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    Car Lift Injury Lawsuit Attorney

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    As a car enthusiast, you understand the challenges of working on your car on the floor of your garage or, even worse, out in the driveway. Even if you love the work and feeling of accomplishment, there is always a concern for your safety when you have the car up on jack stands or use a floor jack to lift one side of the vehicle precariously. So it was probably a big day for you when you decided to make the investment in a car lift for your garage. Not only would your wrenching be easier, but it would also be much less dangerous.

    But sadly, you were in for a very unpleasant surprise when you were involved in a car lift injury accident. Sadly, the item you thought would make working on cars in your garage safer has become the reason for a severe injury due to a car lift defect. Now you are injured, facing mounting medical bills, unable to work, and looking for a car lift injury lawsuit attorney to help you sort out this painful and costly mess.

    What you need to know now is that Kenmore Law Group has assisted hundreds of other car lift injury victims in securing the compensation they deserve after being hurt by a defective car lift. And our team is here to use our skill and expertise in car lift injury lawsuits to help you as well. We are here 24/7 to offer advice and schedule a free consultation with an expert car lift injury lawsuit attorney. Our motivation and priority are simple. We are here to protect and defend your rights to compensation for injuries caused by a defective car lift. And we will not stop until you have the money you need to cover our medical expenses and losses due to the defective car lift injury you suffered.
    Car Lift Injury Lawsuit Attorney sue lawsuit lawyer

    The Hazards Of A Car Lift

    Anyone who has crawled under a car to drain the oil, work on the brakes, or install an aftermarket part knows there is not much space under there. And the job can be even more challenging as you lay flat on your back trying to reach or create leverage from the awkward position. So the thought of installing a car lift sounds like the perfect solution. However, you might be overlooking a few issues that can compromise your safety, including:

    • Car lifts can be very difficult to assemble and install in your home.
    • The instructions are often written offshore and barely resemble anything remotely associated with the English language.
    • Many of the more affordable car lifts designed for residential installation use inferior parts that are less reliable than the quality found on a commercial quality car lift.
    • Being less expensive than a commercial quality car lift, the one you installed in your garage is likely to flex and even fail under the weight of your vehicle.

    Sure, you followed the instructions as best you could and installed all the safety devices included in the kit. And you read the operating instructions to ensure that you are using the car lift correctly and not exceeding its capability. But there are no guarantees that the car lift will live up to the manufacturer’s claims and provide the safety and function you need. So it is crucial that you know how to contact the car lift injury lawsuit attorneys at Kenmore Law Group after an injury from a defective car lift.

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    Understanding Product Liability And Your Car Lift

    When you bought your car lift, you were paying for more than just the nuts, bolts, metal racking, and hydraulics that make the car lift function. You were also paying for the duty of care the manufacturer owes its customers. Duty of care means that the products being sold are safe for consumers to use. And when a car lift fails and drops a car on you or tips over when adequately loaded, there is a breach of the manufacturer’s duty of care. They are responsible for testing and inspections to ensure that their product works as advertised and is safe for you to use. When it is not, the product is considered to be defective. Even worse, if the manufacturer knows about the defect and still sells the item, there can be charges of negligence in addition to the liability for the damages caused by the defective car lift.

    What this means for you, the victim of the defective car lift, is that you have the right to seek compensation for your losses from the manufacturer of the defective car lift. To learn more about the process involved in seeking compensation, contact the attorneys at Kenmore Law Group for a free consultation. We will explain how product liability, negligence, and duty of care apply to you and your unfortunate experience with a defective car lift.

    What Is The Dollar Value Of A Defective Car Lift Lawsuit?

    While the team at Kenmore Law Group would like to provide you with that information as quickly as possible, it is impossible to estimate accurately without some information from you. To determine an amount for your defective car lift lawsuit, we will need to gather information, including:

    • The amount of all your medical expenses to date that are related to the car lift injury and future medical bills for any extended care necessary
    • Any lost income due to your injuries from the defective car lift
    • Pain and suffering you have endured from the injuries
    • Property damages to your vehicle, garage, or other items the lift might have damaged
    • Punitive damages
    • Your legal fees for seeking compensation and filing a legal claim against the manufacturer of the car lift

    These are just some items that could be included in your settlement request. It is essential to know that defective car lift injury settlements can easily reach the six-figure mark when injuries are severe or there is permanent disability due to the injuries you sustain.
    car lift injury accident incident lawyer attorney lawsuit

    How Long Does The Settlement Process Take To Receive Payment?

    There is no predetermined length of time when it comes to processing a defective car lift lawsuit. The workload of the court system, the severity of your injuries, and the time needed to determine if you will make a full recovery are all essential in the processing of the litigation. However, the team at Kenmore Law Group will work tirelessly to ensure that we move the process along as quickly as possible. We know that the settlement money you receive will help you pay medical bills and living expenses and secure financial stability as you heal and then work to regain your independence.

    The Statute Of Limitations

    In California, most product liability cases have a two-year Statute of Limitations. This means that you have two years from the date of the incident to file a legal claim against the product manufacturer. If you do not make a claim in that two-year window, you lose the right to seek compensation. However, there are a few exceptions to this law that your Kenmore Law Group car lift injury lawsuit attorneys will explain if they apply to your situation.

    Zero Out Of Pocket Legal Fees

    After an injury as traumatic as a car lift falling on you, worrying about legal fees should never cross your mind. Your focus must be on healing and completely recovering from your injuries. To ensure you have the quality legal services you need without the added headaches of upfront legal fees, the Kenmore Law Group works for you for free until we secure your settlement. So there is no reason for you not to call our office and schedule a free consultation today. We will fight for your rights and strive to protect your financial future. But if we fail, you owe us nothing. And we even offer no-cost transportation to your medical appointments to ensure you get all the care you need to make a full recovery.

    Were You Told You Have No Case?

    Sadly, not all law firms are as trustworthy and dedicated to their clients as the team at Kenmore Law Group. So if another lawyer told you that you have a weak case or no grounds for a legal claim against the manufacturer of a defective car lift, be sure to get in touch with our office immediately. We offer a free second opinion review of any case, even if another lawyer has already rejected it.

    We know that our team of car lift injury lawsuit attorneys is the best in the region at winning settlements. And we are confident that we can offer you our services and secure your payment in almost every instance. So please get in touch with us today and allow Kenmore Law Group to provide the services you need to handle this crucial legal matter while you focus on healing. We will not give up until we get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. Because if we don’t win, we don’t get paid.

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