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    Chick Fil A Slip and Fall Lawyer

    Chick Fil A Slip and Fall Lawyer attorney sue lawsuit compensation incident liability liable

    With over 165 locations in California, there is likely to be a Chick Fil A nearby whenever you are searching for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, there will also be many other consumers with the same idea, as these stores are almost always packed with customers, especially at mealtime. In addition, with smaller parking lots and limited drive-thru access, many guests prefer to go into the store, even if they are just getting their food to go.

    The added traffic at the counter, and the number of people hustling out the door with armloads of food only increase the potential for a slip and fall incident in these already cramped spaces. If you or a loved one have suffered a slip and fall while visiting one of the many Chick Fil A locations in California, it is vital to understand your rights as a personal injury victim and another interesting fact about Chick Fil A.

    The expert Chick Fil A slip and fall lawyers at Kenmore Law Group are here 24/7 to answer your questions and schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. A detailed discussion of your slip and fall incident will allow our experts to provide guidance and information on the legal merit of your matter and if they would recommend pursuing a lawsuit against Chick Fil A.
    The Massive Insurance Coverage Carried By Chick Fil A
    It is almost like Chick Fil A expects many slip and fall and trip and fall incidents in their locations because they carry a massive $200,000,000 insurance policy that could cover guests who suffer a personal injury incident in one of their store locations. While this is not a reason to think that you will get a multi-million dollar settlement or verdict from Chick Fil A for your slip and fall or trip and fall lawsuit, it does provide exceptional protection for any personal injury victim who suffers severe injuries while in a Chick Fil A.

    Chick Fil A Slip and Fall Lawyer liability compensation attorney sue

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    What Causes Slip And Fall Or Trip And Fall Accidents At Chick Fil A
    Accidents can happen almost any time and anywhere. But sadly, most are very preventable if someone takes just a little time and invests more attention to the details of their surroundings. Some of the more common slip and fall safety hazards patrons could encounter at a Chick Fil A location include:

    • Wet floors near the entrance if the floor mats are missing or saturated with water from overuse
    • Drinks spilled on the floor or ice that has melted to form a slippery puddle
    • Recently mopped floors that are not properly marked with warning signs of increased slip and fall hazards
    • Paper or other trash on the floor
    • Water leaking from coolers, refrigerators, or drink machines
    • Wet floors near the washroom due to an overflowing sink or clogged toilet
    • Grease on the floor where food was dropped, but the grease was not thoroughly cleaned off the flooring

    In addition, many trip and fall hazards could be encountered, including:

    • Damaged or folded floor mats
    • Damaged flooring or uneven tile or other flooring surfaces
    • Unmarked transitions from one flooring surface to another
    • Poorly marked steps
    • Wiring or cords running along the floor
    • Trash or debris that is blocking the walkways

    All of these issues are simple to correct or at least easy to mark and remind patrons to use added caution in the areas to avoid a slip and fall or trip and fall injury accident.
    Slip And Fall Injuries Can Be Severe
    When the average person imagines a slip and fall incident at a Chick Fil A location, they picture only a minor accident, with the most significant harm being an embarrassment. However, that is rarely the case in these small and busy fast-food locations. The number of tables, counters with sharp edges and corners, and the free-standing displays add to the potential for multiple severe injuries even before the victim lands on the floor. Some of the more concerning and life-altering injuries that can occur in a Chick Fil A include:

    • Head trauma, including a concussion, skull fracture, brain hemorrhage, or traumatic brain injury
    • Broken or fractured bones, typically in the hands or arms but also possibly hip, shoulder, collarbone, rib, and leg injuries
    • Dislocated joints or damage to the soft connective tissue of the joints
    • Lacerations or puncture wounds
    • Facial damage to the nose, mouth, teeth, or eyes
    • Internal organ injuries and internal bleeding
    • Nerve damage
    • Back, neck, or spinal cord injuries

    These are just some of the injuries that could be life-altering or even life-threatening. Victims are likely to suffer lifelong pain, limitations, or loss of quality of life from these often debilitating injuries. In addition, medical care and treatment can create significant financial hardships for the victim and their loved ones.
    Should You File A Lawsuit?
    Sadly, the answer to that question will depend on many factors. However, you will not need to spend extensive time and money to have the answer. The free consultation offered by Kenmore Law Group is all you need. After providing the details of the incident, our Chick Fil A slip and fall lawyer will provide you with their expert review of your case, its legal merit, and how you could proceed with a lawsuit if that is in your best interest.

    The critical factor in filing a lawsuit against Chick Fil A for a slip and fall incident is determining negligence or a lack of duty of care. Under premises liability, all property owners, stores, and other locations open to the public have a responsibility or obligation to provide a safe environment to their guests or shoppers. So if your slip and fall could have been avoided by an employee mopping up a drink spill or picking up litter from the floor, there is a good possibility that you have grounds for a lawsuit. And the expert Chick Fil A lawyers at Kenmore Law Group will advise you of your options and how to pursue the compensation you deserve.
    What Is A Chick Fil A Slip And Fall Lawsuit Worth?
    Even with Chick Fil A carrying a massive amount of insurance, you should not plan on getting millions of dollars in compensation. Instead, the value of your lawsuit will be based on the expenses and losses you suffered. Some of the most common categories include:

    • Your medical bills
    • Your legal fees
    • The value of any personal property destroyed in the fall
    • Your lost wages if the injuries prevent you from working

    In addition, a dollar amount can be included to account for your pain and suffering due to the injuries. The staff at Kenmore Law Group will assist you in selecting a dollar amount that is appropriate for your injuries.

    Chick Fil A Slip and Fall Lawyer liability sue liability compensation attorney
    After Suffering A Slip And Fall
    It is always wise to gather some information before leaving the site of an injury accident if your injuries are non-life-threatening. Conditions in a Chick Fil A location can change quickly, and you will want images of the location where you fell and what could have caused you to slip and fall. Also, get the contact information of anyone who witnessed the incident, the manager on duty in the Chick Fil A, and a copy of any incident report they complete. The documentation you gather could be vital in securing the settlement or verdict you deserve for the injuries you suffered in a Chick Fil A slip and fall or trip and fall injury accident.
    The Two Year Time Limit
    In California, personal injury victims have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim with the court system. If your case is not filed in that time, you could lose your right to seek any compensation. So speaking to Kenmore Law Group as soon as possible to determine the validity of your legal matter is essential. In addition, the sooner your case is filed and moving through the court system, the faster you can expect to have the compensation you need to pay bills and move past this challenging event.
    Why Choose Kenmore Law Group As Your Chick Fil A Slip And Fall Lawyer?
    Working with Kenmore Law Group, you will quickly discover that this team is dedicated to seeking the justice you deserve for all you have endured. Our team is never intimidated by a large group of corporate lawyers. We know that we are protecting the rights of a victim who deserves the services of our legal system to protect them, their rights, and their financial future,

    In addition, our policy is never to get paid until our clients are paid. So you never need to struggle to pay upfront legal fees or expenses. Instead, we only get paid for our services after you have the settlement or verdict that includes the funds to pay your legal costs. And if we do not win your case, you owe us nothing. So there is never any risk for you to end up further in debt after your Chick Fil A slip and fall lawsuit because of costly legal fees.

    Please contact Kenmore Law Group today and allow our Chick Fil A slip and fall lawyers to provide the information and confidence you need to seek the full and fair compensation owed for your injuries and losses due to a Chick Fil A slip and fall accident.

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