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    Dog Park Dog Bite Lawyer

    Dog Park Dog Bite Lawyer attorney lawsuit incident accident liability sue
    It is a widely accepted fact that pets add value to our lives. For those living alone, they are genuine companions. And even in a large family, they are often viewed as family members rather than pets. And with this high level of admiration for our pets, we want to see that they have the best life possible. In the case of dogs, that means regular trips to the dog park for some space to romp and play, in most cases off-leash.

    Dog parks have become much like a child’s playground. Dogs have the opportunity to interact with other dogs, meet new people, and play in a safe environment protected from the hazards of city traffic and other safety concerns. However, just like children, not all dogs react well in this situation. And there can be issues with an aggressive dog. But instead of a toddler with a temper tantrum, the concern is a dog biting a person or another dog.

    If a dog has bitten you at a dog park in California, the expert dog bite lawyers at Kenmore Law Group are here to provide the answers you need and to help you understand your right to take legal action against the owner of the dog that bit you. In addition, we can advise you of your rights if you are the owner of a dog that was bitten at a California dog park. So don’t hesitate to contact our office today for a free consultation to decide if you have grounds for a lawsuit against the owner of the dog that bit you or your dog.
    Understanding California Law Pertaining To Dog Bites
    California is a strict liability state with regard to dog bites. The civil code related to dog bites states, “The owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place.” This simple statement makes it very easy to seek compensation when you are bitten in a public area or are a guest on someone’s property and suffer a dog bite. However, it can become more clouded and challenging when a dog bite occurs in a dog park.
    Dog Park Dog Bite Lawyer sue lawsuit attorney liability incident accident

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    The Added Challenge Of A Dog Park Dog Bite
    Many dog parks have a great deal of signage listing the rules of the park, and that dog owners or other humans are entering at their own risk. These signs could be considered a waiver of liability if you suffer a dog bite while at the dog park. In addition, in off-leash dog parks, a bite victim cannot claim the dog owner was negligent in allowing the dog to run off-leash. Instead, more work is involved in proving negligence, such as determining whether the dog was known to be aggressive, poorly trained or untrained, or unsocialized. These are not simple tasks for a pet owner to prove. However, the dog bite lawyers at Kenmore Law Group are here to help you get the compensation you deserve after suffering a dog bite at a California dog park.
    Common Dog Bite Injuries
    Most people have been nipped while playing with a dog or a small puppy. And while it is not pleasant, the issue is far from severe. However, it is crucial to understand that even a small dog can inflict severe injuries when provoked or if it feels threatened. Some of the most common serious dog bite injuries include:

    • Torn or punctured skin
    • Broken or fractured bones, especially in the hands
    • Facial injuries and lacerations requiring stitches and possibly corrective plastic surgery
    • Eye damage
    • Extensive scarring
    • Damage to nerves and soft tissue

    If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic dog bite at a dog park, it is vital to understand your legal rights and how to pursue compensation for your injuries. The medical care for a severe dog bit can last for months and become very costly. Therefore, proving that the pet owner was negligent in bringing the dog to a dog park is essential in securing your compensation. Contact the dog bite experts at Kenmore Law Group immediately to discuss the details of your case and how to move forward to seek compensation.
    What If Another Dog Bites My Dog At A Dog Park?
    The first vital information to understand is that a dog is considered the owner’s property. When a dog is injured, the other dog has basically damaged your property. So the case is going to be heard in small claims court unless the damages exceed the $10,000 threshold for small claims. For the typical family pet, the owner of the injured dog only seeks payment for medical treatment for the injured animal.

    However, in cases of a rare breed, or very valuable dog, the owner could seek more to compensate for the diminished value of the dog. But these situations are rare, as these dogs are not often found in a dog park. Additional drawbacks to small claims court for a dog on dog bites are that you cannot have a lawyer represent you, so the paperwork and processing are your responsibility, and judges often see these claims as mutual blame. There is no way to determine which dog started the altercation to assess blame on one animal or the other.
    What Is A Dog Bite Lawsuit Worth?
    A dog bite on a human is considered a personal injury. As such, the case value will be determined based on the victim’s actual expenses related to the injury. Some of the typical items included in a dog bite settlement request include:

    • Current medical bills and the amount of any future medical treatment expenses
    • If the victim is a working adult, the amount of any lost wages if unable to work during the recovery period
    • Lost wages are also included for work missed to attend medical appointments
    • The cost of legal representation for the lawsuit

    An amount can also be added for pain and suffering. This dollar figure is often applied when there is emotional trauma, anxiety, nightmares, or other long-term trauma as a result of the dog bite incident. The team at Kenmore Law Group will assist you in compiling all the information needed to ensure that you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries as a result of a dog bite at a dog park.
    Dog Park Dog Bite Lawyer lawsuit attorney liability incident accident sue
    How Long Does A Dog Bite Lawsuit Take To Complete?
    Each case moves through the court system at its own pace, which is influenced by factors such as the court system’s workload, the severity of your injuries, and the defendant’s actions. However, the Kenmore Law Group team will work tirelessly to move the case through the court as rapidly as possible to secure your settlement. We understand that the money involved is essential for you to pay bills and living expenses during this painful and traumatic time. And we will do everything we can to assist you in moving past this event and returning to your everyday life.
    How Long Do I Have To File A Claim?
    In California, personal injury victims have two years from the date of the incident to file a claim with the court. If you wait longer than two years, you will have lost your right to make any claim related to this event in most cases. Your Kenmore Law Group lawyer will explain any exceptions to the Statute of Limitations that apply to your lawsuit.
    No Fees And No Worries
    At Kenmore Law Group, we understand how painful and scary a dog bite can be. In addition, we know that many clients face extreme financial challenges after a personal injury that impacts their ability to work. Therefore, in an effort to assist our clients without adding to their financial struggles, Kenmore Law Group never charges upfront legal fees for our services. Instead, we only get paid after we have secured the settlement our clients deserve.

    In addition, you owe us nothing if we do not win your case. We could never charge a client unless we successfully complete our job. So please get in touch with the Kenmore Law Group today for a free consultation to discuss your dog bite case. We will provide a complete evaluation of the legal merit of the case and a recommendation to move forward if it is the best long-term solution for you.

    As you might imagine, our lawyers are not here to work for free. So when we take on your dog bite case, you can rest assured that we are prepared to put in the work and effort needed to win the case, secure your compensation, and earn our payment. But also understand that you are at no financial risk if we cannot win the case for some reason. We have given you our word that we only get paid after we get you the money you need and deserve for your injuries, pain, and suffering. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dog bite lawyers today to begin to move past this challenging event.

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