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    Dog Bite Injury Lawyer That Can Speak Persian

    Dog Bite Injury Lawyer That Can Speak Persian Law Firm sue lawsuit lawyer attorney liability

    Dogs have a special place in many people’s hearts, and as a result, we tend to underestimate the harm that can be caused when a dog is anxious or frightened. The truth is, a dog bite can lead to serious injuries that can be difficult and expensive to recover from. If you’ve sustained injuries from a dog bite, it’s essential to get medical attention right away. In addition, you should seek legal advice from a lawyer with extensive experience in dog bite liability cases.

    However, finding a lawyer in the U.S. is easier said than done when you are not fluent in English. If you need representation from a Persian-speaking attorney, contact the offices of Kenmore Law Group. Our bilingual legal team is ready to explain your legal rights in Farsi and guide you through the process of filing a California dog bite incident claim. We are ready to take immediate action on your case, so don’t hesitate to call us if another person’s dog has caused you harm and suffering.

    Dog Bite Injury Lawyer That Can Speak Persian Law Firm sue lawsuit lawyer attorney

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    Health Complications from a Dog Bite Injury

    Dog bite injuries should be taken seriously, even if the initial damage doesn’t look that serious. If the wound has broken through the skin or there is a lot of bleeding, please go to a hospital right away. If the injury looks relatively minor, wash the area with soap and water, apply an antibiotic cream, and cover with a clean bandage. However, make sure to seek medical attention if the wound becomes swollen and painful, or you develop a fever, as these are symptoms of a serious infection.

    The risk of infection is probably the most serious concern when it comes to dog bites, though you can, of course, end up with scarring and other disfiguring injuries for the rest of your life. But infections are not so obvious, until you start having symptoms in the days or weeks after the incident. That’s why medical intervention is necessary as soon as you notice the signs of an infection. Otherwise, you could end up with potentially fatal complications from:

    • Rabies – this condition is almost always fatal if the victim fails to seek medical treatment right away. Don’t wait to go to a doctor if the bite has broken through the skin and the owner cannot supply you with proof of a rabies vaccination for their dog. Also, head to a hospital right away if you experience fever, headaches, and unexplained fatigue.
    • Capnocytophaga – this is a common bacterium that’s spread through scratches and bites from dogs and cats. Most people only have minor complications, but those with compromised immune systems will need immediate medical care.
    • Pasteurella – Another common bacterium that’s spread by dogs, Pasteurella usually manifests as redness and a painful sensation around the bite area. Though many people do not develop major complications, severe illness is possible for patients with weak immune systems.
    • MRSA – A potentially deadly virus that’s carried by dogs and many other animals. MRSA can quickly spread to the lungs and bloodstream, so you will need immediate medical care, which includes a 7-10 day course of antibiotics.
    • Tetanus – a disease of the nervous system that causes painful muscle contractions, fever, extreme sweating, blood pressure changes, and rapid heart rate. Tetanus is deadly if not treated right away, as it can interfere with your ability to breathe.

    Can I Sue the Dog’s Owner for my Injuries?

    As a general rule, dog owners in California are responsible for any injuries caused by their pet, which include bites, scratches, and fall-related injuries (being knocked down by a dog or tripping over a small dog). Basically, an owner is fully responsible for the supervision of their dog at all times to ensure that they do not cause harm to another individual. This can mean putting up warning signs like “Beware of Dog” around your property or making sure your dog is leashed and under your control when you are out in public.

    Thus, if you’ve been bitten by a dog, the owner is legally responsible for the accident, even if the dog has no previous history of aggression. There are a few exceptions to California’s strict liability laws for dog owners:

    • The dog was defending its home (property) or owner from a trespasser.
    • The plaintiff intentionally provoked the dog (for example, hitting or kicking the animal).
    • The dog was defending a law enforcement officer (K-9 / police dogs).
    • The dog bit someone that “assumed the risk” of a dog bite injury, i.e., a veterinarian, groomer, or kennel worker.  

    These are rather unusual circumstances, so it’s more than likely that you are owed compensation if you were injured by someone else’s dog. However, it can be difficult to file an insurance claim and fight to receive a fair payment when you have limited English-speaking skills. A bilingual lawyer that’s fluent in Persian is your best chance for a successful outcome in these cases. For more information on the process of suing for a dog bite incident, please give us a call at our office.

    Dog Bite Lawsuit Attorneys that are Fluent in Farsi

    Understanding every aspect of the law and the legal actions that are available to you is critical to ensuring the outcome you are looking for if you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence. That’s why you should hire an attorney that can communicate with you in your first language. If that language happens to be Persian, you won’t have to look further than Kenmore Law Group for a lawyer that’s experienced in dog bite injury claims.

    To learn more about the ways we can assist you, please reach out to us for a free case review. That way, we can discuss the circumstances of your accident and the steps we can take to hold the dog owner responsible for your injuries. We can provide answers to any questions you have, including:

    • How long does it take to settle a dog bite case in California?
    • How much is the average settlement for one of these cases?
    • What is the time limit to file a lawsuit against the dog owner?

    Dog Bite Injury Lawyer That Can Speak Persian Law Firm lawsuit lawyer attorney compensation incident liability sue

    Contact us For a Free Second Opinion

    What is a second opinion, you ask? Here at Kenmore, this is a free consultation for those with active injury claims. Many of the people that come to us want a second opinion before making an important decision, like whether they should accept the settlement offer or take their case to trial. Others are dissatisfied with the service from their law firm and want to explore the option of switching lawyers. Ultimately, any decision you make regarding your lawsuit is completely up to you, but our goal is to provide you with advice and help you make an informed choice. If this sounds like a service you can benefit from, contact us and ask to schedule a free second opinion.

    The Bilingual Accident Injury Lawyer of Kenmore

    If you’ve sustained injuries from being bitten by a dog, help may be available in the form of monetary compensation from the dog owner. However, we know that it’s challenging to make sense of the laws when English is not your first language. You won’t have to worry about that when you contact our law firm, since we have attorneys that can advise you in Persian.

    We believe that everyone is entitled to justice, regardless of a language barrier, which is why our legal team is fluent in many of the world’s languages, including Farsi. Our law firm is fully committed to your rights, and we will not rest until you receive compensation for your physical and emotional injuries. In addition, we are committed to protecting your finances during this difficult time. You will never pay upfront for the cost of hiring us, as we only get paid by recovering your settlement award. If we fail to bring you payment, you owe us nothing under the Zero Fee Guarantee.

    A Persian-speaking dog bite injury lawyer is ready to assist you, so call us today to learn about your rights and legal options.

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