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    Home Depot Customer Injuries

    Home Depot Customer Injuries lawsuit lawyer attorney medical care expense sue
    Home Depot is a retail outlet store that focuses on providing many different products to customers, with an interest in doing DIY home improvement projects. Many people in construction jobs and homeowners use the Home Depot stores to go in and find their items on their own on the shelves. Because so many customers have access to the store and merchandise, it is not unusual for customers to be injured in this type of open environment.

    There are many areas that are unsafe during the shopping hours of a Home Depot store. If you have been injured in a Home Depot store, you will need to call us to begin the process to sue the Home Depot. A Home Depot lawsuit will get you back the compensation that you need to recover fully from your injuries suffered in the store. Our attorneys are able to successfully win a Home Depot injury lawsuit on our behalf.

    Home Depot Customer Injury Attorneys

    Just the way that Home Depot specializes in home improvement sales of merchandise, you need to talk to an attorney who is versed on winning cases against Home Depot. If you have been injured with personal injuries in a Home Depot, you need to talk to attorneys who have won successful cases against them in the past. You will be in good hands, when you give us a call. We are ready to work for you, suing Home Depot for reimbursement for the medical expenses and pain for your injury.

    Home Depot Injury Policy

    The Home Depot injury policy is to make a detailed record of any injury that the customer sustains, while shopping in the store. The injury record is part of the store record of injuries and incidents, and it is reviewed every year by the compliance authorities. The store is expected to have an accident-free safe zone for customers to shop in daily. If you are injured in a Home Depot, you will have to give your personal information to the store manager, who will take it down in an incident report. What will be noted is the information related to the injury, such as:

    • Witnesses
    • Injuries
    • Outside weather conditions
    • Accident details
    • Time of loss
    • Footwear you were wearing
    • Do you wear glasses?
    • Medical care summoned to scene
    • Anyone with you at time of the loss?
    • Do you have problems walking, use a cane or a walker?
    • Were you in a motorized wheelchair at the time of the loss?
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    Can I Sue Home Depot If I Was Injured at a Home Depot Store?

    Yes, you can sue Home Depot if you were injured at a Home Depot store. You need not suffer in silence if you have been injured in a Home Depot. If you want to have the advantage of working with attorneys who know how to win against Home Depot, then you need to give us a call today. You need to be working with attorneys who understand the complexity of cases against Home Depot. That is the only way to win this type of case, and we are here for you to win the case on your behalf.

    Free Second Opinion

    We are able to discuss your case against Home Depot, your claim or your concerns regarding your lawsuit at any time. Even if you are currently are working with another attorney, we will still be able to discuss your case with you. We will offer to talk to you with a free second opinion. This way, you can make the best decisions for your case, and you will be highly informed in the process. We are here for you every step of the way. Just give us a call any time you have questions on how your case is proceeding.

    Can I Sue Home Depot If Something Fell Off the Shelf and Hit Me?

    Yes, you can sue Home Depot if something fell off the shelf and hit you. It will be important for you to talk to a Home Depot injury lawyer, who can get you the recovery compensation that you need in this type of case. We are the only Home Depot accident injury attorneys in California that you need to talk to about your personal injury from a Home Depot store. If you have been hit by an item falling off a Home Depot shelf, you need to give us a call. There are many instances of someone being hurt seriously by an item that fell off a shelf at Home Depot. Some of those serious injuries include:

    • brain injury
    • concussion
    • broken leg
    • eye injury
    • hit you in the eye
    • sprained your ankle
    • ER visit
    • went to the emergency room
    • stitches
    • report to the manager
    • witnesses
    • forklift operator
    • hit by a forklift
    • plywood
    • heavy objects
    • injured by a forklift at a Home Depot store

    Unsafe Conditions in the Home Depot Store

    People who frequent the Home Depot on a regular basis, know that there are several avenues for injury of a customer within the store aisles. Customers can be injured from a number of different types of hazards that will fall down and injure the customers, including:

