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    Home Depot Slip and Fall Injury Lawsuit

    Home Depot Slip and Fall Injury Lawsuit lawyer attorney sue
    Home Depot is a chain retailer that sells home improvement tools, goods and merchandise. Their stores are popular because you can walk around on your own in the store, and find all of the products that you need right on the shelves. The stores are big, called by retailers a “big box” type of store. They carry thousands of items right there on the shelves. But having this open and carry away system has its downside. Many people are injured in the Home Depot stores.

    These injuries could have been prevented, if the store was able to maintain a safe working and customer environment. When you go to shop in a Home Depot store, you are probably not expecting to slip and fall on the hard concrete flooring at the time of our store visit. But this can happen.

    Weather and Other Factors for Slip and Fall Injuries

    Weather can be a factor as to how a person can fall in a Home Depot store. Even though the store can put big rubber mats at the entrance to the store, these mats are often not enough to prevent a slip and fall injury. If someone is coming into the store from a heavy downpour, the water will accumulate in the mats, and cause people to drag water into the store on their feet. The slippery concrete is a high hazard, as many people can slip and fall.

    Also, there are spills from paint and other chemicals, that can be found in the aisles of the store. If a customer has taken out a paint to see the color of the paint in the can, and did not close the can properly, that can might spill onto the floor. The next customer to open the can could be in for a nasty surprise, with the paint spilling out in all angles and onto the floor.

    As the customers who make spills are not responsible for the cleanup or the maintenance department for the store, they are not expected to clean up after themselves when this type of spill does occur. If an employee cannot clean up a spill quick enough, someone can be injured and slip and fall as a result of this hazard occurring at the store.

    It is a general rule that all stores that allow customers to go and take merchandise off of warehouse shelves themselves, sometimes create spills were others can fall. This is a hazardous situation, and one that Home Depot is well aware of happening in their stores. If you have been injured in a Home Depot retail store, you need to give us a call. We will work with you to initiate a Home Depot lawsuit on your behalf.

    Home Depot Slip and Fall Lawsuit

    If you sustain injuries in a Home Depot with a customer slip and fall, you need to call the attorneys who know how to master this type of case. We are here for you whenever you want to discuss a claim for suing Home Depot for a slip and fall case. We are able to review the relevant Home Depot slip and fall injury policy, and come out the other side of a winning lawsuit. We are the #1 resource for Home Depot premises liability lawyers, and we can talk to you today regarding your personal injuries sustained at Home Depot.

    Home Depot Customer Injury

    The Home Depot is like any establishment or retail store that attempts to keep its areas safe for customers who frequent the store. The managers are responsible for coming to the store every day, with the idea of keeping the customers safe at all times in the store. The Home Depot is considered a “big box” store, in that the lay out of the store is typical of a storage warehouse. It is difficult to keep all areas of the store safe for the customers at all times, but the store managers and staff have to do this for the safety of people shopping in the store daily. If the store is not kept safe, no customers would come to the store, for fear of being injured.

    If you are injured in a Home Depot store, the incident report will detail the event. The incident report may ask you:

    • The time of day you came to the store
    • The area where you were injured in the store
    • Were you with anyone else?
    • Was the area roped off?
    • Did you fall, slip or trip?
    • Was there poor lighting in that area of the loss?
    • Was it raining outside to make the floor slippery?
    • What store employee responded to you at the time of the loss/
    • Are you familiar with the store?
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    Can I Sue Home Depot If I Slipped and Fell at Home Depot?

    Yes, you can sue Home Depot if you slipped and fell at Home Depot. You don’t want to talk over your case with your friends and coworkers. They will not be in a position to give you any relevant advice. We are in the position to give you superior advice regarding your case. We have dealt with Home Depot in the past regarding personal injuries, and we know what to expect at each stage of the case.

    Can I Sue Home Depot for a Trip and Fall Accident?

    Yes, you can sue Home Depot for a trip and fall accident. If you tripped and fell over something at Home Depot, contact a Home Depot trip and fall lawyer at our law firm. We are ready to work with you as soon as you call. You will need to talk to a Home Depot slip and fall injury lawyer in Los Angeles. We have Home Depot accident injury attorneys in California who know exactly what to do to win this type of case. If you have had a trip and fall accident in a Home Depot that was reported to the manager, your injuries sustained could be related to a:

    • brain injury
    • concussion
    • broken leg
    • sprained your ankle
    • ER visit
    • went to the emergency room
    • stitches
    • the floor was wet
    • uneven floor
    • crack in the concrete
    • no wet floor warnings
    • the floor was slippery

    Many people are injured at Home Depot in a variety of different ways, including by:

    • something was left on the floor
    • tripped over an object on the floor
    • a customer dropped an item in an aisle and Home Depot workers failed to clean it up

    If in the event that you were injured in this way, you need to receive Home Depot slip and fall compensation. You need to be paid for your personal injury and losses, as a customer at Home Depot who was injured when you tripped and fell over an item that was an obstacle in the store.

    Zero Fee Guarantee

    A zero-fee guarantee is worth its promise. We offer a zero-fee guarantee. Are you wondering what that promise would mean for you? It simply means that we do not require any upfront fees from you on your end. You do not have to pay us to talk to us about your case. We will get paid when you win. That seems fair, right? We will not charge you any upfront fees or retainers for talking to us. Now, that does seem fair!

    Home Depot Negligence Lawsuit Settlements

    It is not that unusual that a Home Depot customer slipped and fell over something left in an aisle at the store. These types of cases happen on a regular basis in that environment of a big box, cash and carry store.

    you can try suing Home Depot in small claims court, but

    How Can I Sue Home Depot?

    You can sue Home Depot by giving us a call today to start the action against them. If you have been injured in a Home Depot store, what are you waiting for to begin the process? You need to talk to a Home Depot customer slip and fall attorney, if you want to get reimbursed properly for your outstanding medical expenses. We understand that you need time to heal, and we want to give you the peace of mind to do that. Just call the Los Angeles Home Depot injury lawyers today, to get the recovery compensation you need after your personal injury at Home Depot.
    Home Depot Slip and Fall Injury Lawsuit sue lawyer attorney
    Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Guidelines for Home Depot

    Home Depot and all big box stores owe a duty to the customers to provide a safe environment for shopping and looking at merchandise. At no time does a customer come into a Home Depot thinking that the individual will be injured that day. There are governmental agencies, such as the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), who regulate and monitor the safety of the environment of Home Depot on a regular basis.

    If Home Depot is violating OSHA safety standards, that is for them to work out. It does not pertain to you. If you are injured at a Home Depot, then that is your problem. When you feel that the burden is too great, just bring it to us! We are here for you, and can sue Home Depot on your account after you are injured at one of their stores.

    Free Second Opinion

    You are not expected to know how to win this lawsuit against Home Depot. That is where we come in. Think about how you feel right now about your lawsuit? You should be feeling strong and confident. You might have more questions about the process of starting a lawsuit, and if you do, we are here to answer them for you. If you are having issues with your current attorney, there is no harm in just giving us a shout out for a confidential second opinion about your lawsuit.

    Call for a Free Consultation

    Just give us a call today. We will review the severity of your personal injuries, and give you more information about your lawsuit. When you are ready to talk to a lawyer in Los Angeles with experience in Home Depot injury cases, just give us a call. We are your Los Angeles attorneys who specialize in Home Depot accident lawsuits, and we are ready to talk to you today about your claim. You can rely on our attorneys with expertise in Home Depot slip and fall cases, to get you the compensation that you deserve every time.

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