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    Dairy Queen Slip And Fall Lawyer

    Dairy Queen Slip And Fall Lawyer attorney sue lawsuit compensation incident liability
    Ice cream is a popular item throughout California. In this fantastic climate, stores remain busy year-round as children, teens, adults, and seniors stop in for a cone, bowl, or other tasty and refreshing dairy desserts. One of the most popular destinations for this sweet treat is Dairy Queen. There are over 70 locations in the state, including:

    • Aliso Viejo
    • Antioch
    • Anza
    • Arcadia
    • Baker
    • Bermuda Dunes
    • Bloomington
    • Burbank
    • Campbell
    • Capitola
    • Cathedral City
    • Cerritos
    • Chula Vista
    • Citrus Heights
    • Colton
    • Concord
    • Cypress
    • El Cajon
    • El Centro
    • Escondido
    • Fresno
    • Garden Grove
    • Hesperia
    • Huntington Beach
    • Indio
    • Lake Elsinore
    • Lakeside
    • Ludlow
    • Manteca
    • Mission Viejo
    • Modesto
    • Montclair
    • Moreno Valley
    • Murrieta
    • National City
    • Needles
    • Northridge
    • Oceanside
    • Orangevale
    • Oxnard
    • Rancho Cucamonga
    • Redding
    • Redlands
    • Rialto
    • Riverside
    • Roseville
    • Sacramento
    • San Bernardino
    • San Bruno
    • San Diego
    • San Jose
    • San Ramon
    • Santa Clarita
    • Santa Maria
    • Santee
    • Simi Valley
    • Stockton
    • Temecula
    • Truckee
    • Tustin
    • Vacaville
    • Valencia
    • Yermo
    • Yuba City
    • Yucaipa

    But sadly, when patrons visit these locations, they often fail to observe the many safety hazards that could lead to a nasty slip and fall and the need for a Dairy Queen slip and fall lawyer. In addition, these often tiny stores can be so crowded with guests that it is almost impossible to see the litter or spills on the floor that could result in a life-altering injury.

    If you or a loved one have suffered a Dairy Queen slip and fall injury, the expert slip and fall lawyers at Kenmore Law Group are here to assist you. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your pressing questions and schedule a free consultation with a Dairy Queen slip and fall lawyer at your earliest convenience. At that meeting, you will discuss the details of your case and leave with a better understanding of your rights as a slip and fall injury victim and the legal merit of your slip and fall injury incident.

    Dairy Queen Slip And Fall Lawyer liability compensation attorney sue

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    The Many Slip And Fall Hazards At A Dairy Queen Location
    When you think of many of the most severe slip and fall hazards you could encounter at a Dairy Queen, they appear to be relatively harmless. However, when combined with crowds and the hectic atmosphere in these smaller stores, you can see how they could contribute to a severe injury due to a slip and fall. The most common issues include:

    • Drinks spilled on the floor from a soda or ice to a blizzard
    • Ice cream that has fallen to the floor and melted into a slippery mess
    • Sprinkles, candy, or other toppings that fell from a cone or treat
    • Wax paper, napkins, or other paper trash items
    • Spoons, straws, or straw wrappers
    • Water leaking from a cooler or freezer
    • Ice from a drink that has melted on the floor
    • Water from an overflowing toilet, clogged sink, or damaged water fixture
    • Damaged or missing floor mats at the door to absorb water tracked in from outside

    All of these issues seem very minor when listed here. An employee could quickly eliminate the hazard or place a sign warning customers of the increased risk in the case of a plumbing issue. But all too often, these safety hazards are ignored until the result is a significant injury to a patron of the store.
    The Significant Injuries Resulting From A Dairy Queen Slip And Fall Incident
    No one ever heads out to Dairy Queen for a snack, thinking their day will end with a trip to the hospital. But that is precisely what can happen if you become the victim of a Dairy Queen slip and fall incident. Certainly, not all slip and fall accidents result in significant injuries, but many do. Some of the more common serious slip and fall injuries include:

