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    E-Scooter v. Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Attorney

    E-Scooter v. Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Attorney accident liability incident injury
    I Was Hit by an E-Scooter When Walking on the Sidewalk

    Electric scooters have become all the rage, to use to get around on the ground and explore major cities here and abroad. The idea of the E-scooter is this: you put the app for it on your phone, pay for it and unlock it on your mobile phone, then rent the E-scooter for the day, leaving it who knows where to be picked up by someone else, not your concern. The idea of E-scooters is to make walking around and discovering a big city “fun” and exciting, which it could be when you rent or someone else rents one of these scooters. The problem comes with people who have varying ability to follow the posted and stated E-scooter rules, follow the E-scooter guidelines, and generally use common sense to keep the public safe while people are riding on these toys.

    E-scooters are actually very dangerous to operate and to be walking near when someone else you don’t know who is operating it. The E-scooters can go pretty fast, up to 15 miles an hour, and they are meant to be ridden by one person. People who rent E-Scooters may have never ridden on one before, and are only given a short video on how to ride them before they rent them. These types of E-Scooters are always used and operated incorrectly, outside of the rules of the company providing these services to the public. People will allow others to ride with them, will carry parcels that are too heavy for the scooter, and will generally misuse the scooter which will cause a hazard for people walking in the vicinity of an E-scooter.

    For example, E-scooter riders are told to not ride on the sidewalk, only to ride in the street or on a bike lane. They are also supposed to bring their own helmets, and be over 18 years old. They should not just dump the scooter unceremoniously on the sidewalk and walk away, but people do just that when they reach their destination (or tire of being on a scooter all day). This can create a major hazard for a pedestrian walking down the sidewalk. When people injure pedestrians on their E-scooter, they often just throw an off-handed apology for the collision around their back, and keep going, leaving the scene of the accident forever (and taking their identity with them)! The use of E-scooters are a nuisance and a hazard, and it creates more problems than solves problems in general for the riders and the pedestrians in their path.

    Can I File a Claim Against the Scooter Company?

    Yes, you are free to talk to a lawyer when there are several people or parties at fault for your losses, to file a claim against the E-Scooter company and the rider of the E-Scooter that injured you. You need to call our office, to talk to an attorney who knows how to get the best results in this type of case, and to get you the money you need from a lawsuit for the damages incurred after your accident with an E-Scooter operator.

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    Common Injuries from an E-scooter Accident with a Pedestrian

    There are many common injuries that can be experienced when a rider on an E-scooter hits a pedestrian. The injuries are:

    • Fractures of hip, arms and legs
    • Head injuries
    • Contusions and bruises
    • Sprains
    • Lacerations of the face
    • Subdural hematoma
    • Traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage
    • Cervical spine fractures
    • Concussion
    • Coma
    • Abdominal and internal injuries
    • Distal lower extremity
    • Open fractures
    • Closed fractures
    • Dislocations

    When a pedestrian is forced off of the pavement by an E-scooter rider, the pedestrian is at a major disadvantage. Oftentimes, the pedestrian never saw the E-scooter rider coming, which pushes the pedestrian backwards, to fall and hit the head or to break an arm, leg, hip or back in the process of hitting the concrete hard and unawares. You can be on the sidewalk of a major city, walking down the street, minding your own business, when you are suddenly pushed off your feet and struck from behind by an operator on an E-Scooter.

    When you are surprised by an injury from a reckless E-Scooter operator, you definitely need a lawyer with specialty in this type of case. You need a way to pay these bills, when you require relief from your expenses and damages related to the loss. You will not be expecting the bills for your medical care, but the bills will come in nevertheless. You need to call our law office, to you to get the settlement package that you deserve in this type of case.

    E-Scooter Companies List

    A list of all of the major e-Scooter rideshare companies includes:

    • Bolt
    • Lime
    • Bird
    • Adiva
    • Adly
    • Aeon
    • AJS
    • Aprilia
    • Askoll
    • Avangan
    • Bajaj
    • Baotian
    • Bashan
    • Beeline
    • Benelli (1995 relaunch)
    • Benzhou (Yiying & Zunlong)
    • Beta
    • BMW
    • Boom
    • Čezeta (2018 relaunch)
    • CFMOTO
    • Chicago Scooter Company
    • CPI
    • Daelim / DNA Motors
    • Dafra
    • Derbi
    • Di Blasi Industriale
    • Doohan
    • Explorer
    • Forza
    • Garelli (relaunched)
    • Genuine
    • Gilera
    • Gogoro
    • GOVECS
    • Haojin
    • Hartford
    • Hero
    • Honda
    • Hunted Scooters
    • Jialing
    • Jianshe
    • JMI
    • Jonway
    • Junak
    • Kawasaki
    • Keeway
    • KR Motors (Hyosung)
    • KSR Moto
    • Kymco
    • Lambretta (2018 relaunch)
    • Lance
    • Lifan
    • Linlong
    • Lohia Machinery Limited (LML)
    • Loncin
    • Longjia
    • Mahindra
    • Malaguti
    • MBK (formerly Motobécane)
    • Modenas
    • Moto
    • Motorini
    • MZ
    • NIU
    • Peugeot
    • PGO Scooters
    • Piaggio
    • Qianjiang
    • Qingqi
    • Raine Scooters
    • Rex
    • Rieju
    • Rivero
    • Royal Alloy
    • RUSI
    • Scomadi
    • SFM (formerly Sachs)
    • Shineray
    • Sinnis
    • Solifer
    • Suzuki
    • SYM
    • Taiwan Golden Bee (TGB)
    • Tao Motors (TaoTao)
    • Tell
    • TNT
    • TVS
    • Ujet
    • Unu
    • Veleco
    • Vespa
    • Vitacci
    • Vostok
    • Warivo
    • Wasp Scooters
    • Wolf Brand Scooters
    • Xingyue
    • Yamaha
    • Yiying
    • Z Electric Vehicle
    • Zhongyu
    • Znen
    • Zongshen
    • Zunlong

