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    Clubfoot Surgery Malpractice Lawyer

    Clubfoot Surgery Malpractice Lawyer attorney sue compensation lawsuit manipulation ankle hindfoot
    What Is a Clubfoot, and What Causes This Condition in Children?

    Clubfoot is actually called congenital talipes equinovarus or CTEV. It is a common deformity that occurs in children. There are four factors to having a clubfoot:

    1. Ankle Equinus
    2. Hindfoot Varus
    3. Forefoot Adductus
    4. Midfoot Cavus

    There are many treatments available to help reverse a clubfoot, but the most effective are surgical procedures that help release the soft tissues in the foot to help remove the stiffness of the foot structure on the child. A more pliable foot allows the child to walk normally, and will reduce complications for that child later in life, such as with developing arthritis or a lowered quality of life from not being able to walk without assistance.

    Other clubfoot helping methods include nonsurgical strategies such as:

    • Manipulations
    • Splinting the foot
    • Bracing the foot
    • Putting a cast on the foot
    • Strapping the foot

    Of all the methods available to manage a child’s clubfoot, the most popular method is the Ponseti method, which uses manipulation, a cast, an Achilles tenotomy, as well as braces and bracing to correct a clubfoot. This procedure takes a little over a month to start to show full correction of a clubfoot and its deformities.

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    Can I Sue the Doctor for Medical Malpractice for a Botched Clubfoot Surgery?

    Yes, we can sue if the doctor or surgeon botches the clubfoot surgery for your child’s clubfoot restructuring surgical procedure. Are you ready to discuss your case with a lawyer with experience in handling botched clubfoot surgical procedures and restorative treatments? If you have ever wondered about finally getting the recovery compensation package that you deserve, then you need look no further! Don’t just wonder about how it is going to work out, and call an attorney with expertise in clubfoot surgery medical malpractice. We have attorneys who specialize in medical malpractice claims, and we are ready to talk to you today.
    Clubfoot Surgery Malpractice Lawyer attorney compensation lawsuit manipulation ankle hindfoot sue
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