center. Fortunately, these victims may still have the opportunity to file a lawsuit if they can prove the delayed discovery of one or more injuries from being sexually abused as a child.

    How Long Do I Have to File a Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. Sexual Abuse Lawsuit lawyer attorney sue compensation

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    Can I Sue Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. if the Statute of Limitations has Already Passed?

    Yes, according to the discovery rule for childhood sexual abuse, you can sue Orange County Youth Guidance Center, even though the statute of limitations has already passed. How does this work? Well, let’s say that you were sexually assaulted numerous times by a probation officer while you were detained at Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. You were scared and confused by these incidents, as well as the possibility of retaliation if you snitched on your abuser.

    You keep the knowledge of these incidents to yourself and do your best to ignore the feelings of shame and guilt. Though you convince yourself that you’ve moved on, you develop mental health issues that disrupt your life in many ways. By going to a therapist, you discover how these conditions were caused by the incidents of abuse at Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. Though you are older than 40, the discovery rule allows you 5 years for a lawsuit, starting from the date of discovery.

    Length of Time to File a Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

    At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit against Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. for sexual abuse is 22 years from the time you are 18 years old. But California law also has a 5-year discovery rule, which can extend the statute of limitations to sue Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. for sexual abuse. If you take it one step further, you could say that there is no such thing as a specific time limit when it comes to a lawsuit for sexual assault at a juvenile hall.

    This is technically true, but you still have to prove that the discovery of abuse-related injuries did not occur until you were past the statute of limitations that normally applies to these cases. That’s why you should speak to a lawyer right away, who can help you determine how long you have to sue Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. for sexual abuse.

    Is there a Deadline to File a Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. Class Action Lawsuit?

    Yes, the deadline to file a Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. sexual abuse class action lawsuit is your 40th birthday, or within 5 years from discovering the physical / emotional harm caused by sexual abuse. In other words, there is no difference in the amount of time to file a sexual assault lawsuit, whether you are filing a personal injury or class action claim.

    We can help you file a class action lawsuit (or join a lawsuit already in progress), so please give us a call. That way, you can discuss the legal process that’s involved, and make sure that this is truly the best course of action for you and your loved ones.

    Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. Sexual Assault Average Case Values

    Case values for sexual assault incidents at Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. are between $3,000,000 and $5,000,000 on average, though cases of severe injury and gross negligence may settle for over $10,000,000. Cases with limited physical contact – sexual harassment, for example – generally have lower values. A Orange County Youth Guidance Center sexual harassment lawsuit can settle for around $1,500,000 or less. Please note that these are estimates based on previous settlements and trial verdicts. Discussing your case with one of our attorneys is the only way to obtain an accurate settlement value.

    How Long Do I Have to File a Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. Sexual Abuse Lawsuit incident attorney lawsuit sue lawsuit

    How Long Do Lawsuits for Child Sexual Abuse Take to Settle?

    Legal cases for sexual abuse of a minor usually take 12 to 24 months to settle, with some cases taking 3 or more years. Class action lawsuits take 2 to 3 years on average, and 4 to 5 years if we need to ask for a trial date. It’s quite rare that a case goes to trial, which means most of these lawsuits are settled through back-and-forth negotiations. But the process of investigating your case, preparing the lawsuit, negotiating a settlement – each of these steps takes months to accomplish, which is why 1 to 3 years is the average amount of time to settle a lawsuit against Orange County Youth Guidance Center.

    Kenmore Law Group is Here for You

    Whether you need information on how to file a lawsuit or want to discuss an existing claim, don’t hesitate to contact the Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. sexual abuse lawyers of Kenmore. We provide free case evaluations and second opinions, so that you can make an informed decision regarding your rights and legal options.

    Legal fees are covered by a portion of your settlement check at the end of your case, which means you never pay upfront to hire one of our attorneys. There’s also a Zero Fee Guarantee in place, which takes away any responsibility for legal fees in the event we don’t win your case.

    Simply reach out to us at your earliest convenience and talk to a Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr. sexual abuse attorney.

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