    • falling timbers
    • falling wood
    • falling ladder
    • falling merchandise
    • merchandise fell off the shelf
    • hit by a bar
    • hanging over the edges of high shelves

    Forklift Accident at a Home Depot Injuring a Customer

    It seems incredible, but there are actually several incidents of a roving forklift that could hurt or seriously injure a customer at a Home Depot store. In a warehouse setting, it would not be unusual at all to see a forklift moving around in an area to shift merchandise. But in the Home Depot store, forklifts are routinely roaming up and down the aisles, to place and take down merchandise. This will case a series of serious accidents and injuries at Home Depot. When the forklift operator moves forward or backward, that individual cannot see a child or person walking behind that type of heavy equipment. Hence, there will be serious accidents that will occur as a result.

    If you are injured by a forklift at a Home Depot store, it is in your best interest to call us immediately. You don’t want to be fighting this claim alone, only to find out that your ideas will fail once brought to court. You need the expert advice of attorneys who have managed successful cases against Home Depot in the past. We are here for you, and are ready to talk to you about your Home Depot case whenever you give us a call. We can give you the peace of mind that you deserve in this type of case. But that will only happen when you give us a call.

    Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

    The Home Depot stores are regulated by OSHA to ensure that every inch of the store is safe, for customers to come into the area to buy merchandise. But every inch of the Home Depot is not safe, there are literally hazards around every corner. If you wanted to listen to the advice of your family and friends and start a Home Depot negligence lawsuit, you will have varying results with the final settlements. Some people even say that you can try suing Home Depot in small claims court, but you will not be guaranteed a successful result. You need to work with attorneys who know how to win a successful lawsuit against Home Depot for accident compensation.

    Zero Fee Guarantee

    There is no problem to give us a call and talk about your case. We only get paid when you get a settlement. We offer a zero-fee guarantee. That is our promise to you, and we stand by it every day of the week.
    Home Depot Customer Injuries lawsuit sue lawyer attorney medical care expense
    Home Depot Accident Claim

    If you have been injured in a Home Depot, then you need to give us a call immediately. You will have already filed a Home Depot accident claim on the day of your injury. The store manager files this claim in the store where you were hurt. This is the basis of putting Home Depot on notice that someone is injured in the store.

    When the store manager takes all of your information after an accident, you should try to remember everything that happened, to give the manager the most detailed report possible. Then, you need to give us a call right away. We will take it from there for you, and handle the accident claim against Home Depot to a successful conclusion. You need to know that you will get recovery compensation for covering the bills and expenses for your personal injuries suffered.

    How Can I Sue Home Depot?

    You can sue Home Depot by calling us to discuss your claim, and review the details of your personal injury suffered in a Home Depot store. We understand that you will need time to heal from your injuries. We also want you to know that we are prepared to take on Home Depot to win a case against them on our behalf. You are going to want to talk to the Los Angeles Home Depot injury lawyers, who know what to do to get you back the money that you deserve in this case. You will not get this expertise anywhere else. We are able to talk to you and you will work with a lawyer in Los Angeles, with experience in Home Depot injury cases. You need to call us now, for access to Los Angeles attorneys who specialize in Home Depot accident lawsuits.

    What Kinds of Unsafe Conditions Typically Exist in Home Depot?

    There are many different types of unsafe conditions that typically exist in the Home Depot. You can be a customer going into the store, and be accosted by several different types of obstacles that will exist in the store. The experience of an unsafe environment is not one that the Home Depot wants to portray. But no matter how hard they work to keep the customer areas safe, there is always the element that something will happen to seriously injure a customer in the store.

    Call for a Free Consultation

    If it is not enough, we offer a free consultation as well. You can easily talk to us about your lawsuit and case of being injured in a Home Depot. You will be able to sit down with one of our knowledgeable attorneys, and get our opinion as to your next steps. We are ready to discuss your case with you, but you must call us now. We want you to heal from your personal injuries, and have the opportunity to get back all of the recovery compensation that you deserve in this case. We are here for you for every step along the way, but you must call us to get the ball rolling.

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