    • Puncture wounds or severe lacerations
    • Broken or fractured bones
    • Dislocated joints or damage to the joint’s soft connective tissue
    • Internal organ damage or internal bleeding
    • Facial injuries to the nose, mouth, teeth, or eyes
    • Back, neck, or spinal cord damage
    • Head trauma, such as a concussion, skull fracture, brain hemorrhage, or traumatic brain injury

    These are all life-changing injuries that can require months of treatment and rehabilitation to reach a full recovery. And in some cases, the victim is left with permanent disabilities, limitations, or a loss of quality of life. In addition, there are often severe financial ramifications that create challenges for the victim and their loved ones.
    Who Is To Blame For Dairy Queen Safety Hazards?
    Reviewing the list of common slip and fall safety hazards at Dairy Queen, you will notice that many could be the result of an action by a guest or an employee. But how can you determine who spilled the drink that caused your slip and fall or dropped the sprinkles on the floor that caused you to slip? You shudder to think how hard it will be to prove who is to blame for the issues and how you might be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

    Fortunately, the job is less complex than determining the culprit who carelessly spilled water on the floor. Instead, the responsibility for the safety conditions of the Dairy Queen store fall to the manager and staff. Under premises liability, the staff of the store has a duty of care or obligation to customers to provide a safe environment. The guidelines include the routine maintenance and cleaning that the average prudent person would provide. So the liability for your injuries could fall on Dairy Queen if the staff did not eliminate safety hazards, clean up spills in a reasonable amount of time, or mark them with warning signs.

    When you meet with a Kenmore Law Group Dairy Queen slip and fall lawyer, you can discuss the details of your incident and have a better understanding of who could be responsible for your injuries and the expenses they created. In addition, the legal team will provide their expert opinion regarding the legal merit of the case and if they would recommend you pursue a lawsuit to get the compensation that is owed to you.

    Dairy Queen Slip And Fall Lawyer liability sue liability compensation attorney
    What Is The Value Of A Dairy Queen Slip And Fall Lawsuit?
    Every lawsuit is unique and will have a specific value that is based on the losses and expenses of the victim. The majority of the items that create the final dollar amount are easily verified with invoices, receipts, or documentation from your employer. These categories include:

    • Your medical expenses for all injuries related to the slip and fall incident
    • Your legal fees for the lawsuit against Dairy Queen
    • Any lost wages if your injuries prevented you from working
    • The value of any personal property damaged in the fall

    In addition to these verifiable amounts, you can also request compensation for the pain and suffering you endured due to your injuries. This is a less precise amount that your legal team will help you determine based on your injuries and previous cases that have been settled for other clients.
    The Statute Of Limitations For A Dairy Queen Slip And Fall Lawsuit
    The Statute of Limitations for a Dairy Queen slip and fall injury accident lawsuit is two years from the date of the incident. If the claim is not filed with the court in that time, the victim forfeits their right to seek compensation for the injuries from that event. However, you do not need to wait the full two years to make the claim.

    Your legal team at Kenmore Law Group will work diligently to have your case prepared and filed as quickly as possible and far before the two-year limit to ensure that you have the money you need to pay your expenses as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine how long any case will take to make its way through the court system. So filing quickly is the best way to ensure you have the compensation in a timely manner.
    Why Hire Kenmore Law Group?
    The staff at Kenmore Law Group is dedicated to ensuring that the legal system protects the rights of all personal injury victims and that justice is served for those who need it the most. We realize that the thought of any lawsuit can be overwhelming. And when a large company like Dairy Queen is sitting across the table, you could be very intimidated by their whole legal team and their experience. But rest assured, our decades of expertise will all be focused on securing the money that is due to you for the injuries you suffered.

    In addition, our policy is only to get paid after our client has been paid. So there are never any upfront legal fees to worry about paying for our services. We know that you are facing many financial challenges, and we never want to add to those challenges. And if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing. So the risk and responsibility is on our team to get the job done and get you paid so that you can pay us.

    So don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Kenmore Law Group to discuss the details of your Dairy Queen slip and fall injuries at a free consultation. Our experts will explain your rights as an injury victim in California and how we can help you overcome the expenses and challenges of this painful and troubling ordeal.

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