    How to File an Injury Claim?

    It can be confusing if you need to file a claim for an injury with an E-Scooter operator who hurt you. You are best served to discuss this case with a lawyer with experience in recovering compensation from an E-Scooter company. We are the right attorneys to call in this case, and you will need to talk to an attorney with expertise in getting down to the bottom of this type of claim fast. You need attorneys who specialize in a clear at-fault party situation, to get you the settlement you deserve when you are hit as a pedestrian by an E-Scooter operator or rider.

    Can They Cover My Medical Expenses for Injuries?

    Yes, the owners of the companies that provide rentals for E-Scooters are able to provide coverage to pay for your medical expenses if their riders are negligent and reckless on their rental equipment. If you are injured by an E-Scooter, you need to talk to an experienced attorney in Los Angeles, who will help you with this type of case. You need to give us a call to get the help need for reimbursing you the money for the medical bills associated with your case and your personal injuries from an E-Scooter operator.

    What Are My Rights If I Was Hit by an Electric Scooter and Suffered Injuries?

    In the event that you are hit by someone riding on and operating an E-Scooter recklessly, we can sue and bring a legal action for you, when you need to be reimbursed for your losses. Once you have been injured from a negligent operator of an E-Scooter, you need to talk to lawyers who can help with understanding the proper interpretation of the law, to get you the money that you need to pay the medical bills that are stacking up, after this type of unexpected loss.

    Lime – Bird Scooter Injury Claims Information

    If you have been injured on a Lime E-Scooter, you will want to contact Neutron Holdings, Inc., who is doing business as Lime in the United States. For the Bird E-Scooters, you will want to Bird Rides, Inc. to make any claims for a rider of a Bird E-Scooter who injures you as a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk. You should call our office to let us help you to make these claims, as the companies do business in different company and business names, which can get confusing for someone not familiar with this type of injury claim format.

    Online Phone Numbers for E-scooter Accidents

    It is not possible to list all of the phone numbers for the E-scooters that could cause accidents in a city. If you have had an accident, you will need to try to find out who hit you, and contact the company to find out how to make a claim for your personal injuries. This is the time that you need to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side. You will need to know the exact brand of E-scooter and rider who hit you to make a claim.

    Luckily, the E-scooters are monitored through the app of the person operating them. In that case, and if you know the color and general description of the E-scooter, you can make a claim as the E-scooters are pinged and tracked by satellite technology in many cases. Let’s just say that the companies do know who has booked their E-scooters, and will be responsible and liable for any of their riders who injure others on the sidewalks, roads or bike paths where E-scooters are found being ridden.

    How to Make a Claim – Insurance Information for E-Scooter Accidents?

    You need to give us a call to help you to untangle how to make a claim for personal injuries, losses and damages, when an E-Scooter operator runs into you causing personal injuries. As a pedestrian, the sidewalk is where you are meant to walk all day long. It is not however the area where people are supposed to be riding around harassing pedestrians all the time. If you are seriously injured in a tumble fall from being hurt by an E-Scooter driver on the sidewalk, you need to call us immediately. We will help you to get the money you deserve in this type of case.
    E-Scooter v. Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Attorney accident liability incident injury sue compensation lawsuit
    Zero Fee Guarantee

    We are able to explain to you the general rules of law that will apply in a case of a pedestrian against an E-Scooter operator who was negligent. We are here for you, and can talk to you about your case, when you give us a call today.

    Free Second Opinion

    When you have been injured by an operator of an E-Scooter, you need to give us a call to discuss the case for a second opinion. If you are not happy with your present representation for the case against an E-Scooter company, you don’t have to suffer in silence. You have an absolute right to seek out a second opinion to this case.

    You can call us and our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Time is of the essence in these cases, where there is a danger that the at-fault parties will skate away without reimbursing you your due settlement package, based on the damage they caused. You can call our law firm today, and our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue, when there are issues that cannot be resolved or mediated in the case against an E-Scooter rider hurting pedestrians.

    Call for a Free Consultation

    If you are hurt by an E-scooter and its rider, you need to give us a call right away. We are here to talk to you about your next steps, if you have been hit as a pedestrian by an E-scooter. In this and all cases, your ultimate personal injury monetary reward, is going to be predicated on a knowledgeable and skilled attorney, who knows how to deliver all of the right moves for you. We are here to achieve a win in your regard on this case, to help you get the money that you deserve, to help you heal fully from your injuries from being hit by an E-scooter.

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